NIT’98, Athens, Greece

Univ. of Crete & ICS-FORTH

A Data Management and Data Visualization
system for supporting Coastal Zone
Management (CZM) of the Mediterranean Sea
Catherine Houstis
Institute of Computer Science
Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas
Computer Science Dept. Univ. Of Crete

images. documents.NIT’98. audio  Scientific programs (simulation models. 1998-2001  First Prototype available online in four countries UK. Athens. image/data processing algorithms) Visualization   via GIS and scientific tools User groups scientists and public authorities Consortium:  9 Partners: university. research institutions . GR 2 . of Crete & ICS-FORTH THETIS: The Project  Objectives: Integrate heterogeneous scientific repositories for CZM into an interoperable system for transparent access via the Web Index/Search and Querying of heterogeneous repositories  Files. FR. IT companies Duration: 21/2 years. text. Greece Univ. IT.

Greece THETIS: The Environment 3 .Univ. of Crete & ICS-FORTH NIT’98. Athens.

programs)  JDBC access  Data Transformations. geographic location. integration and manipulation SQL  queries Wrapping of repositories Light Weight Workflow: Interactive (via index) 4 .numbers) Querying:use of Le Select (DB Integration engine) Mediation (data files.documents. of Crete & ICS-FORTH NIT’98. image database. Athens. time. varying #of search fields) Distributed Indexing/Search (strings(multilingual). Greece THETIS: Design Considerations   Index/Search: use of Dienst (DL search engine) Discover resources (keywords.Univ. by name) Management of Metadata (FGDC standard.

Athens. Greece Univ.NIT’98. of Crete & ICS-FORTH THETIS: The Architecture Web Client Web Server Applets Applets Session Manager Le Select Data Metadata Programs Dienst Documents 5 .

of Crete & ICS-FORTH Dienst: the index/search engine  Distributed Architecture Repository Service Index Service UI Service DS Meta Service  WWW Client Interface  HTTP both for clientserver & server-server communication clients DS HTTP DS UI server Index server Repository server Dienst Server other Dienst servers 6 . Greece Univ. Athens.NIT’98.

Athens. index fields workflow information (interactive. rule based) pricing mechanism (repository service. animation) 7 . system congestion) User Interface web access GIS access (thematic maps. of Crete & ICS-FORTH NIT’98.Univ. Greece Dienst: the index/search engine (cont. content. QoS. time) parameterized input determination of collection objects determination of search. browse.)     Monitoring tools flow monitor performance monitor monitoring other dienst servers Metadata (FGDC. geographical location.

of Crete & ICS-FORTH Search Form 8 .NIT’98. Athens. Greece Univ.

NIT’98. Athens. Greece Univ. of Crete & ICS-FORTH Data Search Form 9 .

of Crete & ICS-FORTH Program Search Form 10 . Athens.NIT’98. Greece Univ.

of Crete & ICS-FORTH Result Form 11 . Greece Univ. Athens.NIT’98.

of Crete & ICS-FORTH Object Overview Form 12 . Greece Univ.NIT’98. Athens.

of Crete & ICS-FORTH NIT’98. Athens.Univ. Greece THETIS: Demonstration Scenarios 13 .

Athens. of Crete & ICS-FORTH NIT’98. Greece THETIS: Demonstration Scenarios  Waste circulation management in the coastal area north of Heraklion  Wave data and fisheries management in coastal areas north of Heraklion  Extraction of coastal data from satellite images 14 .Univ.