IMC Tools

1. Advertising 2. Direct Marketing 3. Interactive /internet marketing 4. Sales Promotion 5. Publicity/ Public Relations 6. Personal Selling



form of non personal communication is normally called advertisement PSA or Public Service Announcement is donated by media Non personal communication means involvement of mass media- TV, Radio, print No opportunity for immediate feed back

Importance of advertisment
 Character

of pervasiveness  Vital for products that target mass consumers  Most cost effective way to reach large audiences  30 sec ad in 4 channels (US) reaches 6 million households  Cost per thousand household in 2004 = $19.85  Pop shows like American Idol or desperate hw reaches 25 to 30 million viewers per week

Indian scene

on IMC in India = Rs

200 million Average 30 sec commercial on DD reaches 4 million households 6 million can be reached if aired in DD and 3 other channels Average cost per thousand household less than Rs 50/India-Pak cricket or Kaun Banega Crorepati reached 15-20 million households

Advertisement Gains

brand Inform consumer Build perception Create differentiated image in crowded market Create the Basis for brand recall

Direct Marketing

marketing one of the fastest growth sectors in US economy Includes data base management, direct selling, telemarketing, direct response mails through internet, or other ads Eg: Tupperware, Discovery Toys, Amway. Ell became market leader No distribution channel; direct

Direct Response Advertising

promoted through ads Consumers encouraged to buy from manufacturer Dual income, more money less time to shop Growth of credit cards, Toll free numbers Internet revolution Database management

Interactive/Internet marketing

has brought about revolution in communication New media basic essence = interactive Text messaging contests : Frito Lay Black Pepper Jack brand of chips: creation of consumer involvement Data base creation and generation of metrics

Sales Promotion

incentive for sale Consumer oriented – coupons, rebates, offers etc ( short term boost noticed) Trade oriented- price deals, sales contests trade shows Consumer packaged goods 6070% promotional budget on sales promotion Decreasing brand loyalty and


nonpersonal communications not directly paid for News reports, editorials , announcements etc Credibility high Costs low Impact of negative publicity and ways to counter it


public perception through planned action Publications Sponsorship Toyota creating jobs in the US! CSR Indian PR firms growing at 20% annually

Personal Selling

to person direct communication Face to face Phone calls Customised sale possible Instant tailoring of product possible