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and operates over 400 flights daily from hubs located in Malaysia. • Through the corporate philosophy of “Now Everyone Can Fly”. AirAsia has sparked a revolution in air travel with more and more people around the region choosing AirAsia as their preferred choice of transport. and Indonesia. low fare business concept and feels that keeping costs low requires high efficiency in every part of the business. • AirAsia believes in the no-frills. Thailand. • Today.About The Company • AirAsia is one of the award winning and largest low fare airlines in the Asia expanding rapidly since 2001. • With a fleet of 72 aircrafts AirAsia flies to over 61 domestic and international destinations with 108 routes. AirAsia has flown over 55 million guests across the region and continues to create more extensive route network through its associate companies. 3 . hassle-free.

PRODUCTS 4 . 5 .AIRBUS A320 • Low cost short haul.PRODUCTS AirAsia . no frills • 180 seats – single seat • Free seating with Xpress Boarding option • Wide range of light meals and snacks available for purchase onboard the aircraft • Within 4 hour flying time from departure city Domestic AirAsia.

vegetarian and kid’s meal.AIRBUS A330 • Low cost long haul. No frills • More than 330 seats – Economy seat and XI premium seats • Assigned seating with advance seat request option • Pre-ordered full meals are available including Asian. Light snacks also available for purchase onboard International • More than 4 hour flying time from departure city AirAsia. western.PRODUCTS AirAsiaX .my 6 .com.

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my Applying the point-topoint network keeps operation simple and lower costs. AirAsia. assuring lower costs and higher productivity.PRICE Providing guests with the choice of customizing services without compromising on quality and Making sure that processes are as simple as possible Implementing the regions fastest turnaround time at only 25 minutes. 14 . Making sure that processes are as simple as possible Partnering with the world’s most renowned maintenance providers and complying with the world airline operations.

especially leisure traffic and price-conscious business passengers • Short-haul point to point traffic with high frequencies • Aggressive marketing • Secondary airports • Competition with all transport carriers 15 . short cleaning times.PRICE • Catering on demand for extra payment • Planes with narrow seating and only a single class • No seat assignment • No frequent flyer programmes • Low wages • Low airport fees • Low costs for maintenance. and high percentage of online sales Low Cost Carrier (LCC) Business Model AirAsia. no hub services. cockpit training and standby crews due to homogeneous fleet • High resource productivity • Short ground waits due to simple boarding processes • No air • Non-business passengers.

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The company bought across ad networks including Google. AirAsia.PROMOTION PULL AirAsia wanted to target audiences with demonstrated intent to travel on a massive scale. The stakeholders of AirAsia are customers. employees. Microsoft. Rubicon and Pubmatic to maximize both its budget and PROFILE STRATEGY different messages in target all the stakeholders that related. regulators and the local communities. 27 .


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