Christopher Columbus


1. What was Columbus hoping to find by sailing West across the Atlantic Ocean from Spain?

2. In 1451, Columbus was born in which Italian city?

3. What was the real name of Christopher Columbus?
Cristoforo Colombo

4. At what age did Columbus begin sailing on merchant ships?

5. What was the nickname for the Atlantic Ocean?
Sea of Darkness

6. Why did Columbus leave Portugal for Spain in 1485?
King John of Portugal refused to grant him permission to sail.

7. Which Spanish queen was in favor of supporting Columbus’ voyage? Queen Isabella

(left) Queen Isabella and (right) King Ferdinand

8. How many ships and men were promised to Columbus for his voyage? 3 ships and 90 men 9. What were the names of the ships on Columbus’ first voyage?
Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria

10. On Columbus’ first voyage, why didn’t the scared and desperate sailors mutiny, kill Columbus, and return to Spain?
Only Columbus knew how to get back to Spain.

11. What is the name of the modern country where Columbus first landed?
the Bahamas

12. Where did the term “Indian giver” come from?
Native Americans wanted items loaned to the Spanish returned. The Spanish mistakenly thought they were gifts.

13. How was every Indian over the age of 14 treated?
They were made into slaves and forced to mine for gold.

14. Which diseases did the Spanish bring to the West Indies, killing Indians by the thousands?
The Spanish infected Native Americans with smallpox and measles.

15. Which disease, in turn, did the Indians transmit to the Spanish settlers?

16. Columbus was so desperate on his third voyage in 1498 that he was forced to use whom as sailors?

17. Columbus believed that he had found the Garden of Eden while exploring the Orinoco River. Which modern country was Columbus exploring?

18. Why was Columbus arrested in 1500 and sent back to Spain in chains?
He was caught killing troublesome Spanish sailors by hanging.

19. In what year did Columbus begin his 4th and final voyage?

20. How did Columbus trick the Indians of Jamaica into feeding his crew?
Knowing an eclipse would soon occur, he threatened to take away the moon. After the eclipse occurred, the Native Americans were fearful of Columbus and fed his crew.

21. In what year did Columbus die, and how old was he?
He died in 1506 at the age of 55.

Tomb of Christopher Columbus, Cathedral of Seville.

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