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Human Resource Management

Case: Jindi Enterprises – Finding a new sales Manager

Done By: Group 3
Veeranna Bhusannavar 15063
Aditit Mohta 15212
Pranjali Gupta 15228
Shreya Maheshwari 15314

SUMMARY • • • • • • • • • Chinese private company Heat exchanger units Company’s founder was Ma rui Established in 1997 in Xi’an Competitive Edge Growth of the company Sales Recruiting and Training Sales Process .

Strength •Technological accustomed •Design •Employees •Satisfactory presence in residential market Weakness •Capital •Didn’t own any production facilities •No experience in Industrial Market Opportunities •Industrial Market Threats •Competitors in residential market •Zhou Xun .

Business Strategy • Current sales-Residential/Commercial Market • Planning to move to industrial market – Far less competitive – High technical barriers – Good margins for the vendors .

enabling the Jindi to become a more self-sustaining entity. • Hiring/firing decisions • Payroll and Benefits concerns • Creation of talent pool .HR Strategy • Vision: Developing relationships with area businesses and the neighborhood at large.

Problems faced by the company • • • • Moving into the industrial market Zhou Xun. the previous sales manager Competitors Hiring decision .

silent and steady and possessed leadership skills & had a strong technical background . • Functional Experience: – sales engineer – but the only drawback he has as a sales person that he was very honest – most of his leads were not helpful • Level of Responsibility: High • Personal Factors: Faithful and reliable 1 Candidate: Hu Bin • Education: Mechanical Engineer. • Industry Experience: Residential market but not in the industrial market. • Experience: SOE and then later in 1998 he as the company’s first sales engineer.

nd 2 Candidate: Bai Dong • Education: Diploma in Computer Software • ​Experience: Entrepreneur. positive rapport with customers. organized & entrepreneurial "start-up complex" • ​Level of responsibility: Moderate​ . wgand od lead generation • ​Personal factor: Enthusiastic. Sales Engineer at Jindi • ​Industry experience: Residential but not in Industrial market • ​Functional experience: engaging.

cool . • ​Additional: Liu's father was well know in the industry which wil hlelp in getting contacts in the other hand also he was approached by the competitors. General administration • ​No Industrial and Functional Experience • ​Level of Responsibility: None • ​Personal Factors: Good interpersonal skills.​ . analytical and Challenging.rd 3 Candidate: Liu Xiaogang • Education: Economics • ​Experience: Lecturer.

Decision • Qian Cheng as the new sales manager Reasons: • Education: M.E & Exec. MBA • Industrial Experience: Architectural design firm • Functional Experience: General Manager • Level of Responsibility: High • Personal Factors: Smart and Diversified in experience .