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Agenda Windows 8 Intro Windows 8 important changes Platforms in Windows 8 Metro Design Windows Store and Certification Recap .

Windows 8 is compatible with apps that run on Windows 7 .

Demo: Windows 8 Intro • • • • Two Modes: Desktop and Metro Diferent modes different compatibility New UI: MetroStyle App This is Windows 7 and more. . not just Metro mode.

1 Windows 8= v6.2 Desktop Windows Manager always on Startup apps changes .Windows 8 impact compatibility Windows 7= v6.NET 3.5 on demand .

5 • Running Metro Style app • Packaging to install app on Tablet localy.Demo: Compatibility • App that require .NET 3.5 and .NET 4 or 4. .

MSN 2.0.Metro Design Microsoft Encarta 95. Zune.WMP Microsoft Vision of UI Content Main font= Segoe WP Metro is accepted in Windows 8 Inspiration in public transport signs .


Metro Is Microsoft Future Vision .Metro isn‘t Wp7.

Open. Light. Not Chrome Typography Authentically Digital Motion . Fast Content.Main principles of Metro Clean.

In-box Controls for Metro Style Ap .

Demo: Metro Style apps • • • • Popup dialog sample DataGrid in Metro Style No Close. Minimze = NO CHROME WinRT new Windows 8 platform for native Metro app . Maximize.

Windows 8 Platform and Tools Kernel System Services Model Controller View Metro style Apps XAML C C++ Desktop HTML / CSS C# VB JavaScript HTML JavaScript WinRT APIs Communication & Data Graphics & Media C C+ Devices & Printing Application Model Windows Kernel Services Internet Explorer Win .

User Interface HTML5/CSS XAML DirectX Controls Data Binding SVG Tiles Input Accessibility Printing Devices Portabl e Geolocation Communications & Data Sensor s NFC Media Playback Captur e PlayTo Visual Effects Contract s Local & Cloud Storage Web Notificati ons Streams XML Networki ng SMS Authenticati on Cryptograp hy Globalizati on Backgrou nd Transfer Fundamentals Application Services Threading/Timers Memory Management .

Demo: CrossNumber • • • • MetroStyle app Multiplatforms app Source code reusing and sharing between platforms Puzzle game playing with Numbers .

Windows Store 450 million licenses <2 years Windows 8 CP Over million downloads in first day Windows 8 • Reimagined user experience • New application model • Form factor diversity • Integration • Discovery • Telemetry .

Store Anatomy .

Windows App Certification Kit Tool for self-assessment technical compliance Helps to create hightquality experience Automated test for checking: • • • • App manifest compliance Image sizing and scaling Use of platform support APIs App reliabilitz and secirity .



Demo: Store • Searching for App • Installing and uninstalling app .

VB/JavaScript.2) New OS = new Vision Future of desktop application is MetroStyle Desktop is explanded to Tablet C++/C#. HTML New native framework WinRT Windows Store new posibilities for market .Recap • • • • • • • New OS Windows 8 (ver 6.