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Hi-Scan Pro

Introduction of Hi-Scan Pro

1. Main Functions
2. System Overview General
3. Vehicle Diagnosis
4. Tool Box
5. Miscellaneous Functions

Main Functions

Diagnostic Communication with all kinds of vehicles

OBD-II and International Protocol Support

Hi-Speed 2 Channel Oscilloscope
Advanced Multi-Meter Test Function

- Voltage, Frequency, Duty, Resistance, etc.

Actuator Driving test and Sensor Simulation
PC Interface (PC-SCAN)

System Overview

Vehicle Diagnosis (Scan Functions)

1. Diagnostic Trouble Codes
2. Current Data
3. Flight Record
4. Actuation Test
5. Simu-Scan
6. Other Functions

Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Display all DTC for the selected ECM
DTC Erasing Function
Abundant Tips Information for Repair
Direct Link to Part Analysis
On-line Operation Guide
Shift + F6 = All Diag. code

( HELP )

Current Data

Display Current Sensor Values

Abundant Tips Information
Data Recording Available even in
Running Condition
Graphic Mode Display

Direct Link to Part Analysis

Software Function Key support

Flight Record

Record Current Sensor Values up to 8

items at once
Graphic Display Review for the
Recorded Data

Memory Expansion to Supplementary

S-RAM Card

Actuation Test
Allow each actuator to be
forcibly driven by Hi-Scan
On-Line Testing Condition and
Method Guide Support


Display current data with direct

sensor simulation and meter

test simultaneously
Voltage, Frequency & Duty
Voltage, Frequency and Ohm
meter test

Tool Box

1. Part Analysis (Engine/Auto Transaxle)

2. Symptom Analysis
3. Troubleshooting Pack
4. Oscilloscope (Normal Mode)
5. Oscilloscope (Record Mode)
6. Multi Meter
7. Actuator Driving
8. Sensor Simulation

Part Analysis

Available Items
- Engine : 39 Sensor Items
- Auto T/A : 14 Sensor Items
Auto-set DB support
- Various levels of Oscilloscope
parameters such as
Voltage, Time division,
Trigger point, etc.

Part Analysis
Direct Part Trouble Diagnosis through Pre-Set Oscilloscope
Function and Repair Information
Easy & Direct Link from Any Mode
- From DTC, Current Data and DVOM modes.

Symptom Analysis
Easy-Traceable diagnostic flow per each trouble Symptom.

Combination Display with Part Analysis

Troubleshooting Pack

Provide basic and major information to help understand each
trouble code and part.

Waveform Reference

Provide Regular or Irregular waveforms for reference.

Case study

Provide Field experience for reference

Circuit Diagram
Provide relevant schematic diagram for engine & Auto T/A.

Shown in Hi-SCAN Pro

Flow Chart
Provide recommended diagnostic troubleshooting procedures

Oscilloscope ( Normal Mode )

2 Channel Digital Storage Scope

Sampling Speed : 1 Mhz / Sec
Time Division : 20 ~50s
Voltage Division : 0.2 V ~ 50V
Selectable Trigger Functions
(Mode / Source/ Level / Delay)
Adjustable GND Level
Hold current waveform on screen
Cursor Data Display
Waveform Zoom function
(1x, 2x, 5x)

Oscilloscope (Record Mode)

Larger Record Space
- 128 KB continuous sampling
Video Replay View
Trend View Functions (Average, MinMax, Frequency, Duty)
Hold current waveform on screen
Cursor Data Display
Waveform Zoom function
(1x, 2x, 5x)

Multi Meter

2 Channel Multi Meter

Volt Meter

: Max. 500VDC

Frequency Meter: 0 ~ 100 KHz

Duty Meter

: 0 ~ 100 %

Ohm Meter

: 0 ~ 10

Automatic Unit Conversion

(Current Meter / Temperature

Meter / Pressure Meter )

Actuator Driving

Direct Actuator Driving through

Applicable Parameters
- Frequency
- Duty
- Period

Sensor Simulation

Direct Sensor Simulation

Voltage Simulation

: 0 ~ 5V

Frequency Simulation : 0 ~ 100 Hz

Duty Simulation

: 0 ~ 100%

Vehicle Speed Simulation

Miscellaneous Functions
System Set up function
Auto Self-Test Support

- Hi-Scan Pro Printer
- Auto Check Printer
- PC Printer by PC-SCAN
PC Interface (RS232 Port)
Program Downloading via