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I’m Deepak Swami a student of PGPM 1st

semester & my Enrollment no. is 0921001634. I’m giving my views on Marketing in action which is not giving by any other institution. I hereby confirm to say that this presentation is purely submitting by me on workbook of Marketing in action. I hope it will straightly show my views & help me to gain max. marks as well.

MARKETING MIX in current Scenario
Marketing Methods as well 4 P’s Strategy

Product Price Place Promotion

Management information system


v qInformation Needs qTransference of Information qElements of MIS qInternal continuous data, Internal ad-hoc data, Environmental scanning & Marketing research

Type of marketing
üAd-hoc Research üContinuous Research Interview üCRI have also three types:ü1.Consumer panels ü2.Retail Audit ü3.Television viewership channel ü ü

Type of research methods
oExploratory Research oSecondary Research oQualitative Research oDescriptive Research oExperimental Research

Socio cultural factors
vValues vTime-starved customers vMultiple Lifestyles vThe Changing Structure of Families

Demographic factors
§Adolescents §Youth §People b/w 35 to 45 §People b/w 45 to 60 §People above 60

The largest adhesive seller in Asia

FEVICOL celebrated its 50th anniversary recently by doing what it does best-another incisive ads that has made the brand a part of popular consciousness .The film “Moochwali” chronicles a girl & her life that bears testimony to Fevicol’s adhesive qualities. The earthy humor in Fevicol’s ads brings a smile to everyone’s face.

Brands with CSR
It’s a key benefit to make profits for

companies whose a specific brand have a strong social purpose ,like P& G provide education for poor student in society & people buy it’s for help that student as well they do. A good cause behind buying a brand is that it gave back to society. A brand associated with a good cause have more attention of consumer any other brand.

Promotion in marketing
It’s essential to have a effective promotion

method in marketing. For example:- Vodafone (an international telecom co.) launches his adds of Zoo Zoos (Egg headed cartoons) during second season of IPL & get a positive response with a great sell of its value added products as well as new customer. A entertaining add have a more attention of consumer then any traditional add.

Price strategy in marketing

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