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Living and working

in Poland

Marcin Lewko
EURES Adviser

Genova 5-7.11.2014

Poland in Europe

Administrative division
Baltic Sea



Czech Republic

General information

Full country name: Republic of Poland;

Population: 38.1 million;
Capital city: Warszawa (Warsaw) population 1.7 million;
Official language: Polish;
Currency: 1 Zloty (PLN) = 100 Groszy, 1 EUR approx. 4,22 PLN
Time: GMT+1h;
Nationalities: 98.5% Polish, 0.6% Ukrainians, 0.5% Germans, 0.4%
Religion: 90.7% Catholics, 1.4% Orthodox, 7.9% others
The biggest cities: Warszawa, Krakw, d, Wrocaw, Pozna, Gdask,
Szczecin, Bydgoszcz, Biaystok (listed according to the number of

General information
Public Holidays:
1 January: New Years Day,
6 January: Three Kings Day
Easter Sunday and Monday (first Sunday after the first
spring full moon),
1 May: Labour Day,
3 May: Constitution Day,
Corpus Christi: (Thursday of the ninth week after Easter),
15 August: Assumption of Virgin Mary, Polish Army Day,
1 November: All Saints Day,
11 November: National Independence Day,
25, 26 December: Christmas.

Labour market situation

The average gross monthly pay in year 2014
3.941 PLN = 934 EUR
The lowest gross monthly pay in 2014
1.680 PLN = 398 EUR
Currency the Polish zloty (PLN)
1 buys PLN 4.22 (27.10.2014)


(POLAND 10,0 %)

Unemployment rate in EU/EEA

Wielkopolska, Poland

Area: 29 825,6 km2

(9,5% of total territory of

Population: 3 385 800

(38 132 000 total population of

Unemployment rate 7,9 %

(entire country 10,0 %) 02.2014

Capital of region Pozna

(population: 567 882, 5th biggest
city in Poland)

Pozna and Wielkopolska

concentration of
high level of education
third cultural centre in
good geographic

Labour market: surpluses & shortages

In the area of surpluses and shortages in our
labour market the situation is complicated.
We have 100 vacancies and 300 unemployed
bricklayers who work in black market because of
high costs of employment.
The same refers to cooks, carpenters, shop
assistants, drivers. There ale also people with
qualifications but no skills, as they havent worked
for a long timeor high qualification but no
language skills

Summary - problems
remaining unemployed have problem with:
lack of motivations
utility of qualifications

How to find a job?

The real problem is not unemployment, but
underpayment, so people are looking for a job
abroad. Unfortunately many of them dont know
foreign languages.
You can also use PES to find a job but its offer is
less attractive because no employer looks for a
good specialist in a labour office now.

Job search
The Public Employment Services Local and Regional
Labour Officers (EURES adviser, assistant);
Private agencies (check the legality!);
Local newspapers.

Job search
Labour Offices
16 Regional (Voivodship) Labour Offices
338 Local Labour Offices
Vocational courses, on-the-job training, CVs, Cover
Letters, job-psychologist and advisers help
Free registration

EURES in Poland:
National EURES Manager in Ministry of Labour
and Social Policy

16 Regional Labour Offices:

16 EURES Line Manager
Over 59 EURES Advisers
EURES Assistants in 343 Local Labour Offices

Commercial websites:

At work

Full time = 40h/week or individual agreement

Overtime = paid 150% or time off
Salary paid monthly
Social Security employer submits employee
Taxes, contributions deducted from salary
Holidays 20-26 working days
Working time
8:00 16:00 most public companies
8:30 at latest - private companies

Income taxes Poland

Which income will be taxed in Poland?
Live in Poland? You must pay tax on your worldwide income there.
(criterion: you lived there for at least 183 consecutive days during the tax
year or your life is centred there)
Live in Poland but for less than 183 days? You are not considered tax
resident and pay tax only on the income earned in Poland.
Income from other EU countries? Check you never pay tax twice on the
same income.

How much will you pay?

Income tax is progressive the more you
earn, the higher your rate. In 2013 the tax
rates for individuals are 18% and 32%.

Annual income


up to 3091 PLN


3091-85.528 PLN


over 85.528 PLN


Take into account any:

tax allowances
deductions you are entitled to for certain types of expenditure.

When and how do you pay?

Your employer deducts income tax and social-security contributions from
your salary. After the tax year, you must file an annual return by 30 April.
If your salary is your only source of income and you submit a special form
to your employer, you are not obliged to file an annual tax return.
How to appeal / complain
If you disagree with your tax assessment, you can appeal to the director of
the tax chamber. If your appeal is rejected, you may take your case to the
administrative court.
Read your tax assessment letter carefully to find out exactly which
department you should send your appeal to, which time limits apply and
which procedures you need to follow.

Own business 1st step

Registration in the City Hall or Mayor Office
Application form
Company and owner name
Address of the owner and company
Type of activities according to the Polish Classification of
Expected date of starting activities

Fee 100 z (~23,6 )

Waiting period till 10 working days
You can apply for REGON and NIP at City Hall or
Mayor Office or do it yourself
You can apply for free of charge registration

Own business step 2

REGON information system considering
running business
Apply in Regional Statistical Office
Within 14 days from receiving registration certificate
Must bring ID and registration certificate

Own business step 3

Tax Office registration

NIP (number of personal tax identification)

Application NIP-1
Copy of registration certificate
Copy of REGON decision
VAT registration 170 PLN (40,2 ) your choice if
incomes > 10.000 its obligatory to apply

Own business last steps

Own / company seal

Bank account
Social Insurance Office (ZUS)
If catering SANEPID (district
sanitary - epidemiological office)
National Work Inspection if hired

Cost of living

Bread 4 PLN ~ 1
Butter 4 PLN ~ 1
Yogurt 2 PLN ~ 0,50
1,5 l water 2 PLN ~ 0,50
1 l orange juice 4 PLN ~ 1
1 kg ham 30 PLN ~ 7
1 beer 3 - 10 PLN ~ 0,70 - 2,35
Cinema ticket 24 PLN ~ 6

Airports in Poland

Polish Railways PKP -
Polish Coaches/Bus service
PKS - Only in Polish
Eurolines -
Rent a car

Hotels and accommodation

Emergency phone numbers

Police 997
Ambulance 999
Fire Brigade 998

Important websites
in Poland

Information about Poland:

President of the Republic of Poland:
Polish legal service:
Ministry of Labour and Social Policy:
Ministry of Justice:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
Ministry of Health:
Poland company browser (company directory Panorama

What should you do to find good job in Poland?

Avoid agents work they offer could be illegal!

Check employer: EURES, labour offices, City Hall, Embassies,

Chambers etc

Learn Polish or at least try to find mulitculture/language company

Protect yourself - Typical before you go extra money,

accomodation, how to get etc

Good CV, references, certificates also scanned!

What should you do to find good workers in


Cooperate with Eures in

Poland to have:

job interviews, meetings,

initial screening done

Organize language courses for

future employees.

Create working teams with at

least one foreign language
speaking Pole.

Help with accommodation

and daily problems to make
them trust you and work


Try to find employees

yourself as it might be
difficult and time consuming
(language, emotional

Change the contract

conditions for the worse
Poles will feel cheated

Be reliable, enduring
and punctual

I do recommend PES/EURES services for

several reasons:
Firstly, we are experienced.
Secondly, we have efficient and well organized
infrastructure and procedures.
You dont pay for our services.

Thank you for your attention

Marcin Lewko
EURES Adviser
Wojewdzki Urzd Pracy w Poznaniu
/Regional Labour Office in Pozna
tel.+48 61 846 38 08
fax +48 61 846 38 20