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WMS: Using LPNs and the

Packing Workbench
Arne Rosen
Principal Consultant
DARC Corporation

Walk through Packing Workbench
Packing Workbench
Label Printing


What Can the Packing Workbench

Do For Me?
Packing of items is a common business scenario in any
warehouse. Items can be packed either on receipt,
while they reside in inventory and during outbound
shipment to customers. Labels can be automatically
triggered once the packing process is complete.
This presentation will explain how Oracle WMS uses
the desktop interface packing tool, which allows a
user to perform packing, splitting, unpacking and
reconfiguring of LPNs.

What is an LPN?
License Plate Number or LPN is any object that exists
in a location and holds items.
Store information like item, revision, lot or serial
Track contents of any container in receiving,
inventory, or in-transit
Receive, store, and pick material by LPN

Pack, unpack, consolidate, split, and update LPNs

Print labels and reports for container contents

What is the Packing Workbench?

The Packing Workbench allows you to pack material

through a desktop application window.

Contents can be an Item, LPN, Serial Number or

Enter or scan the contents to perform the pack, split,

unpack or reconfigure operation
Product eligible for Pack transactions:
Inbound: Material in Receiving Subinventory not
delivered to Inventory
Outbound: Inventory in a Staging Subinventory

Setting Up the Packing Workbench

The required setups to utilize the Packing
Create a Receiving Subinventory (For Inbound only)
Create a Locator(s) with the Type as Packing Station
(Outbound and Inbound)

Setting Up the Packing Workbench

Using the Packing Workbench

Packing Initialization

Nav: Warehouse Manager > Inventory Management >

Material Transactions > Packing Workbench

Transaction Source (Packing

Station Defaults this)


Each pack: This option always

defaults the pack quantity to 1. This is
useful if the operator must scan every
Serial triggered: This option allows
the operator to scan the serial number.
Warehouse Management does not
require the operator to enter the item
if the serial number is unique.
Kitting: If an order was placed for a
PTO item, the Packing Workbench
displays the BOM when an operator
scans a component of the BOM to
assist the operator in building the kit.

Using the Packing Workbench

Scan or enter in the Packing Station (Source Defaults)
Select Packing Process LPN Pack (This Defaults)
Select the <Find> Button (Eligible material will

Using the Packing Workbench



Using the Packing Workbench

Generate or Scan LPN in the Into LPN field (This is
your outer Box LPN)
Scan the contents that go into To LPN. The contents
could be an item, an LPN or a serial number. If item is
scanned, the user also enters the quantity and if
applicable, the lot information. If content is an LPN,
the content LPN is nested within the Into LPN.

Note: You cannot Pack different deliveries into the

same Into LPN

Using the Packing Workbench

Using the Packing Workbench

Select <Close LPN> Button when you are finished
LPN Information form will appear

Select <Done>

Using the Packing Workbench

Create or scan the Into LPN. This is the LPN into
which the selected eligible material is packed.
Scan a From LPN. This is the LPN from which
contents will be removed and packed into the Into
The contents, lot, serial and quantity being split is
entered. If full quantity is entered, the content LPN is
nested within the To LPN.

Using the Packing Workbench


Using the Packing Workbench

Enter or Scan a From LPN. This is the LPN that the
selected eligible material would be unpacked
LPNs must be nested to perform this transaction

Using the Packing Workbench


Using the Packing Workbench

LPN reconfiguration is carried out by scanning an
LPN and selecting Merge up or Breakdown
method to unnest the LPN.

Breakdown mode results in one or more child LPNs

and all container only LPNs are destroyed.
A Merge up mode consolidates the contents of all
inner LPN(s) into the outermost LPN. All inner
LPNs are destroyed.

Using the Packing Workbench


Label Printing
Labels can be initiated when packing transaction is
finalized after the Close LPN button. The label
types associated with Packing Workbench
business flow will be printed. The supported Label
Types are:
LPN Content
LPN Summary

Shipping Content


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