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Although there kesama'an name. Science Nur al hearts sirrullah (N-AQS) is not derived from asthma 'Sirr.

essence of science is the inheritance Nurun NAQS 'ala Nuurin. Which is then treated with a meditation if /
dhikr to cultivate her inner dzahir until it reaches the level of Insan Kamil and achieve closeness to God with
as close (Taqorruban ilallah). So Nurun 'Ala Nuurin is penyempurna'an cultivation energy for the soul. While
asthma 'Sirr used more towards the value of the benefits to obtain a strength (power) supernatural.
Asma 'Sirr in the spiritual world is known as the practice to get the gift of magic and safety from harm both
on land, sea and air. Because of the way its practice is quite easy, just enough to read (diwirid) alone, does
not need penance fasting, and reading short asma'nya, then science is much in demand by the perpetrators
of science lessons to be used as a daily wird.
Practice of science lessons without the guidance of a teacher is to be dangerous, because the concentration
of the wave beam emitted by a man who has not been purified Soul / lust will not be up to the Divine Nature.
But only up to the middle tier sky which was inhabited by jinn and khodam. So supernatural abilities
acquired unconsciously by the offender actually get help from the elemental creatures of the astral. So
instead of pure light that comes from God in the light spectrum Nurun 'ala Nuurin.
And those who practice the method of cultivation, the practice of science lessons should not be used as a
primary practice. Especially for beginners in the mash undergoing cultivation practice. Because fear will
absorb the energy of the universe (natural) beyond its ability to purify the energy. For those who run the
cultivation practice, the energy in the'm just pure of God in the light spectrum Nuurin 'Ala Nuurin. The
energy of the universe (natural) can even be toxic to him, which would lead him to be highly vulnerable to
infection by elemental creatures of the astral.
Therefore, students are expected to consult NAQS assembly prior to the caregiver before practice a practice
of science lessons. It does not mean that students are not allowed to practice the science lessons. Okay ....
just so you know how and essence, so that the light obtained is light (Nur) the original of the practice. And it
can only happen if the students have enough trained in the methods of cultivation. And if the practice of
asthma 'Sirr without permission caregivers, the results obtained and the side effects certainly not the
responsibility of the caregiver.
Although it is not the core of science NAQS, but to add pengaya'an material and educate students in
applying reiki NAQS. Students will also be equipped with this knowledge. Caregivers presented below about
asthma 'Sirr caregiver version