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By Phoebe Williams, AS Media

Film case study

The dystopian nation of Panem consists

of a wealthy Capital, ruled by President
Snow, ruling twelve poorer districts. As
punishment for a past rebellion and as a
way to demoralize the districts to quell
social uprising, each district must
provide two "tributes" - one boy and
one girl between the ages of 12 and 18
selected by lottery (the "Reaping") every year to compete in the televised
Hunger Games; they must fight to the
death in a vast arena, with the sole
survivor rewarded with fame and

The film was a massive box-office success by

grossing over $691 million worldwide against
its budget of $78 million
A list stars Jennifer Lawrence, Woody
Harrelson, Philip Seymour Hoffman.
Not a comedy, adventure/ Sci-Fi.
Impressive FX, the movie used lots of
specialist technology to create an impressive
outcome to the movie. The following clip
shows one section of the film that used CGI
to create a futuristic feel to the movie.

In this movie Jenifer plays the character

of katniss Everdeen the leading role
through this role she gained
international fame and established her
as the highest-grossing action heroine
of all time.
She has now won an Oscar award for
best performance by an Actress in a
leading role from the film silver lining
but she has also won 106 other various
she is most famously known for the
role of katniss in the hunger games but
has also has staring roles in the
following films silver linings, winter
bones and house at the end of the

To the right is
Jennifer with her
Oscar award from
2012 for Best
Performance by an
Actress in a
Leading Role. This
was won from the
film silver lining
which the picture
below is from.

Nominated two Oscar awards one

for Best Actor in a Leading Role the
People vs. Larry Flynt (1996) he has
then 24 wins and 50 other
nominations from various events.
Known for pervious films such as
zombieland and now you see me
but also widely known for his work
on the NBC sitcom Cheers.
Tends to work on big budget movies
that also have connections to the
big six such as taking part in the film
2012 that was produced by
Columbia pictures and had an
estimated budget of $200 million.

Picture to the right

is of woody in the
role of Haymich
from the hunger
games series.
Below from
zombieland 2009.

Stanley Tucci
Stanley Tucci isn't classed as A-list
actor but is however very well
known and has been in some
successful movies over the years
including The Devil Wears Prada
(2006), Transformers: Age of
Extinction (2014) and The lovely
For lovely bones he was he was
nominated for an academy award
for best supporting actor for his
role as George Harvey.
He has had 21 wins and 34
nominations for various awards as
a result of his career.
In the Hunger games he is the role
of Caesar Flickerman who is a
memorable but not a huge part of
the movie.

Donald Sutherland
Donal sutherland has been
in many films over the last
50 years span including the
following M*A*S*H (1970),
Invasion of the Body
Snatchers (1978), Ordinary
People (1980), JFK (1991),
Cold Mountain (2003) and
Pride & Prejudice (2005).
15 wins and 17 nominations
has been the total of Donald
Sutherlands awarded
achievements over the
He has been in almost a 150
different shows and films
and although the actor is
not often noticed his
contributions are said to be

Media ownership- Development of The

Hunger Games began in March 2009
when LionsGate Entertainment entered
into a co-production agreement with Color
Force. Colour force is notable for
producing films based on novels, they
signed a three-year production deal with
DreamWorks in December 2006.dream
works is marketed and distributed by Walt
Disney Studios Motion Pictures under its
Touchstone Pictures banner. This means
that the hunger games has distant Disney
production input, which is part of the big
6. By having links to the big six it would
have helped to promote and distribute the
movie as they are well known and have
large facilities and connections.
By having a big budget movie they are
more likely to succeed as they will be able
to afford more to produce the movie but
also to market and distribute the film.
Distribution took place with LionsGate,
who took charge of overseeing the
distribution of the film. They are the 7th
most profitable movie studio and this
would have helped to bring success to the
movie as it means that in the past they
have been successful in producing movies
which always helps to sell movies to

By having the big company of LionsGate as

the distributers it would of help them to
advertise their movie as people will recognize
the company name and associate it with past
successful film that they have previously
distributed. This company would use its size
and success to distribute the movie to their
advantage. The production company of the
film is color force this is a relatively small
production company which as a result has
used a well known distribution company to
help promote their newest creation.
Before the release of the hunger games the
production company had been involved with
a limited amount of projects these being; all
of the diary of a wimpy kid movies, Diary of a
Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (2012),Diary of a
Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules (2011)and Diary of
a Wimpy Kid (2010) but also a film called One
Day (2011) and Wednesday. All of these
movies have also had distribution from either
20th century fox or LionsGate which are both
big distribution companies, 20th century fox
is also one of the big 6.

The importance of cross

media convergence and
synergy in production,
distribution and marketing

The film was distributed in multiple

formats including DVD and Blu-ray by
doing this they can generate more
money as blu-ray disks tend to be more
expensive than dvds as they hold more
content and have a higher definition
which attracts a different type of movie
viewing audience. It was released on
DVD and Blu-ray Disc on August 18,
2012. After 3 weeks of the release in
the US, over 5 million DVD units and 3.7
million Blu-ray Disc units have been
LionsGate also used technology to help
distribute the movie by having their
name on things such as trailers and
posters, as people like to go and see
movies that have had well known
companies as part of either the
production or distribution. One reason
of this could be because they feel it will
be more worthwhile film to watch due
to the successful history that the
companies have.

Technologies that have been

introduced in recent years at
the levels of production,
distribution, marketing and

Technology on phones and tablets has

allowed movies to be distributed in a
downloadable format such as on I tunes
which allows the hunger games movie to be
bought or rented straight onto the viewers
device. This is a method that has adapted
with the way audiences want to watch their
films. Another method that has changed with
the audiences viewing preferences is through
the move being available on streaming
company services such as Netflix which are
good for the movie as it means they can sell
their product to the companies and generate
a higher gross.

The hunger games was available to

watch in IMAX cinemas around the
world from march 23rd 2012. This is
a way that the film company has
had to alter the ways they
distribute the movie as viewers will
not get this experience of watch
the film through the modern way
of watching it on tablets or on
home TVs when the film come out
on DVD.
By creating the option of going to
an IMAX cinema it has been able to
draw more money in for the
company as people would like to
witness the experience of the film
in a different way that they will
only get at cinema viewings.

The significance of proliferation in

hardware and content for
institutions and audiences; (how and
why have film companies had to alter the way they work
now everyone has web enabled phones, PC's, tablets etc?
How have audiences changed their viewing habits now we
no longer need to go to the cinema to watch a film)

Technology of audio CDs have come

together to help the film industry, especially
with the hunger games as they have
created a soundtrack that includes some
famous artists that are well known all over
the world. The soundtrack is call The
Hunger Games: Songs from District 12 and
Beyond . The best example of how the audio
CD technology greatly helped the hunger
games is through the track "Safe & Sound"
by Taylor Swift featuring The Civil Wars as
the famous singer Taylor Swift brung
attention to the film due to her big success
in the music industry. She also did another
song for this movie called eyes open which
bought attention to the movie as it would
have advertised the movie to Taylors fans
and followers on social networking sites.
Other tracks also include songs by The
Decemberists, Arcade Fire, The Secret
Sisters, Miranda Lambert featuring The
Pistol Annies, Neko Case, Kid Cudi Academy
Award winner Glen Hansard, The Low
Anthem, Punch Brothers, Birdy, Maroon 5,
Jayme Dee, and Carolina Chocolate Drops.

The importance of
technological convergence
for institutions and
The song same
and sound also
won a Grammy
Award and was
nominated for a
Golden Globe
Award for Best
Original Song.

The director of the hunger games film

was Gary Ross who is an American
writer and director. This would have
attracted the American audience as it
would have had an Americans input
which usually means that the film will
meet the Americans taste in how the
film is presented. Furthermore it would
have been attracted to the American
audience as the production company is
American and also the distribution
company is a Canadian-American. This
would mean that they would target
their movie mainly at their own
countries and draw them in as their
main priority.
The book in which the movie was taken
from was also American by was a
success world wide by taking the movie
from a well-known successful trilogy it
would have attracted global audiences
as the book would have already picked
up a fan base.

Issues raised in the targeting of

national and local audiences by
international or global

Film companies further try and

attract their audiences world wide
by doing premiers in some big
cities this would have attracted
media coverage and help to attract
more people to watch the movie.

I think that the hunger games

companies made very good decisions in
how they both produced and
distributed the film. Especially as they
even choose to have specialist training
from Katuna Lorig (an Olympic bronze
medallist) to teach Jennifer Lawrence
how to shoot. The rest of the actors
even went under intense training to
make the film more effective.

Steven Soderbergh served as a second

unit director for the film and shot much
of the District 11 riot scene. He is a
famous director which people would
recognise this would have helped the
success of the film as people like to go
and see movies that have big names
involved with them.

I see the development in technology

to be a good thing for this movie as
by having the IMAX cinma it created
an effective and better experienced
way of see such as successful movie
like this. IMAX is best suited for films
like this that have action and some
great special effects incorporated
into the movie.

The ways in which the

candidates own experiences
of media consumption
illustrate wider patterns and
trends of audience behaviour