Case at a glance !!!!

• 2 looms for one weaver. • • • no helper for weavers. • Weavers had more breaks • between themselves. • less stress for weavers. • • poor working conditions. • • no discriminationlateral.

8 looms to one weaver. 1 helper for each weaver. very few or nil breaks. more stress on weavers. good work ambience.

• discrimination between workers – vertical.

• Mr. Shankarlal empathized with workersgood work relationship. • High production as weavers were not easily fatigued. • All were paid equally ie, according to the output produced. • Less or no complaints despite poor working conditions.- no strikes.

• Mr. Shankarlal – opportunistic & no empathy between him and the workers. • Fall in production as weavers were easily fatigued because of less breaks and high yarn breakage rate. • Discrimination between workers – one paid lesser than others. • Strike despite good work ambience.

What went wrong??
 What went wrong was the management did not know how to implement it’s strategy properly.  This has been seen by the way Mr. Shah has handled his employees. Even though he tried to change the employees attitude he did not give the sufficient training that was required for handling them.  Also, the appointment of Mr. Shankarlal, whose forte was “Labour relations” , as an Assistant Weaving Master was wrong.

CRUX !!!!!
 The crux of the entire problem was, in not understanding the workers point of view before implementing the automatic looms and trying to assuage their fears regarding this, by giving them sufficient training.  Also, the various strategy decisions he took of discriminating etc, detracted from his purpose and led to strikes, which wouldn’t have happened in the normal course.  Thus, his approach & implementation of a good strategy was totally wrong.

Remedial measures !!!!!
 More workers have to be recruited- lesser stress on workers  Go back to the lateral way of operations – all weavers – no discrimination.  Good decision of making Mr. Shankarlal as Assistant Weaver in charge of “Labour Control.”  New Technical manager must give numerous amount of training to all employees. – manage looms better.  Prepare a working hours calendar, with scheduled break and lunch intervals.

 Listen to personal grievances of employees & decide upon a plan of action.  Hire a HR manager to do manpower planning. - shift system.  Motivate employees by pinning up news on notice boards regarding news about the company, industry news, general news, motivating thoughts, employee birthdays, news, cartoons on motivation etc…  All the notice boards , pictures etc must be strategically placed near the workers common meeting place.- make work environment more cheerful.  more ventilation is needed- prevent too much humidification.


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