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Change The Future of food Production

We take a fresh, client focused approach to the art

and Science of growing Hydroponic
fruit and vegetables.

Pegasus Agriculture The Biggest Operator of

Hydroponic Farms in GCC & MENA
Pegasus Agriculture is undoubtedly one of the biggest owners & operators of
hydroponic agriculture amenities in the Middle East & Northern Africa. Hydroponic
agriculture means growing plants without the use of soil. Pegasus Agriculture has
more than 150 years of collective market experience from diverse sectors all over the
globe. They make sure their consumers, stakeholders and distributors obtain the
advantage of bringing regionally grown natural food to the GCC.
Pegasus Agricultures vision:
When it comes to vision, Pegasus Agriculture is not just to become the premier
international supplier of hydroponically grown foodstuffs. They already know thiss
obtainable because of their widespread channel of past & potential projects. They
also strives to instruct, teach & develop young adults all through the GCC with
pertinent farming & agriculture knowledge, so that they can conquer global
Pegasus Agricultures goals:
Pegasus Agriculture wants to remain the GCC & MENAs biggest operator of
hydroponic farms by supplying adequate fresh regional produce to make sure food
safety for the GCC. They also have an aim to offer consumers with cost-effective
access to healthy, natural produce & instruct them on how they can assist to join the
battle for food safety. Furthermore, they aim to guide cultivators on novel
technologies as well as the benefits in cost & worth waiting for them if they wish to
adopt fresh technologies. They wish to allow these cultivators to make a new earning
source to support themselves & their families as well. Pegasus Agriculture aims to
run three hundred hectares of hydroponic farm by 2025. As a food trader, theyre
also ready to assist the province in the event of an emergency.

Pegasus Agriculture eyes to adapt latest technologies in Hydroponics

Hydroponic farming major, Pegasus Agritech eyes to adapt latest technologies in the field, in order to become masters
in the industry thus to end the food crisis of the GCC region. It utilizes the technology of Hydroponics, a system
of agriculture that utilizes nutrient-laden water rather than soil for plant nourishment. Typically the hydroponic
systems have high energy costs because they incorporate lighting, pumping, and air moderation systems. Now,
Pegasus Agriculture eyes expansion into new technologies, which help to limit the energy costs.
A recent study has shown that the commercial hydroponics industry is successful and rapidly expanding. According
to a report, hydroponic farming dominates the production of a limited number of crops, and is probably the
fastest growing sector. Pegasus Agriculture is looking for a technology that can provide an optimum environment
for plant development and growth through enhancing the availability of nutrients, producing healthier, more
vibrant and stronger plants. It seeks a technology which is capable to update the hydroponics industry by
supporting farmers with more frequent harvests.

Even in its efforts to move into new technologies, Pegasus Agriculture is keen to keep its policy of bringing nature
and technology together. The company always strives for quality, simplicity, innovation, and a sustainable
future. Hydroponics is an initiative that is increasingly being utilized to feed the expanding urban population of
the world and ensure food security. The crush of rising populations brings its own unique set of problems in
cities around the world. Finding a solution to cope with an increasingly growing demand for food is chief
amongst these issues.
On a commercial level, hydroponics is the most-used technology in greenhouse vegetable production. The technology
is capable to address the mounting food demands of worlds increasing population. . According to Pegasus
Agriculture, hydroponics uses roughly one-hundredth the fresh water customarily needed to grow food in
traditional farming methods. The right deployment of this technology could free up massive amounts of water for
human consumption and for residential and industrial uses. Now the company is in a move to implement latest
technologies in the field to get maximum of hydroponics. The company believes that the implementation of latest
technologies will allow it better to save worlds fresh water supply and help to meet the increasing food

Pegasus Agriculture Playing a Massive Role in Ongoing

Hydroponic Farming Projects in Dubai
Hydroponics is a technological revolution in farming, and several organizations have been
formed to develop the stuffs you require to be effective with your hydroponic projects. A
new study has revealed that the commercial hydroponic industry is successful &
expanding very quickly. According to a recent survey; hydroponic agriculture controls
the productions of a limited number of crops, and is possibly the fastest growing
department. Using hydroponics, one can grow just about anything, comprising most
vegetables, flowering plants, house plants, several kinds of fruits & herbs for health
Role of Pegasus agriculture in Hydroponic Farming Projects Dubai: Pegasus Agriculture is
the largest owners' & operators of hydroponic farming facilities in the MENA region. As
the leading supplier of hydroponic farming facilities, Pegasus Agriculture has truly
revolutionized the growth of vegetables and fruits by implementing the latest of
technologies in the production process.
Currently, Pegasus Agriculture is planning hydroponic assignments; hydroponic farming
facilities & manufacturing all over the MENAs region, including Qatar, Oman,
Afghanistan, Iraq, UAE, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Not require to say, most of these nations
experience shortages of cultivable land & climates that are unfit for the heavy production
of food.
Hydroponic farming leader, Pegasus Agriculture eyes to put in the latest of technologies to
become the master in the farming industry to stop the food crisis of different regions in
MENA. Pegasus Agriculture is also looking for a technology that can offer best
environment for plant growth while enhancing the accessibility of nutrients, producing
more vibrant and healthier plants. Also, it is looking for a technology which is competent
to update the hydroponic industry by supporting cultivators with more frequent crops.
According to Pegasus Agriculture, the appropriate use of hydroponic technology could
free up huge amounts of water for human use and for industrial and residential uses as

Investing in Hydroponic Farming A Wise Solution

It is absolutely not required to say hydroponic farming has provided a resource-efficient &
adaptable practice of agriculture. This farming practice uses less space and water than
conventional farming. It also doesnt rely on the quality of soil & delivers higher yields.
Hydroponic farming involves growing vegetation or plants in water supplemented with
minerals, or in an immobile medium like rock wool or gravel, through which nutrientsupplemented water goes through. Therere presently commercial hydroponic farms in
Americas Sonoran Desert, Western Europe, Japan and Canada, producing veggies with
great commercial accomplishment.
Recent figures disclosed that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has the maximum per capita
use of water in the globe, with irrigation accounting for 50% of water consumed.
Commercial hydroponic farming needs 5% of the water and 13% of the space, that
ground-based farming requires to deliver the same yield. In greenhouse conditions, plants
could be grown year around & much closer together.
In addition, farmers guesstimate that 90% of the water consumed in hydroponic agriculture
can be recycled. Hydroponic farming is especially attractive for the Middle East, as this
region remains almost dry throughout the year.
Investing in Hydroponic Farming: Hydroponic farming is absolutely unique as they dont
need any rich soil. Indeed several of the globes biggest hydroponic farms are established
in the deserts of the Middle East and other parts of the world where soil is unfertile.
The best part of hydroponic farming is that almost all of the minerals poured into the budding
medium are soaked up by the plant, making it more effective and increase productivity as
well. Through such innovative farming method, cultivators can get nearly 550 tons of
vegetables per acre, compared to the standard yield of fifteen tons per acre using
conventional farming.

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