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1. Introduction to Human
Resource Management

What is Human Resource Management (HRM) ?

Human Resource Management (HRM) is the process of:
Acquiring, training, appraising, and compensating

Attend to their labour relations, health & safety, & fairness

*The Human Resource Management Process

The key components of an organisations human resource

management process consists of 8 activities:

1. Human resource planning
2. Recruitment
3. Selection
4. Orientation
5. Training
6. Performance management
7. Compensation and benefits
8. Career development

What is Human Resource Management (HRM) ?

The HR Manager should know and practice the followings:
Conducting job analyses
Planning labour needs
Selecting job candidates
Orientating and training new employees
Managing wages and salaries
Providing incentive and benefits
Appraising performance
Training & developing managers
Building employee commitment
Equal opportunity & affirmative action
Employee health & safety
Handling grievances & labour relations



What do you know

about HRM ?




What do you know about Human Resource

Management (HRM) ?
It is action oriented
HRM no longer constraint to record-keeping, written
procedures or rules.
HRM uses rules and procedures for its operations.
HRM emphasise the solution of employment problems.
It is people oriented
HRM treats each employee as an individual and offer
services and programs to meet the individuals needs.

What do you know about Human Resource

Management (HRM) ?
It is globally oriented
HRM is a globally oriented function or activity.
It is practised world wide.
Many organisations treat people fairly, with respect and
with sensitivity.
It is strategically oriented
Effective HRM supports the organisation achieve its
objective and business strategy.
Example, supporting organisation plan for global
expansion. HR managers must plan on hiring employees
with the appropriate language, culture, and international
business skills and experiences.

What do you know about Human Resource

Management (HRM) ?
It is future oriented
HRM helps organisation achieve future long term plan by
providing competent, well-motivated employees.
Thus, human resources need to be incorporated into an
organisations long term strategic plan.

Why is Human Resource Management (HRM)

important to all managers ?
Avoid personnel mistakes
Having the knowledge of HRM helps managers to avoid the
personnel mistakes, example
Hire the wrong person for the job
Experience high turnover
Have your people not doing their best
Waste time with useless interviews
Have your company taken to court because of the managers

discriminatory actions
Have some employees think their salaries are unfair relative to
Allow lack of training to undermine the departments

Why is Human Resource Management (HRM)

important to all managers ?
Improve profits and performance
Effective HRM ensure managers to get the desired results
through people.
Getting the right person for the right job.
A companys success/failure depend on the performance of
the work force.
Having a good workforce is as important as preserving

Identify the main functions or processes of HRM. Briefly
discuss each function.