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Name: Vinayak V subbannavar

Reg No: 131353
Topic: Consumer Behaviour towards
CPIRF(certified program in regular
M.S.Ramaiah Institute Of Management

To know the various information sources help in buying process.Title of the Project: “Study on Customer Preference towards Consumer durables & Home Appliances at HARSHA Bangalore”. . To know the marketing strategies of Harsha that attracts the consumers. Objective:      To know the customer perception towards HARSHA outlet Hubli. To find out the customer expectations from HARSHA outlet Hubli. To know the factors that influence consumers buying behaviour.

PRODUCTS AT HARSHA  Home Appliances and Kitchen Products. at Bal krishna Square Complex at Station Road.  Electronic Goods  Consumer Durables  Major Brand Products . The Harsha Hubli is one of the important retail outlets of Prakash Retail. Hubli.The Harsha Showroom was started in Hubli in the year 2001. The total area is 7000 sq ft.


the best will come back to you. always our customers. o Keep learning new. o Once our customer. o Harsha . make-work interesting. . o Give the world the best you have. o Before you say “I cannot” say “I will try”.    HARSHOTSAVA DEEPAVALI HAPPY TIMES MONSOON MAGIC COMPANY PRINCIPLES o Every individual must be respected. they will keep us in business o Quality always scores let us keep ours high. o If we keep our customers happy.“What You Don’t Get Elsewhere”. then give it your best.

Research approach: Quantitative approach Type of research: Exploratory Data collection:  Primary Data  Secondary Data Measurement tool :questionnaire Data analysis Tools o Using SPSS package & Ms excel o Using correlation through cross tabs from SPSS .

Sample size: 100 respondents from Hubli and the visitors of Harsha. Occupation. Age. Measurement technique: To analyze data SPSS software and MS excel was used.Sampling: Random sampling method. Sample elements: Households. . Government & private employ Sample unit: Irrespective of their Income levels. Survey techniques: Questionnaire technique and personal interview technique.. student. Businessman.

sales representatives on  Expertise  Approach . 30% of people are influenced by change in technology and 24% by change in need. It is found that over all marketing strategies on  Pricing  Advertisements 3. friends and relatives. It is found that buying decision on  Offers and discounts  Product display 2. Survey reveals that. Survey reveals that 36% of people are influenced by family. 1.

But  Has to work on technology  Expertise training to sales representatives  Customer relationship building  Innovative and creative ideas  After buying process  More variety in brands .products  Financial support  Suggestions & understandings  Service .There is customer preference towards Harsha electronics.

customers are happy with their sales.  Customers will love to shop at Harsha at the time of events.  Overall customers has positive perception towards the Harsha. service. most of the respondents wants to shop at Harsha at least once in a year .  The survey came out with valuable results. because its always a very special moments for them to shop with great offers and discounts.From the above survey I conclude that Harsha electronics is very good at their awareness.  .  Any customer wants to buy home appliances and consumer durables the first showroom comes in their mind is Harsha electronics .