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EST Sound File Evaluation Rubric



Lesson Atmosphere



Teacher was fully focused on the Teacher was generally focused Teacher's focus on the lesson was Teacher was not focused on the
lesson. Full attention was
during the lesson. Full attention questionable, as there were times student during the lesson at all.
directed towards the student.
to the student was given for at when the teacher seemed to be The teacher completely avoided
Conversations were pursued once
least 90% of the lesson.
doing something else while the any conversations outside the
an opening becomes evident,
Conversations were pursued,
lesson was going on.
text, at times even asking the
with the teacher reacting to the
but topics to talk about were
Conversations outside the text
student to reiterate what has
student's input earnestly.
filtered by the teacher.
were generally avoided.
already been stated clearly.
Lesson atmosphere was tense;
Teacher fostered a positive lesson
Lesson atmosphere was
Lesson atmosphere was only
the disconnect between the
atmosphere, making the student
generally pleasant, with the
partly pleasant, with some parts
teacher and the student very
feel very comfortable in the
student being comfortable
of the lesson being quite tense
evident. Student was
lesson. The entire lesson was
during at least 90% of the
due to the disconnect between
unresponsive and
pleasant, as shown by the
lesson. The student only showed the teacher and the student. The
uncooperative during the entire
student's willingness to answer hesitation to answer questions student was hesitating to answer
lesson, without the teacher
and expound when asked.
once or twice.
for the most part of the lesson.
trying to help the student at all.
Teacher demostrated impeccable Teacher was generally patient Teacher was very assertive during Teacher was aggressive during
patience, without him/her ever during the lesson. In times when the lesson, to the point when the
the lesson, overtly showing
losing composure during the
the student is having difficulty student was already intimidated
annoyance at the student's
entire duration of the call.
answering the teacher's
by the teacher's prompt. Little
mistakes. No empathy was
Despite lags by the student, the questions, the teacher was able empathy was shown towards the
shown towards the student,
teacher was fully empathetic to assert himself/herself without
student's difficulties in the
even if the student was already
towards the student.
offending the student.
Teacher was generally pleasant
Teacher's tone of voice, volume,
Teacher's volume and intonation
during the lesson, smiling
Teacher lost his/her composure
rate of speech, and vocabulary
suggests a loss of composure
frequently and keeping the
during the lesson, losing his/her
were appropriate for the
when the student was showing
student at ease. However, the
composure at the student
student's level. The teacher's
difficulty in catching up. Teacher
teacher's rate of speech and
and/or the student's mistakes.
facial expression also showed
also showed signs of annoyance
vocabulary were a little bit too
Teacher also exhibited obvious
empathy and warmth during the
in the video, as shown in the
advanced for the student at
signs of annoyance on camera.
entire duration of the lesson.
teacher's expression on camera.
Teacher conducted the lesson
Teacher was faily
Teacher did not prepare for the
Teacher was only knowledgeable
smoothly, with full knowledge of
knowledgeable about the
lesson at all. Lesson flow was
within the confines of the lesson's
the subject matter. Teacher was
subject matter. When asked
very irregular and inconsistent,