Which was highly efficient .Key organizational principles by which team Wikispeed is organized and which have driven its development?         They follow agile methodology of Product development. This enabled each teams to work independently and not waste time waiting for some other team complete To Summarize the entire sprint process – Product Planning -> Product Board -> Sprint Story Board -> Analyze/Design/Build -> Test -> Deploy -> Retrospect. A short but multiple cycles enable faster development. It was left to the choice of members to choose their favorite tasks. The project has been divided into different small modules. He has no authority on the product There was no central manager who allocated Tasks. They have a Product owner. Scrum Master’s main responsibility is to remove any obstacles or processes that slows down the entire team and affects the product. Team member and scrum master. WikiSpeed used only 7 Days sprints.

This should not be an Issue at all to them. . RedHat use Agile Development  Majority of the employees are volunteers. They will try to pick stories in which they are comfortable. would you move quickly and decide to cut the axles and weld them back together to the right length? OR should he opt to design exactly the axles they need and figure out a way to build them on their own?  I would move quickly than wasting time to figure out the exact measurements.If you were in Joe’ situation. Successful open source software’s like Mozilla. Since they have successfully modularized the whole product. So it will work perfectly.  WikiSpeed’s main success has come through shorter product development cycles.  The reason is – Their model of development is similar to Open Source Software.

So they have to follow water fall model. They are not using free tools like Wikispeed for their product development. you should be able to modularize your product into small segments. Motor. .  Bigger companies have external dependents such as raw material suppliers and 3rd party contracts. For example Facebook follows Agile. They can revert back the changes immediately and its not really critical either. tools manufacturing do not have short product development cycles and quality is really important.Do you think that the tools and techniques that Wikispeed uses to approach product development could be adapted by large industrial goods companies?  The problems of using Agile development in large industrial goods companies are as follows.Companies have invested quite a lot on infrastructure currently.  3. In Industrial companies. Agile is really difficult if you are having external dependency. Large Industrial goods companies such as Boiler. Whereas if a fault in Boiler or Motor can affect the brand image of the company as such. High Switching Costs . all processes are likely dependent on each other. Modularity is not always possible. For agile to work.  1. Also it requires training of your current workforce.  2. If their Chat system breaks (It did break in 2011 for 1 day).

So . • Sometimes the main issue is Companies try to restrict changing policies. • For example in Prototyping phase. • So I feel divisions like R&D can be much more productive. Agile will really benefit in making rapid inexpensive prototypes.My Final Take • Main advantage Agile has is smaller product release cycles and can be inexpensive • So a Big company can make certain division like GE or section of a product using agile.