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In Building Solution

By: Ahmad Taheri




Small Cell

Distributed Antenna System

Design Consideration

com .Introduction Forecasting Mobile Data Traffic By Cisco 1EB = 1billion GB Source: Cisco.

com .Introduction Mobile Using inside Building Source: Alcatel-Lucent.

Introduction Key Benefit of in Building Solution (IBS) Improving Coverage and Capacity inside Building Increasing Revenue & better Competition .

2. Physical Obstacles like Buildings and etc.Introduction Problems for Improving Coverage inside Building 1. Interference .

Solutions How we can improve inside building Coverage and Capacity? Solution Small Cell Distributed Antenna System (DAS) .

SMALL CELL In Building Solution By Small Cell Components Small cells LAN Network shared IP central gateway .

Small Cellinside building Coverage and How we can improve Small Cell Capacity? Distance Range Out Put Power Femto Cell Femto Cell 10 m ~ 50 m 10 mW~200 mW Application Indoor Pico Cell Pico Cell Micro Cell Micro Cell 100 m ~ 300 m 250 mW ~ >2 W 250 m ~ 1 km 2 W ~ 20 W (5 W) Indoor/Outdoor Outdoor .

SMALL In Building Solution By Small Cell .

Small Cell In Building Solution By Small Cell .

Small Cell In Building Solution By Small Cell .

Small Cell Advantages vs Disadvantages Advantage Simple Deployment Cost effective for Small and Medium Building Shared Backhaul on Internet Integrated WIFI Disadvantage Just for One Mobile Operator Not Cost Effective for large Building ( > 10000 m^2( Needs additional gateway in Mobile Switch Center Not Able to Create Neutral Host .

(DAS) Advantage Multi Operator Combining capability Cost effective for Large Building Integrated WIFI Disadvantage Complex Deployment Higher cost .

Distributed Antenna System (DAS) DAS Passive Active Using Coax Cable Using Fiber Optic Cable Hybrid Using Combinati on of Coax and Fiber Optic Components RF Source Antenna Combiner Cables Splitter Coupler Power Amplifier .

Passive DAS Advantages vs Disadvantages Advantage disadvantage Less Complex High attenuation Supporting Multiple Carrier Frequencies Difficult and expensive to install Not suited for large Building .

Active DAS Advantages vs Disadvantages Advantage Simple installation cost Low attenuation Suitable for Large Building disadvantage High Cost for Equipment Don’t Support Multi Operator .

Hybrid DAS Advantages vs Disadvantages Advantage Less Attenuation than Passive Less installation cost than passive Suitable for Medium & Large Building disadvantage Higher Attenuation than active .

Design Steps 1 2 3 • Pre Planning & Solution Selecting • RF calculation and Basic Design • Detail Design .

Selecting Right Solution? Small Cell or DAS Design Pre-planning Pre-Planing RF Consideration Facility & Installation Consideration Business Consideration .

Pre-Planning Facility Consideration We need To answer : Type of Facility? Types of Materials in facility? Estimated number of Subscribers? Approximate size of facility (Square meter) ? Approximate size of Office Area (Square meter) ? How many Floors? Is there cable infrastructure? Is there building plans? .

Pre-Planning RF Consideration We need To answer : Design goal in terms of dBm? How many operators Network ? WIFI integrated? Is there public safety service? Which Bands for using? GSM.? What is RF source ( Back haul) ? Capacity needs for each technology ? . 3G. WIFI and etc.

RF Calculation link Budget for an Example Building Building Features 10 floor Solution Passive DAS Frequency Bands GSM 900 Design Goal -80 dBm .

5 dB 27dBm 50 m 5m BTS1 GSM 900 loss for 7/8” cable = 2 dB loss1/2” = 7 dB Concrete Wall = 15 dB Air Path Loss @ 900MHz = 51.5 dB Air Path Loss (dB) =31.5+ 20 log (d) Sreq= -80 dBm BTS (output)= S(Downlink) + Loss (total) – Gain(Antenna) S(Downlink)= -70 dBm .RF Calculation 10th Floor RSSI= -100 dBm Link Budget 10 dB Coupler 7/8 “ 5m 50 m 1/2 “ 1/2 “ 2-waySplitter Concrete Wall Antenna 2 dBi 50 m Loss = 79 dB Downlink Uplink 2-way Splitter = 3dB Coupler = 0.

Access UK NEC JAPAN Fujitsu JAPAN .In Building Solution Vendors Companies Alcatel.Lucent France Ericson Swiss Huawei China Nokia-Siemens Finland Axell-wireless UK Cisco USA Contela South Korean IP.