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Creating the New Way


What are the

challenges facing
retail mall right

migration of
shoppers to online

Online retail
sales is
brick and
mortar stores

Increasing on
the overheads
as a significant

more responsible shopper

who is keeping a closer eye
on their budget.

shopping is more planned

and less impulsive.

Creating a better shopping

experience is now the
new black in shopping

Like never before

centre functions are
collaborating to improve the
whole shopping experience and
cater to our social nature



(313 Brands)

(165 Brands)

The Shopping Mall in

Department tore

the Department Store

in Shopping Mall

Premium Customer Service



Korea Culture fair

Hanbok fashion show

Dance Performance


Cultural Event

Community Activities


Launching Patung Lilin (5 Oct)

Charity Photo Hunting (5 Oct)


Korean Photo Corner (11 Oct 29 Dec)



Asian Model Contest (13 - 14 Dec)

Hello Kitty Meet & Greet (23 25 Dec)

Santa Character Parade (25 Dec)


Kisah Negeri 1001 Candi Exh (2-8 Dec)

Kisah Negeri 1001 Candi Exh (2-8 Dec)

Luxury not only in

fashion brands
but restaurant as well

finding better experiential mall

retailers and focusing on categories
that cannot be replicated online like
improved in centre dining.

In marketing driving experience in centre with

stylists, fashion advisors, shopper services, digital
marketing to build community, improve loyalty
and lift shopper frequency, event driven calendars
and Pop Up retail to surprise and delight shoppers
with new and unusual offers.

In design creating good fit outs from less capital,

designing whole precincts and creating ambience
from smart designer pieces.

Digital shopping facilitation connectivity with

shoppers to improve the experience from location
apps to product searches integrating with digital
navigation and WiFi and developing Click and
Collect services

About Lotte Shopping Avenue

What makes Lotte different

Ice Palace
Arture Center
Open Department store concept
Mall Activity

Future Challenge
Developments in mobile will be significant, so malls will use
this as an opportunity to increase the relevance of their
communication with the shopper.
a shift in both the layout of malls and the tenant profile.
Tactical retail (i.e. short term leases) will grow, which will
contribute to malls becoming more dynamic spaces for the
their physical stores will be more experiential and a gateway
to a brand relationship.

Future Challenge
Shoppers will visit these stores to be inspired and will then
transact through their mobile device.
more forward integration of brand owners into retail, which
will also change the face of the tenant mix, e.g. a
confectionery brand creating an experience store all about
the endless aisle will play a huge role in how shoppers assess
a retailer offering

What is a department store?

It may seem obvious: a department store
offers a multi-brand experience on a large
scale, with a variety of services and
propositions, usually in a city- centre location
with a rich history.

The rise of the mono-brand

Department stores need to reassess their competition and re-establish themselves

as the destination of choice. Alongside the threat of the internet is the continuous
growth of global mono-brands, such as Zara and H&M, and large footprint players,
such as M&S and Target (US).
These retailers are responding to consumer confidence in their offer, adding size
and services, moving outwards from their fashion
roots and high street locations, to become the new anchors in shopping centres.
UK fashion retailer, Next, is ever broadening its offer, from a traditional fashion
business, into sport, perfumery, home, and now gardening and DIY.
M&Ss new Cheshire Oaks store is a destination, pretty much a day out for some
customers, with its extensive offer that now extends into beauty, personal finance,
and insurance.
These retail giants can no longer be described as just shops. Supermarkets, too,
have become department stores for the value customer, with their huge range,
burgeoning footprints and e-commerce offers.

To survive and flourish, a department store

must continually evolve. Consumer
expectations are so high these days that
innovation has become the real differentiator.
Service, display, and product innovation are a
must in order to continually surprise.

Department store
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A department store is a retail establishment with a building open to the public which
offers a wide range of consumer goods such as clothing, housewares, furniture and

department store noun

plural stores
[count] : a large store that has separate areas in which different kinds of
products are sold
shopping mall noun
plural malls
[count] chiefly US : a large building or group of buildings containing many
different stores : MALL

Carrying the concept of Love Your Passion,

Love Your Life LOTTE Shopping Avenue will be
the comfortable alternative for those who
love to shop as well as to spend spare time
gathering with family and friends.

Located at Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav 3-5 South Jakarta, LOTTE Shopping Avenue is a
one stop shopping mall with a total of 77,000 square meters divided into 7 floors
consisting of fashion, living, culture and entertainment in each area with the
facilities are, among others, fun seating area, customer friendly mall directory
system, seating area, free Wi-Fi, and event halls.
Art and Culture edutaintment center that promotes Indonesian culture to
foreigners in Indonesia, discovers and expands great culture of Indonesia as well as
introducing foreign culture to Indonesia.
LOTTE Department Store has observed that current shopping malls tend to locate
different category of tenants in one area. LOTTE Department Store with
management policy of customer comitment brings different concept by LOTTE
SMART zoning tenants based on product category aiming to reduce customers
energy and time waste in comparing and finding the right product and services
they need.

LOVE filled with 480 premium brands, LOVE will give you the time of your life with
all the added value you could possibly want.
Stores include Lotte Duty Free, the first store of its kind in the area.
Available the first UNIQLO store in Indonesia, that will be one of their biggest
stores in Southeast Asia.
Various Korean companies, like the premium restaurant Samwon Garden and its
most popular salon, Seri Salon, are here for enthusiasts of Korean Culture.
Japanophiles can also get their share of fun, with fine dining at Indonesias one
and only Hide Yamamoto restaurant. Local flavors can also be found at LOVE,
including My Humble House, touted as the countrys first artistic Indonesian
restaurant and other premium brands. as well as introducing foreign culture to