Case Analysis IV


 Changes happening in consumer
behavior, competition ,broader
marketing environment .
Product Repositioning
Corporate Level Strategy
Business Level Strategy

Isomalt  Stevioside     .TYPES OF SWEETNER Saccharin Aspartame Acesulfame K Non Glucose Carbohydrate – Fructose.

MAJOR PLAYERS  Nutrasweet  Tate & Lyle  Nutrinova  Merisant  McNeil Nutrionals  Danisco  Spherix  Imperial Sugar .


BRAND PROGRESSION Pha se Durati on Brand Target ed Positioni ng I 198892 SugarFr ee Diabetic Patients Ethical Drug: Curative II 199399 SugarFr ee III 1999> SugarFr ee Gold & Natura Adv Packagin Retaili & g ng Pro BTL Blue&Whi te Clinical look Med shop Diabetic Sweetener Patients : Preventive ATL Blue&Whi te Clinical look Chemis t:OTC Fitness Oriente d ATL Vibrant Yellow Color Chemis t. Grocer y Store: OTC Low Calorie Sweetener : Preventive .

Packaging. Price & Value Proposition Brand Applicat ion Price of Pellets Packs Sugar Free Gold Tabletop Sugar Free Natura Cooking Rs 20 & Baking (20pack) Rs 60 (100 pack) Rs 20 (40pack) Rs 55 (100+10 pack) Rs 130 (300+30 pack) Rs 175 (500 pack) Price of Sache t Price Price of Powd er Pack Value Molecul Proposit e ion Rs 35 (25+5 pack) Rs 60 50pac k Rs 95(10 0) Rs 90 100g ms Healthier Alternati ve to Sugar Asparta me Rs 35 (25 pack) Rs 65 Rs 100 100g ms ZeroCalorie Sweeten er Sucralos e .

99% calorie-free Sports & Health drink .Orange.Brand Pack Size Flavors Pric e Value Proposition Positio ning Sugar Free D’Lite 500ml Apple.Lemon.Pas sion Fruit.Peach Rs 30 It is lite ‘n’ heathly and fizzy .




RECOMMENDATION Sugar Free should achieve 360 degree communication objectives by:  Developing brand awareness in rural area through wellness program  Increasing category demand in terms of small packs and schemes  Changing customer belief or attitude through medical team  Enhancing purchase actions  Encouraging repeat purchases through retail program/promotions  Building customer traffic through surveys  Enhancing firm image through employee brand activity  Increasing market share through sales team  Increasing sales through awareness  Reinforcing purchase decisions .

. II and III.Product Repositioning In Phases I. consumers were under the idea that “Sugar Free” is meant only for diabetic patients and should therefore be prescribed by doctors.

packaging was in orange and white having a very clinical look  Consumer Insight lead to the Brand Rejuvenation .  Till 1999.Corporate Level Strategy  Launched in 1988 as Ethical drug.  In 1993.moved to Consumer Products Division to be sold as OTC drug.

a niche strategy has been adopted for reaching to individual customers and towns through two channels — chemists and local grocery stores — from where people can buy the product very easily.Business Level Strategy In the case of Sugar Free. Follow-up with grocery stores and chemists on a continuous basis has helped in expanding product volume and .

the distributors convince the shop owners to stock Sugar Free by promising to take back the unsold stock.through different product promotion schemes. .