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We are much

more than an
SMS company.

We are a
Mobile Solutions
 bizM3 is a pre-imminent, cross-integrated, multi-
channeled, business solution company integrating
mobile marketing strategies. We assist our clients in
capturing opt-in mobile phone numbers of their
customers and potential customers for the purpose
of marketing and targeting them with its proprietary
mobile marketing delivery system
 There are 255 million US mobile phone
subscribers – 70% have sent or received
a text message

 740 billion text messages were sent in

the first half of 2009 in the U.S.

 The typical mobile phone user now sends

more text messages than mobile phone
4.1 billion text messages are
sent and received every day
(in the US alone…)
● This is 3 times as many as in 2007

740 Billion text messages sent

in the first half of 2009

97% of all SMS marketing

messages are opened

Most text messages are read


SOURCE: CTIA and New York Times

 95% of all Americans have at least three
choices of mobile carriers
 US customers consume twice as many
minutes as the next closest country
 US customers can select from 630
devices manufactured by 30-plus
companies, 84 percent of which are Web-
enabled, with 89 percent data-capable.
 Mobile Marketing advertising is a 3 Billion dollar industry in
2009. By 2012, it is projected to be a 19 billion industry – a
400% increase in spending by advertisers

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Inside The Casino THE
 Interact with players on the casino floor in real time
 Keep players playing longer with mobile campaigns
 Play trivia games on digital signage to gain opt-in customers
 Offer special services to high stake players using mobile apps
Outside The Casino
 Send SMS alerts on Jackpot size and other promotion activities to opt-
in players
 Allows players to access their reward point balance and available
promotions anytime anywhere

Mobile is an excellent tool that you can use to

fine tune your current marketing strategies
IVR – Interactive Voice Response
We provide you with state-of-the-art IVR
that players call in for specific
information. (i.e.: reward card balances)

Information capture can be used to send

promotions and benefits.
Digital Signage

Text “Fantasy” to 67777

enter to win
2 VIP Backstage Tickets
for the Year!

Powered by bizM3
• Text2Win Contests, Voting, Polling, Surveys & Trivia

67777 Text Message

From: 67777
U r in 2 win – reply “vip”
for your free VIP Players
Fantasy card and $50 free chips

For demo only 118591

Powered by bizM3
• Interactive Digital Signage

Text WINVEGAS to 99702 to win

3 day vacation!

A Call-to-Action
statement is Placed in
the Ad to Encourage
Players to Participate. Players May Call a Voice bizM3 Captures
Line or Send a Text Caller ID and Replies
Message to Check Their With An SMS
Reward Credit Balance or
to Enter A Sweepstakes.
Mobile Web/ WAP
(Wireless Application Protocol )
Text Message
From: 99702 Mobile users will be able
Your reward balance to click on a URL
is 11,598 and you are directly from your
qualified for a spa
package. Go to
text message and will
actually launch their
for details.
browser and display
For demo only 118591 your Mobile Web and
Powered by bizM3 your coupon or other
64.5 Million

49.7 Million
38.7 Million
Unique Audience
28.6 Million +74%
Feb 07 – Feb 09

Feb Aug Feb Aug Feb Aug

NOV 2007
2007 2008 2008 2009 2009
Unique mobile Web users increased 34 percent from 42.5 million in
July 2008 to 56.9 million in July 2009, according to The Nielsen Co.
Mobile Web or WAP
(Wireless Application Protocol )

Mobile users will be able

to click on a URL
directly from your
text message and will
actually launch their
browser and display
your Mobile Web and
your coupon or other
Consumers can easily create bookmarks in their Mobile


SCPGA Closed

SD: Four-Ball

SD Pro/
Scratch Qualifier
 Business cards  TV & Radio
 Postcards  Magazines
 Brochures  Newspapers
 Magazines
 Print Ads
 Stickers
 Billboards
 Loyalty Cards
 Door Hangers
 Digital Signage
 Banners  Kiosks
 Promotional Items  Mobile Apps
 Sports Equipment  DVD's
 Car Magnets & Wraps  CD's
 Window Painting
1. Its creates a robust lead generator for bringing in new customers

 2. It builds a current and accurate customer
3. It offers the tools to establish an effective customer loyalty campaign.