SMART SOLUTIONS  SMART Solutions was founded in year 2001 by a group of IT professionals  SMART Solutions was founded to deliver support services to business companies and firms  Starting with only workforce strength of 15 employees now it has grown to have employees more than 15000 and plan to double its workforce in the next five years  SMART Solutions service offers –  IT Solutions  Business Intelligence  Marketing and Sales solutions .


” . Michelson .Gestrude G.SMART SOLUTIONS Is there back-up if the critical person is unexpectedly absent? “ You don’t get succession candidates if you don’t start with a pipeline.

Establish Strategic Alignment Align the succession planning with Mission & Vision of the organisation Link Strategic and workforce planning Decision Connecting the succession planning to the Values of the Identify Succession Targets & Analyse Talent pool organisation Identify Succession Targets Analyse Gaps Identify Talent pools Develop Succession Plan SMART SOLUTIONS Analyse Current Program. Practices Identify Succession Planning Strategies Develop Implementation Plan Develop Evaluation Plan Implement Succession Management Plan Implement Communication and change management strategies Implement Succession Strategies Collect Metrics data Evaluate Succession Strategies Analyse results Recommend Improvements . Policies.

Retention bonuses .Planned job assignments .Recruitment and relocation bonuses .Formal development .Quality of work life programs • Identifying development/learning strategies: .Assessment and feedback .Coaching and mentoring .Develop Succession Planning Strategies • Identifying recruitment strategies: . .Action learning projects .Special programs • Identifying retention strategies: .Communities of practice Shadowing.

recruitment and relocation bonuses) • Implementing retention strategies (e. bonuses.. quality of work life programs) retention • Implementing development/learning strategies (e..g..g. planned job assignments. formal development. Communities of Practice) .g.Implement Succession Management Plan • Communication planning • Implementing recruitment strategies (e.

.Implement Succession Management Plan • Determining and applying measures of success • Linking succession planning to HR processes – Performance management – Compensation – Recognition – Recruitment and retention – Workforce planning • Implementing strategies for maintaining senior level commitment.

and stakeholders • Assessing response to changing requirements and needs To drive best-in-class succession management:  Commitment from the top management  Appointing multiple owners across the organization  Measuring the progress regularly . employees.Evaluate Succession Strategies • Tracking selections from talent pools • Listening to leader feedback on success of internal talent and internal hires • Analyzing satisfaction surveys from customers.

2016 Develop Succession Planning 202 0 202 1 202 2 202 3 202 4 . 2015 201 5 March 1. 2018 Dec 1. 2016 Implementation of Succession Planning March 1. 2015 201 6 201 7 201 8 Survey 4 201 9 Dec 1. 2017 Team formation Evaluation of Succession Plans Dec 1. 2015 Identification of succession target Jan 6.Timeline Start of Succession Planning Feb 1 . 2015 Survey 1 March 1.