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Rahul Raushan

Year 2005…

Narendra Modi
Foreseen the
Importance of
Digital Presence


The journey was started on February 28, 2005 when
domain was created.

Year 2009… Two Way Communication With the emergence of Social Media.1M+ . he enhanced his reach and joined Twitter in January 2009 & Facebook in May 2009 Subtle Image Building Fan Base Formation Present Stats: Facebook Users:100M+ Twitter Users: 18.

facebook.Year 2010… Dream of becoming a Prime Minister of the world’s biggest democracy started taking a shape with the campaign Narendra Modi for PM on January 13. Advani with a silent strategy  3 years of campaigning to build an image of a perfect PM  The popularity of Narendra Modi became inevitable  BJP was left with no other option than selecting him as PM Candidate for General Elections 2014  Ousted senior leaders like L. 2010 www.

3 Major Challenges .

Optimized use of Social Media How Narendra Modi became popular? Accurate positioning with excessive content 3 things that made Narendra Modi Popular online seeding Establishing a transparent image by putting on ground activities online .

In last 3 years NaMo created lakhs of Modi Brand Advocates via social media who worked in mouth publicity online and on-ground during the campaigning. Youtube.  Social Media as an owned platform definitely helped him in disseminating information directly to the masses at any point of time.1. Flickr. etc. Slideshare.  Social platforms helped him in connecting with masses and establishing two-way communication. were effectively used during the campaign.Use of optimised Media  Narendra Modi has utilized all the social platforms for creating the desired image. Facebook. Twitter. . Pinterest. www.  Forums. Accurate positioning with excessive content seeding  Narendra Modi has not left a room for negative content by stuffing all the search engines with excessive positive Are content rich and have effectively helped in portraying the desired image. Campaigning included not just the official platforms & social channels of MODI but numerous pseudo accounts and platforms.isupportnamo. www. media platforms and websites are packed with the content which NaMo and BJP wanted to float. All the queries are tactically solved on forums to remove Platforms like www. .

occasions.  At the time of campaigning information of rallies was conveniently disseminated.  Blogs on various issues. events. situations and topics were published on regular basis to create the desired image in minds of masses. representation of on-ground activities on online platforms supported in establishing a transparent image of NaMo.3. .Establishing a transparent image by putting onground activities online  The way NaMo’s online promotional campaigns helped in creating brand ambassadors for on-ground mouth publicity.  Information of various developments in Gujarat and NaMo growth model is disseminated on daily basis.

7M+ Likes fb. Narendra Modi Official: 16M+ Likes NAMOBestPrimiMinisiterOfINDI A: 83K+ Likes .6M+ Likes fb. Modi Sarkar’ was launched in many languages to touch the nerves of 99K+ Likes fb.  There are various pages like NaMo4PM which are used to build his image as a perfect candidate for PM.  There are numerous facebook open and closed groups discussing about NaMo.Narendra Modi on Facebook  Narendra Modi official fan page to establish transparency and two-way fb.  They are usually created according to different places and his varied roles.  Facebook Ads also played an important role and helped in targeting the audience demographically.  Then there are several facebook pages created and managed by his fans. This platform gives details of his schedule & portrays his views on various occasions and 1. His campaign ‘Abki baar.  Millions of people are associated with NaMo on facebook and working as his brand ambassadors.

Narendra Modi On Facebook .

com/i_narendramodi 4883 .6K twitter.  There are numerous lists on twitter that are intended to spread positivity and encourage . Narendra Modi Official: 4.1K twitter. He is the most discussed political personality on twitter with maximum positive trends.  Like FB there are various twitter handles like NaMo4PM which are used to build his image as a perfect candidate for PM.2K twitter.97K number of unique people talking about Narendra Modi every 9.Narendra Modi on Twitter  Narendra Modi official twitter handle gives instant updates and happenings about NaMo.  NaMo has more fan base than Superstar Rajinikanth. It helps in suppressing the negative sentiments immediately.64M+ Followers 56.11. It also act as a platform where NaMo expresses his views and gives special comments.67.  There are several BJP & fan twitter handles that helps in promoting hashtags (#) and discussions about NaMo.5K twitter.  Millions of people are associated with NaMo on twitter too and they work as his brand .  Almost 1.5K twitter.515 .

877 followers Youtube Narendra Modi Official Channel .348 subscribers 19.Narendra Modi on Varied Platforms Narendra Modi Official Website 6188th most visited website in the World & 296th most visited website in India. www.207 views Google + +NarendraModi views plus.

Delhi Edition. 8th June .The Team Reference: Businesstoday.

A Campaign that started with ‘NaMo4PM’ took a new shape after announcement of PM candidature. A perfect plan was made to Leverage the popularity of NaMo + Highlight all the negative aspects of UPA Government + Enlighten the hope & positivity among people .

3 parallel campaigns that were carried on all the possible mediums Abki Baar Janta Maaf Ache Din Modi Sarkaar Nahi Karegi Aane Wale Hain .

3 Campaigns 1 Mission .

Introduced a whole new concept of addressing political ralliesMODI in 3D Hologram : created the required buzz .

3 Historic Campaigns 2014 May.Modi on Youtube 2009 Jan.Narendramodi.NAMO 4 PM 2007.Modi on Facebook 2010 Jan.ONLINE JOURNEY OF NAMO 2006.PMO India .Nominated for PM 2014.I Support NAMO 2013.Modi on Twitter 2009 May.

Narendra Modi:-Narendra Modi interacted personally with influencers and connected with followers through rallies and mass communication. his healthy lifestyle (yoga) or his techsavvy image. .The different strategy with same basis that struck the right chord with the people of India  Create the desired Image:Congress:.Congress tried creating an image as per Congress ideology rather than focusing on mindset of target audience. Narendra Modi:. Either we talk about his look.  Keep Interacting with Influencers:Congress:.Congress concentrated on grass-root level and interacted more with followers. his words.Narendra Modi worked on image building as per Indian youth ideology. this is all planned and not something that happened by chance.

Don’t give a chance and allow perceptions to ruin the image. foreign intrusion. PM was expected to speak on inflation. Narendra Modi:.Narendra Modi managed to handle the marriage and godhra riots with content management by adding more positive content. increasing rape cases.Narendra Modi’s blog portrays what he exactly want to convey on every big and small issue. Narendra Modi:. . “As positivity overcomes Negativity”. etc but the silence spoiled everything.The different strategy with same basis that struck the right chord with the people of India  Push down negativity content from search engine immediately:Congress:-Congress does not have impressions of the work they have done online and has never concentrated on removing the negativity online.  Share the unbaised views on everything:Congress:.Congress missed to give detailed views on everything going in country and world this leaves a room for perception.

Narendra Modi has presence on every online platform.The different strategy with same basis that struck the right chord with the people of India  Identify digital pockets for consumer:Congress:.Sonia Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi and Manmohan Singh. nobody has official verified social profiles on any of the channel. Narendra Modi:. .

The NaMo Campaign 15th September 2013. UP Initial Rallies 38 Bharat Vijay Rallies 200 Other Rallies and programmes 240 3D Rallies 1350 Chai Pe Charcha 4000 Road Show 2 Grand Total 5380 m/Namo//20052014/Ral ly//2014/bjp/Narendra Modi/ . when Narendra Modi addressed his1st rally in Haryana till 10th May 2014 in Ballia.

Branding & Faishon Icon .