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White Paper

HCL AXON- SAP Cloud Services

The ability to offer any infrastructure or service on a
virtual basis for Banking

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Key Business drivers for Cloud Platforms

Business Change
Global availability non
premise managed
Agility: Mergers &
acquisitions/ Demergers &
Redistribute IT budgetfocus on core competencies
Manage upgradesmitigating internal overhead

On demand capacity
Tiered solutions, leveraging
hardware platforms within a
release track
Packaged business
continuity models & SLAs

IT Led

Within the SAP Marketplace, analyst reviews now position

IaaS services as one of the fastest growing areas within the
IT industry.
In 2013 the expected market value of this is set to meet
$8bn (up from $6.8bn) and its on target to top $10bn by
PaaS services have also enjoyed a large take-up within the
market place doubling over the last 2 years and set to grow
even more aggressively over the next few years with the
uptake of the PaaS services natively from hardware are
software vendors as part of their standard service offerings.
At the most integrated end of the services scale (SaaS) the
spending profile is more gradual
However Trends are showing an increase in large
deployment programs multi-thousand deals are becoming
increasingly common

Business Led

Market Temperature Check

Platform TCO

Delivery effort

Lower cost of ownership:

reduction of customer code
& configuration
Lower support costs &
upgrade costs
License platform costs
aligned to demand, no
redundant overheads

Shorter deployment times

for new waves/
Reduction in client/server
maintenance & support
Aligned to rapid /iterative

Cost driven

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SAP in banking
With our long heritage in delivering SAP solutions and unique position of being positioned to adopt market leading hosting solutions
within the marketplace HCL AXON has developed a range of SAP centric cloud solutions developed to meet the full SAP lifecycle,
from Proof Of Concept to full long term Application Management that we have successfully developed & deployed in Banking sector.

SAP Cloud Scenarios

The illustration below shows some of the key scenarios we have utilized our cloud solutions to optimize SAP landscapes:

Add an additional
project with no
hardware investment

Add 50% more

compute power to
Minimize upgrade
cutover times

Divestment separate
a business into a new
landscape these days

Only pay for what you

use, Mitigate running
hardware for future

Standup a sand box

in 45 minutes instead
of 6-8 weeks

Perform sizing with a

greater degree of

Rollback to a clean
and precise test
system in 1 hour with
no basis efforts

Create an upgrade
environment and
perform an upgrade
as a proof of concept

Add 10 application
servers for the payroll

Add a training system

for 1 week then turn
it off

Add a SAN and 20

Application servers for
a data load

Turn on capacity for

the overnight batch,
then turn it off again

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Our Cloud Technology

From our broad customer base HCL AXON understands that each organization is different, especially so in the Finance industry.
So with this in mind we offer a complete range of SAP centric cloud solutions. Our Public Cloud & PaaS solution is a highly
optimized pay as you go solution with multiple SLA & compute options based on the environment requirement. Working with our
strategic hosting partners we have developed a range of Cloud solutions for the financial market with this in mind:
1. On-Premise Private Managed cloud
2. Dedicated Cloud
3. Virtual Private Data Centre

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