Nouman riaz .

Topics to b covered Competitive strategy (Competitive advantage + core competency) Gourmet catering Competitive strategy of Gourmet Differentiation strategy Cost leadership focus .

.Competitive strategy “A strategy which determines that how an organization will compete in it’s business units”.

Competitive advantage Competitive advantage is actually a distinctive edge. . These distinctive edges can come from organization’s core competencies by doing something that others cannot do or doing it better than others.


. Gourmet has a strong approach to customers.Competitive advantages for Gourmet Gourmet is its own supplier Gourmet is leading the costs by cut the prices in accordance with other industries.

2) It can be reused widely for many products and markets. . 3) It must contribute to the end consumer’s experience and the value of the product or service to its customer.Core competency “Core competency is a specific factor that a business sees as central to the way the company or its employees work” It fulfills three criteria 1) It is not easy for competitors to imitate.


Gourmet catering GOURMET is also providing catering for all occasion for your convenience to give grace to your celebrations .

A bird’s eye view of corporate strategy of gourmet ( a meeting with unit manager) corporate strategy growth renewal stability  Concentration  Vertical integration .

Competitors of Gourmet Red table event management Top events Creative ziafat marquee Hotel Pak continental PC catering .

High quality at a reasonable cost is an competitive advantage for them.Competitive strategy of Gourmet High quality: Gourmet has described its competitive strategy by including the point of serving high quality within reasonable costs. .

Low cost is another competitive advantage for gourmet.Low cost Gourmet is also following the low costs strategy to compete in its business units. .

Cost leadership strategy: Competition on the basis of lowest cost Organization try to reduce input cost .

It can includes: a) Innovation b) High quality c) Unique design d) Brand image e) Multiple offers f) Focus on status (born syrup) .Differentiation strategy A company that competes in its business units by offering unique products that are widely valued by customers is following differentiation strategy.

appropriate place). In gourmet strategy we have found that gourmet is focusing on the expansion of business. .Focus strategy This strategy involves cost advantage (cost focus) or a differentiation advantage (differentiate focus) in a narrow segment of niche (proper.