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The analysis of Google

Is Google's unique organization a strength or liability for its innovation?
(Group 3)

Google’s Organizational structure 2 .

• • • Cultural Role (Role Culture). oriented on the power. The individual is the main point. Sergey.Google Culture Google is People Culture Corporate culture by Cameron and Quinn. no matter how many. Its influence is based more on the strength of the expert rather than personal strength or position. Handy Cultural Power (Power Culture). Work is controlled by the procedures and regulations. The goal is to bring together the right people and let them do the job. Cultural People (People Culture). 3 . Role or job description is more important than the people who fill these positions. In our weekly mandatory meetings ("TGIF")-not including those via email or in the cafe-Google employees to ask questions directly to Larry. ranging from cycling to beekeeping Open culture that is often associated with the company longer term goal Everyone is an active contributor and feel comfortable to share ideas and opinions. • • Hire people who are smart and diligent Prefer the ability over experience Employees share the same goals and vision for the company we accept all people from different backgrounds and with a diversity of languages Employees perform a variety of hobbies. A source of strength that highlight core control. • • Cultural Support (Support Culture). the company is only there to serve individuals in the company. and politically. and other executives about the company's problems. there are few rules or procedures and competitive atmosphere.

Google's culture is very informal. massage rooms. Google continues to maintain a small company feel Everyone wears multiple hats with emphasis on innovation and commitment to cost containment Hiring policy favors ability over experience Google headquarters – Googleplex – comprises of recreation facility (workout.Google Culture : Summery Even with rapid growth and expansion. The founders emphasized that their initial public offering (IPO) would not change their culture and they would not introduce more rules or change the way things are done in Google to please Wall Street. Google encourages employee risk taking and innovation. snack rooms Most Googlers have high-powered Linux OS workstations on their desk and three or four staffers share office space with couches and dogs.Decisions at Google are made in teams 4 . Corporate virtually invisible hierarchy and employees who do not wear uniforms. organizational culture on the simple terms of futuristic and selfless thought which is to be shared and followed in 1998. video and other games).

at the Google campus. but Amazon is the company I’d be INVESTING in for the long-term 5 . is composed nearly entirely of said geeky engineers. Google employee on the whole are not in touch with the real world in any meaningful way.Google Culture : Cons Google. as a company founded by geeky engineers and built on the output of geeky engineers. Stereotype of the geek with a superior IQ yet awkward and socially-inept Because of extra services Google provides on their corporate campuses. As a result Google employees are increasingly isolated and out of touch with the real world but that is exactly why their products fail so often Amazon an outward-looking company whose sole purpose is to provide what its customers want Google may be much better to work for. Everything else can be done right there. an employee only needs to leave the corporate campus to sleep.

focused heavily on making their super smart geek employees happy. they’re there to make sure those super geeks are happy and love working for Google so much they’d never consider going anywhere else. 6 .Google Culture : Solution Google has become a distributed corporate technology campus. All those awesome corporate perks you hear so much about.

Distinguished Entrepreneur. related to core business 70% Working on Core business Assignments Dual Class Equity ensuring higher decision making power of top management Engineers worked in teams of 3 to 5 Chief Culture Officer. high return projects” Many employee perks 7 .Unrelated new projects and businesses 10% 20% Projects of choice. Chief Internet Evangelist Hybrid of functional and multi-divisional structure •Focus on the user •Do one thing really really well •Fast is better than slow •Democracy on the web works •You don’t need to be at your desk to need an answer •You can make money without doing evil •There is always more information out there •The need for information crosses all borders • You can be serious without a suit •Great just isnt good enough Independence from stakeholders – no pressure to pursue short term goals Minimum middle management – maximum flexibility “Will not shy away from high risk.

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