Information on the

Rural Development Programme
Integrated Local Development Company

North Tipperary

What is the Rural Development
Programme (RDP)?
• focuses on improving all aspects of social and
economic life in rural areas e.g. community,
enterprise, heritage, culture, tourism, food,
energy etc.
• operates from 2007-13 with a budget of
approximately €425 million (Irish National
exchequer and EU funds).
• The Rural Development Programme budget for
North Tipperary for 2007-13 is €9.7 million.
• delivered by the North Tipperary LEADER
Partnership (NTLP).

What are the main features of an
eligible grant?
Eligible grants should have the following
• : They should be innovative
• : Generate economic activity.
• : Identify a market for the product/service
• : Should not result in displacement of
existing jobs.

What types of grants are available within the programme? PROGRAMME MEASURES: • Diversification into Non-Agricultural Activities • Support for Business Creation & Development • Encouragement of Tourism Activities • Basic Services for the Economy & Rural Population • Village & Countryside Renewal & Development • Conservation & Upgrading of the Rural Heritage • Training & Information .

• Private (up to 50%) • Community (up to 75%) With Department approval. may be increased to €500.000.Rates of Aid Capital Maximum grant aid €150.000 for non commercial community projects & €200.000 for private promoters Matching Funds: Measure 321: Basic Services & Measure 323: Conservation & Upgrade of Rural Heritage Donation of land/property & Voluntary Labour is accepted .

Promoter experience 2.000 Private (up to 75%) Community (up to 90%) Assessment of Projects 1. Requirement . Sustainability 6.Feasibility Maximum grant aid €30. Innovation 5. Fit with NTLP Business Plan 3. Financial Viability 4.

Farm Shop • Cookery School • Farm Poultry extension Business Creation & Development • Feasibility into development of a occasion gift craft product • Feasibility/presentation/packaging development of new product • Individual enterprise proposal to develop and manage an in door sport arena • Wind Farm (subject to department approval) . oats porridge cereal.g.Examples of Projects Funded/ Forthcoming Diversification into non-agri activities • Feasibility into food production e.

Farm Park Basic Services for Econ.Examples of Projects Funded/ Forthcoming (cont’d) Encouragement of Tourism Activities • Self Catering • Feasibilities e. Eco Farm. & Rural Population • New Community Centre • Refurbishment of Community Centre • Feasibility studies Village Renewal & Development • Feasibility/Village Development Plans • Capital village enhancement projects .g.

Examples of Projects Funded/ Forthcoming (cont’d) Conservation & Upgrade of the Rural Heritage Pilgrim Walk (proposal) Upgrade of Way Marked Way (Heritage element) Training & Information •Personal Development/capacity building training for members of farmers network •North Tipperary Tourism. Packages Training & Marketing .

Activities not eligible • • • • • • • Agriculture Childcare Education Greyhound Industry Healthcare activities Housing Race and sport horse industries • Vehicles • Retail • Training courses that are part of the normal education system • Insurance. Planning Fees • Mainstream activities of sporting clubs • Nursing homes • Working capital (including stock) . Loans.

The type of facilities envisaged would be renovation of farm buildings for tourism purposes. speciality food provision. • Development of niche tourism and educational services such as arts and crafts. provision of tourism facilities. • Development of farm shops selling home/locally grown produce and manufactured products. open farms etc. bird watching etc. cycling. walking.Diversification Into Non-Agricultural Activities Eligible activities • All non-agricultural enterprise activities undertaken by farm families. angling. . in particular. pony trekking.

The promoter had previously worked for a vet/agricultural shop for over ten years and has very good personal and communications skills. a small holder from the Toomevara area is seeking funding for the development of a farm shop. He is also looking for funding to help with stocking the shop (€22. Liam has sought assistance with completing an application.Case Study: Farm Shop • Liam Egan.000) and to help market (€6. He has existing buildings located close the main road and expects the costs of refurbishing the building to be in the region of €82.000.000) the project. .

Pre Application Stage Evidence of Title (Copy title deeds/lease/licence) Business Plan (detailed proposal. start up costs.000 (five quotations required) Tax Clearance Certificate Evidence of VAT registration or otherwise . €82.Case Study: Farm Shop . 3 year projections) Planning Permission-Change of use HSE Regulation Matching Funds Capital Investment.

Marketing €6.000 (50%-private) 2.000 (ineligible) 5. Stock €22.000 €0.000 .000 (100%-private) Total €113. Insurance €2.500 €0.000 Maximum possible grant assistance €45.500 €45. Training €1.000 €3.Potential Assessment Item Cost Recommendation 1. Builder Costs €82.000 (ineligible) 4.000 €41.Case Study: Farm Shop .000 (50%-private) 3.000 €1.

and improved quality and development of artisan processing facilities. • The provision of a range of assistance types for adding value to local products. local branding initiatives. analysis and development. for example centralised online processing of micro enterprise administrative activities. • Actions to foster rural entrepreneurship. • Development of innovative products and activities. particularly combined with support for small-scale research. • Provision for a range of assistance types for start-up enterprises and expansion of existing enterprises including the adoption of new technologies. will also be supported. . • Utilisation of local ICT capacity. collective marketing.Support for Business Creation and Development Eligible activities • Selected investment in small rural enterprise space. including support for business networks.

Case Study: Wind Farm • Templemore Energy Resources have secured full planning permission for the erection of a small scale windfarm near the Devils Bit. The group are specifically seeking support for the grid connection element which is €400.000. There are no sources of funding from SEI (Sustainable Energy Ireland) or the Department of Communication. Energy & Natural Resources. The project is classed as a private project so it will only attract up to 50% grant aid. The area in question was cited in the County Council Development Plan as an area suitable for such developments.000. The cost of the project is in the region of €4.000. .

000 (five quotations if available) Tax Clearance Certificate Evidence of VAT registration or otherwise .Case Study: Wind Farm . €400. 3 year projections) Planning Permission Agreements with National Parks & Wildlife Service etc Matching Funds Capital Investment.Pre Application Stage Evidence of Title (Copy title deeds/lease/licence) Business Plan (detailed proposal. start up costs.

000 (50%-private subject to Departmental Approval as it exceeds the board grant aid authority limit of €150.Potential Assessment Item Cost Recommendation 1. Grid Connection €400.000) Total €400.000 €200.Case Study: Wind Farm .000 Maximum possible grant assistance €200.000 .

• Development of the use of the internet and ecommerce facilities in general for the provision of booking and information services to tourists. archaeology etc. • Development of niche tourism such as crafts. ecotourism. genealogy. . bog roads etc. speciality food provision. • Development of the use of forests for countryside recreation. canal towpaths. • Support for the development of tourism facilities and amenities.Encouragement of Tourism Activities Eligible activities • Analysis and provision of infrastructural needs for tourism and Countryside Recreation in a defined area • Maintenance of vernacular features – in a way that protects the heritage of the features – such as disused railway lines. • Support for tourism marketing.

The cost of the project will be in the region of €45. 25 fingers posts. The members are willing to provide some of the voluntary labour.000 from Failte Ireland.000.Case Study: Community.Tourism Project Roscrea Pilgrim Walk • A Pilgrim walk is being developed in the Roscrea area which will link in with the historic core of the town. The walk needs to go through about 5 farms and the group feel that a letter of agreement from the farmer will suffice. The project is a joint application between Roscrea Hill Walkers Group (lead group) and Roscrea Historical Society. The project will involve capital works such as the installation of 5 bridges. 18 stiles and information boards. The group have committed funding of €10. .

information boards. finger signs) .000 (3 quotations for installation of 5 bridges) Matching Funds (Rural Development proposed funding elements specifically. etc) Capital Investment. €38. community support. specific funding request under the Rural Development Programme (bridges). Matching Funds. funds in place) Clear evidence of Failtle Ireland specific commitments & Fisheries & National Parks & Wildlife Service Agreement (stiles. Evidence of VAT registration or Otherwise & Evidence of title (Licence) Detailed Proposal (Tourism potential. strength of group.Case Study: Roscrea Pilgrim Walk – Pre Application Stage Tax Clearance Certificate.

500 (75%-identifiable element) 2.000 €0.500 €2.000 €28.000 (0% as items are not clearly identifiable and separate from Failte Ireland funding 3.Case Study: Roscrea Pilgrim Walk.500 Maximum possible grant assistance Note: Voluntary Labour is not eligible under Tourism Measure €31.Potential Assessment Item Cost Recommendation 1.500 (100%-identifiable element) Total €47. Installation of 5 bridges €38.000 (0% as items are not clearly identifiable and separate from Failte Ireland funding) 4.000 .000 €0. Marketing (Commitment from Failte Ireland to support such costs) €4. Tailored walk leader training €2. Signage (Commitment from Failte Ireland to support such costs) €3.

street art.) and renovation of relevant derelict buildings excluding traditional farm buildings. . ornamental lighting. • Farmers markets. which will be eligible for support under axis 2. sewage and major road works • General appearance upgrading (such as ornamental paving. but excluding water.g. upgrading parks. civic areas. river walks etc. &c. • Access facilities to amenities • Public utilities such as street lighting &c.Village and Countryside Renewal & Development Eligible activities • Environmental upgrading e.

000. village signs (stone). landscaping and a memorial to a local poet and songwriter. The group however consists of experienced personnel including an architect. ornamental street lighting to link the new space to the village centre. The group have prepared a plan for the village with an emphasis on the clean up of an disused area. . The total costs are expected to be €100. community garden. the introduction of a civic space.Case Study: Ballingarry Tidy Towns • Ballingarry Tidy Town are a newly formed Tidy Town Group in the North east of the county.

community support. €100. funds in place) Written agreement with County Council Area Engineer & other agencies where applicable .000. specific funding request.Case Study: Ballingarry Tidy Town– Pre Application Stage Tax Clearance Certificate. VAT registration Status Evidence of title (Licence) Detailed Proposal/Development Plan (Landscape architect plans. strength of group.000 (3 quotations for elements in excess of €5.000) Matching Funds (Rural Development proposed funding elements specifically. Matching Funds) Capital Investment. 5 quotations for elements in excess of €50. social & community benefits.

500 (75%-community project) 3. Landscaping Contractor €50.000 .000 (75%-community project) Maximum possible grant assistance €100.000 €22.000 €75.500 (75%-community project) 2.000 €15. Installation of statue €30.000 €37.Case Study: Ballingarry Tidy Towns.Potential Assessment Item Cost Recommendation 1. Decorative lighting €20.

Basic Services for the Economy and Rural Population Eligible activities • Initiatives will broadly address the provision of • Amenity and leisure facilities • Support for cultural activities • Certain arts facilities • General community and recreational infrastructure • Innovative activities in local communities such as social and information networks etc. .

Case Study: Ballycahill Community Centre – Pre Application Stage Tax Clearance Certificate. strength of group. €180. proposed users. community support.000) Planning Permission Matching Funds . VAT registration Status Evidence of title (owned by Diocese of Cashel & Emily) (Lease or licence will be required in this instance or donation of property) Detailed Proposal/Development Plan (background to group. social & community benefits. matching Funds) Capital Investment. specific funding request.000 (5 quotations for elements in excess of €50.

CCTV & Security Lighting Total €2. Building Contractor €174.000 €130. Painting contractor €3.250 (75%-community) 3.Case Study: Ballycahill Community Centre – Potential Assessment Item Cost Recommendation 1.000 .000 €1.875 (75%-community) Maximum possible grant assistance €135. Signage €500 €375 (75%-community) 4.500 (75%-community) 2.000 €2.500 €180.

• Integrated plans for the restoration and development of locally significant natural areas. • Community environmental actions to protect and restore the amenity value of local water resources and high value nature areas. • Alternative or renewable energy actions addressing suitability of new technologies to meet community energy needs. capital assistance to community groups adopting such technology. crafts.Conservation and Upgrading of the Rural Heritage Eligible activities • Actions to preserve and develop vernacular architecture. awareness actions for community groups and under certain conditions. archaeology. features and areas of environmental significance. . • Other environmental initiatives aimed at waste reduction. cultural traditions etc.


Case Study: Nenagh Olympic Commerative Committee – Pre Application Stage Tax Clearance Certificate. matching Funds) Capital Investment. strength of group. detailed background & rationale for proposal. social & community benefits.000 (5 quotations for elements in excess of €50. specific funding request.000) Planning Permission Matching Funds Written agreement of Heritage/Arts Office of County Council . VAT registration Status Evidence of title (Licence most appropriate in this instance) Detailed Proposal (background to group. community support. €60.

000 Maximum possible grant assistance €45.Case Study: Nenagh Olympic Commerative Committee – Potential Assessment Item Cost Recommendation 1.000 . Artist Fees €55.250 (75%-community) 2.000 €41.750 (75%-community) Total €60.000 €3. Materials & signage & lighting €5.

• Development of training facilities in rural areas (fixed/mobile).Training and Information Eligible activities • Provision of general/specialised training courses in fixed/mobile facilities and in-house development of appropriate training facilities linked to the increased use of know-how and new technologies to make the products and services in rural areas more competitive. • Provision of flexible learning opportunities in new technology for women. young people and minority groups in particular. .

Training and Information (continued) • Facilitation of distance learning. in particular by facilitating access to markets for small production units via collective actions. (mainstream or tailored courses) through the use of new technologies. • Developing the capacity of rural dwellers to utilise ICT including Internet and broadband to access e-services and other public/commercial electronic applications. Implementing Co-Operation Projects • Trans-nationals • Interterritorial . • Provision of relevant training courses to those wishing to add value to local products.

. is an interagency group with broad representation. The cost of the training project which will include significant one to one mentor and marketing training will be in the region of €30. This was noted as a result of attendance at trade shows over the past three years.000. The group have identified a specific need for product providers to develop packages to assist with marketing the area. The group were able to confirm that Shannon Development/Failte Ireland did not have a training fund suitable to this identified need. The group prepared a tailor made training package and sough tenders for a contractor to deliver the training.Case Study: North Tipperary Tourism Company • North Tipperary Tourism Co.

Advertising.000 €5.000 .000 (100%-training grant rate) 2.000 €25.000 Maximum possible grant assistance €30.Case Study: North Tipperary Tourism Company – Potential Assessment Item Cost Recommendation 1. room hire Total €5.000 €30. Tourism Training Contractor €25. photography.

000 over the previous 3 years will be ineligible .Final Notes • • • • • Meet Programme staff Seek clarification on eligibility Project must not have commenced Matching funding must be in place Groups/individuals in receipt of grant aid in excess of €200.

ie Pat Killeen – 087-6303988 pkilleen@ntlp.Contact Ronan Gleeson .ie 067-56676 .0876981838 rgleeson@ntlp.