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• Incorporated in 1925, Raymond Group is one of India's largest branded fabric and fashion
retailers. It is one of the leading, integrated producers of suiting fabric in the world, with a
capacity of producing 31 million meters of wool & wool-blended fabrics.
• Gautam Singhania is the chairman and managing director of the Raymond group.
• The Group owns apparel brands like Raymond, Raymond Premium Apparel, Park Avenue,
Park Avenue Woman ColorPlus & Parx.
• All the brands are retailed through 'The Raymond Shop' (TRS) – One of the largest network
of over 700 retail shops spread across India and overseas, in over 200 cities.

• Logo: Raymond with its „The Complete Man‟ tag line has its logo in bright red which looks elegant and distinguishing. . • Value Proposition: The Complete Man 'The Complete Man'. sensitive and places a huge premium on relationships. leadership and excellence and as a company that has always stood for setting standards in ethical business performance. The logo looks classy and attractive.a man who is caring. A simple yet elegant red logo is so powerful that it has created a unique image in the minds of people. innovations and series.Brand Raymond • The Raymond symbolizes quality.

Product Portfolio • Worsted: Raymond is the world's largest manufacturer of worsted suiting fabrics commanding over 60% market share in India. jackets and trousers through Silver Spark Apparel Ltd.. . it is among the few companies in the world. a wholly owned subsidiary of Raymond Ltd. • Tailored Clothing: Raymond manufacture formal suits. With a capacity of 38 million meters. Raymond has the production capacity of 1 million formal suits and jackets and 2 million trousers annually.5 million jeans annually. fully integrated to manufacture worsted fabrics. • Denim & Jeans Wear: Raymond manufactures special ring denim and high fashion jeans wear with a production capacity of 47 million meters of denim and around 1. wool & wool blended fabrics.

The overall production capacity is 1.) • Shirtings: Raymond manufactures fine cotton and linen shirting fabric with an annual production capacity of 21.6 million meters.8 million formal shirts per year. .Product Portfolio (Cont.7 million meters per year. • Woolen Outwear: Raymond is also in the production of woolen outwear fabrics and produces carded woolen shawls and blankets. Raymond also manufactures around 1.

Critical Analysis .

Competitors .

Market Share [CATEGORY NAME]. Raymond commands over 60% market share in worsted suiting in India. . [PERCENTAGE] Others . [PERCENTAGE] Raymond [CATEGORY NAME].Market Share of Raymond • With a capacity of 38 million meters in wool and wool-blended fabrics.

Distribution Channel • Raymond suiting is available in India over 400 towns through 3. • The distributors sells goods to different wholesalers at the price at which he gets minimum 15% to 20% profit. • Similarly the wholesaler earns 10% to 15% profit by selling goods to retailer.000 retailers as well as over 650 exclusive retail shops better known as „The Raymond Shop‟. . • And the retailer earns 5% to 10% profit on each product sold the end consumer.

Latest Communication Strategy Raymond Spring Summer’14 Print Campaign .


Completes The Man Since 1925 .

Essentials By Raymond Leather Products: • Formal Shoes • Belts • Wallets .

Why…Brand Extension??? Logical • Cater a Man‟s Formal needs from top to bottom under one roof Strategic • Exploit potential of Leather Industry • Maximise Profit Not Taking the Brand too Far • Complementary to the Parent Brand .

belts and wallets production from the Leather City of the World. . • Outsourcing leather formal shoes. Kanpur.How…Brand Extension??? • Creating a different segment within Raymond Stores for Essentials.

Timeline .

• The procurement of the inventory would be done from the leather producer in Kanpur. • Next 2 Months: Select the top 200 outlets. . with the maximum customer foot-fall. work on the interior designing of those selected outlets to create shelf space for the “Essentials by Raymond”.Timeline for Brand Extension • 1st Month: Identify the top Raymond Stores in India. At the same time.

Timeline for Brand Extension (Cont. Billboards and Hoardings .) • Next 3 Months: Set up the shelf space of “Essentials by Raymond” in the initially selected Raymond Retail Outlets and heavily promote it using the following mediums: 1. Print Media Ads 3. Television Commercials 2.

) • Next 6 Months: Thorough analysis of the customer responses and the sales of the new products in those selected 200 Retail Outlets. then the same strategy would be used for the remaining Retail Outlets of Raymond across the country. if the customer responses are positive and the sales figures are enhancing the bottom line of brand Raymond. .Timeline for Brand Extension (Cont. • After the completion of 1 Year.

Investment Plan .

Investment Plan .

Investment Plan .

Investment Plan .

Future Scope .

• New varieties of Entire Product Range of Raymond: In future we plan to introduce a wider range to varieties. .Future Scope and Recommendations • New Retail Outlets of Essentials by Raymond: If the new products offered are performing fairly good in the market then we plan to open separate retail outlets for Essentials by Raymond.

Future Scope and Recommendations • Women’s Formal Wear: In future we would like to introduce range of formal wear for women. • CSR Activities: Increase the CSR activities currently undertaken by Raymond. .

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