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Jungle Lodges

and Resorts
Business Strategy and Marketing

Introduction to JLR

Total 16 Eco-tourism sites in Karnataka state.

Some important locations are Kabini River

lodge, K. Gudi Wilderness Camp,
Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp, Dubare
Elephant Camp etc.

100% state government enterprise.(KSTDC

and State forest Department)

In 1999 JLR received Best Eco-tourism

Company in India award.

Kabini River Lodge, its first resort got

recognised as top 5 wildlife resorts in the


From a mere income of Rs. 2.58 lakh rs. In 1981-82 to a turnover of Rs.
19.27 Crore in 2006-07.

Average Occupancy rate:

40% in 2001-02
63% in 2005-06
66% in 2008-09

Occupany rates of JLR properties Kabini, CFC- Bheemeshwari and BRT are
very high.

While occupancy rates of properties CFC- Galibore, CFC Doddamakali, Kali

Dandeli etc. are very low.

Organization Structure

The Board of Directors representing the State Govt., KSTDC, Forest

Department, Industry representatives, etc.

Chairman, M.D., Executive Director and General Manager all are IFS

Middle level managers from varied backgrounds like Finance, H.R.,

Marketing, Technical, etc.

Marketing and Communications functions are also supported by nature

specialists , communication experts, etc.

Each Location has a Location Manager under with lower staff like drivers,
cook, guides work.

Competitive Positioning

Positions itself as a responsible wildlife & eco-tourism company.( Use of

tourism as a tool for conservation of environment and wildlife.

Pod- Trekking, volunteer training program, mountain biking, elephant rides,

Educating visitors.

Target Market Identification

On the basis of Geographic Location:

Local Tourists
National Tourists
International Tourists

On the basis of Income Level:

High Income Level
Upper Middle Class
Middle Class
Lower Middle Class

On the basis of Occupation

Business Class
Service Class

Marketing Objectives

JLR to become 500 crore Company

Best Nature Tourism Company in India

International recognition in the field of Eco-tourism and Wildlife


Provide enthralling and lifetime experience to its customers and bring them
close to nature.

Capture the growing tourism sector i.e. both national and international

Sub-due the competition in this niche market and become the leaders.

Increase Occupancy level in all the locations.

Marketing Strategy

Promoting JLR nationally as well internationally by:

Increasing marketing activities like print media, TV ads, online promotion,


Capturing Foreign tourism market by making tie-ups with international

tourism departments and companies.

Providing special discounts and offers mainly for locations with less
occupancy and during off seasons.

Capturing corporate sector by introducing more no. of special all-in-one

integrated packages for them.

Target marketing for high income level segment using feedback mails and
frequent promotional offers.

Bundling packages of locations with high occupancy with that of low


Customer Service

Proper training of staff will improve customer service.

Proper feedback system should be in place to improvise customer


Competition research should be conducted to gain competitive advantage.

In locations with less occupancy, more focus on customer service should be

given so as to promote them faster.

Infrastructure should be well maintained and all amenities should be of

international level although with the flavor of nature should be there.

Food preferences of the customers should be attended individually.

Hygiene, food and ambience should be of primary importance.