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Ankita Thakur
Archana Alva M
Melvin C Carvalho 1PE08IS053
Dr. Gowri Srinivasa
PES School Of Engineering

Facial Emotion Recognition

• Facial expressions are the facial changes in
response to a person’s
• internal emotional states,
• Intentions,
• social communications.


Guided by: Dr. Gowri Srinivasa

Facial Emotion Recognition Introduction Fear Surprise Anger Sadness Happy Disgust Guided by: Dr. Gowri Srinivasa .

Facial Emotion Recognition Literature Survey Face Acquisition Face Detection Head Pose Estimatio n Facial Data Extraction and representatio n Feature based Appearan ce based Guided by: Dr. Gowri Srinivasa Facial Expression Recognition Frame based Sequenc e based .

Facial Emotion Recognition Literature Survey  Face Detection method • Haar Classifiers • Finding faces by skin color  Feature based • Gabor wavelets • Feature based clustering  Appearance Based • Active Appearance Model  Classifiers • HMM • SVM • DBN Guided by: Dr. Gowri Srinivasa .

Facial Emotion Recognition Existing System Smile detection Noldus Face Reader4 Guided By: Dr. Gowri Srinivsa .

Facial Emotion Recognition Switch on the camera Proposed system Guided by: Dr. Gowri Srinivasa .

Gowri Srinivasa .Facial Emotion Recognition Statement of Problem  Design and implement software system that detects facial emotion for frontal faces Guided by: Dr.

Gowri Srinivasa .Facial Emotion Recognition Functional Requirement  Face acquisition  Facial feature extraction for expression analysis  Facial expression recognition Guided by: Dr.

Timeliness: The time taken to detect faces present in one frame and the expression should be within a reasonable stipulated time.Facial Emotion Recognition Non. Reliability: The resultant of the application should be accurate for at least two individuals when applied on three individuals in a frame.Function Requirement 1 Performance: The system should be able to detect expressions for 2 to 3 individuals in a frame.   3.   Guided by: Dr. Gowri Srinivasa .   2.

Guided by: Dr. Gowri Srinivasa .Facial Emotion Recognition Application This can be widely used to understand emotions while o Video chatting. o create facial mobile applications. o user friendly interfaces o e learning and distance education o Multimodal human computer interface (HCI). o security concerns in public locations.

Facial Emotion Recognition System Architecture faces detected Capture image Display of emotion for each face Feature extraction Classification Guided By: Dr. Gowri Srinivasa 12 .


Facial Emotion Recognition Data Flow Diagram LEVEL 1 Guided by: Dr. Gowri Srinivasa .

Data Flow Diagram Level 2 .

Facial Emotion Recognition Stand in front of webcam Show proper emotion Emotion detected Guided by: Dr. Gowri Srinivasa U S E C A S E .

Gowri Srinivasa .Activity Diagram Guided by: Dr.

Facial Emotion Recognition Guided by: Dr. Gowri Srinivasa .

Facial Emotion Recognition Operational Requirement  Hardware requirement  Software requirements : o Processor : Intel Pentium 4/AMD Athlon 64 and above o RAM: atleast 512 MB and above o Hard disk : 3 GB free space and above o Operating system: Windows XP and later o Platform : . Accord. Aforge. Gowri Srinivasa .NET o Programming Language: C# Guided by: Dr.0 or later versions.NET.NET 3.

References  Ko Kwang-Eun & Sim Kwee-Bo Development of facial emotion recognition method based on AAM with DBN. Valstar. Shams Nasim .  A. Marc Mehu. Rahmaty Masih & Rahmaty Sara Facial Expression Recognition using Wavelet-based Salient points and Subspace Analysis Methods. Ghahari. Zoroofi A Novel Clustering-Based Feature Extraction Method for an Automatic Facial Expression Analysis System.  Michel F. Rakhshani Fatmehsari & R.face-rec.IEEE 2010 International conference on Guided by: Dr.IEEE May 2006. Bihan Jiang. Gowri Srinivasa . Sadri.IEEE conference on face and gesture recognition 2011  http://www. and Klaus Scherer The First Facial Expression Recognition and Analysis Challenge. Maja Pantic.  Hosseini Iraj. Amini Pooyan Mohammad S.IEEE 2009. Y.A.

Gowri Srinivasa . sadness and surprise. Guided by: Dr. anger.  Specific features from the faces are extracted and classified based on certain algorithms. happy.  The appropriate emotion is detected and displayed at the position of the each face in the frame. Facial Expression is classification of facial features into six basic emotions fear.Facial Emotion Recognition CONCLUSION  In computer vision. disgust.  The camera will detect and capture multiple faces for each frame.

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