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Basics of Human Resource


Explain the role of HRM in organizations.

objectives of human resource management

The human resources are assuming increasing significance

in modern organizations.
majority of the problem in organizational setting are human
and social rather than physical, technical or economic.
The failure to recognize this fact causes immense loss to
the nation, enterprise and the individual.
productivity is associated markedly with the nature of
human resources and their total environment consisting of
interrelated, interdependent and interacting economic and
non-economic (political, religious, cultural, sociological and
psychological) factors.
Thus, the significance of human resources can be examined
from time to time.

What is HRM
Human Resource Management (HRM) is a
process of bringing people and organizations
together so that the goals of each are met.
concerned with the management of human
resources in an organization.
secures the best from people by winning their
wholehearted cooperation.
it may be defined as the art of procuring,
developing and maintaining competent
workforce to achieve the goals of an organization
in an effective and efficient

Human resources management can be defined as that part of

management concerned with:
All the decisions, strategies, factors, principles, operations,
practices, functions, activities and methods related to the
management of people as employees in any type of
All the dimensions related to people in their employment
relationships, and all the dynamics that flow from it; and
Adding value to the delivery of goods and services and to
the quality of work life for employees, hereby helping to
ensure continuous organizational success in transformative


According to Scott, Clothier and Spriegal, The
objectives of Human Resource Management, in an
organisation, is to obtain maximum individual
development, desirable working relationships
between employers and employees and employees
and employees, and to affect the moulding of human
resources as contrasted with physical resources.
The basic objective of human resource management
is to contribute to the realisation of the organisational
goals. However, the specific objectives of human
resource management are as follows :

(i) effective utilisation of human resources
(ii) To establish and maintain an adequate
organisational structure of relationship among
all the members of an organisation by dividing
of organisation tasks into functions, positions
and jobs, and by defining clearly the
responsibility, accountability, authority for
each job and its relation with other jobs in the

(iii) To generate maximum development of

human resources within the organisation by
offering opportunities for advancement to
employees through training and education.
(iv) To ensure respect for human beings by
providing various services and welfare facilities to
the personnel.
(v) To ensure reconciliation of individual/group
goals with those of the organisation in such a
manner that the personnel feel a sense of
commitment and loyalty towards it.

vi) To identify and satisfy the needs of

individuals by offering various monetary and
non-monetary rewards.