CASE 3: NAMMURA HOTELS Presented by: 1. Ejaz Reza 3. Vivek Mishra 2. Md. Rachit Arora 2 EBS/BBM/GROUP2 0131PG008 0131PG019 0131PG026 0131PG034 Presented to: Prof. Hitesh Manocha . Pranay Bisht 4.

18 years of experience of working for 5 star hotels in various countries.Case in brief 3        CEO of Nammura Hotels Mr Krishna Hedge. Location= Bangalore Employee strength= Over1000 (2007) Revenue=Rs 400 Million Dealing with the requirements of 30 Multinational Companies Focus on corporate customers who accounted for 80% of the business. EBS/BBM/GROUP2 .

EBS/BBM/GROUP2 . price & growth of the company.4  Nammura hotels business strategy:  Quality food of international standards to local customers  Reasonable prices     Innovative & unique system adopted “centralised food production & delivery system” Wastage of food brought down to 1% (2007) No separate marketing department Have monthly reviews & meetings to discuss menu.

000 meals/day) & Bangalore Hubba (25. price was cost+3%. response from these clients were good.  BANQUET: Provided meals to organisations during seminars & meetings like LIC National Meet (10. generated word of mouth communication for the hotel.000 people per day)  EBS/BBM/GROUP2 .5  Target market segments:  COUNTER SALE: Introduced to minimize waste. extra food sold across counters for those who wanted good food.  HOME DELIVERY: Home delivery to households. WHOLESALE: Served needs of small entrepreneurs who bought food at low cost from Nammura & sold it to industrial customers.

included 30 business organizations (mainly MNC’s from software.  CORPORATE SERVICE: EBS/BBM/GROUP2 . MNC’S demanded nutritious & hygienic food Created a separate “corporate kitchen” with brand name “right caterers” to meet hazard analysis critical control point standards of NASA & USA. BPO. textile & engineering industry). This separate kitchen gave hotel competitive advantage as no other competitor followed this standards.6 Major segment generating 80% revenue.

Organisational chart (NAMMURA HOTELS) 7 EBS/BBM/GROUP2 .

.No synthetic colors and additives as well as well as harmful chemical were used.  Right caterers though had competition from other caterers.ensured consistency of quality and taste.Nomura focused on innovation .Competition 8 No direct competition because of unique centralized food production & delivery.  Right caterers however had an edge because of its ‘corporate kitchen’.  EBS/BBM/GROUP2 .  To sustain competitive advantage: .

 For Employees: . .Nomura offers free food.Retaining Employees and customers 9 As the hotel was considering expansion into restaurants and lodgings retaining employees and customers was important.Started opening sock option and loans without interest for its employees.  EBS/BBM/GROUP2 . shelter and medical service to its employees.

Radio & T. .  EBS/BBM/GROUP2 .V.10 For Customers: .Depended on satisfied customers word of mouth. programmes on cooking conducted by Krishna Hegde gave good publicity for the hotel.