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A Doctoral Thesis Entitled :

A Study on Branding of B Schools

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For the award of Degree of Doctor of Philosophy

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Branding has a long history, both in India

and around the world. The word brand is
derived from the word brandr, a word used by
early Norse tribesmen meaning to burn, as
in branding livestock to declare ownership.
Ancient people around the world used marks
to identify and classify objects for some of the
same reasons that motivate the use of
trademarks today.

The Meaning of Brands

A brand is a complex concept and many

different definitions have been put forward
that reflect this complexity. Some of the
most widely quoted definitions are:
A name, term, sign, symbol or any
other feature that identifies one
sellers goods or service as distinct
from those of others sellers.
A brand is a mixture of attributes,
tangible and intangible, symbolized in
a trademark, which, if managed
properly, create value and influence.

Rationale behind Study

This study aims to examine the factors responsible for Branding of B
Schools. In this broader framework, keeping in view the available
literature on the subject, the present study is designed with the
following objectives;
To study the history and relevance of Branding in academic Institutions in general
and B schools in specific.
To study the process of Brand Building.
To study the factors responsible for Brand Building. At B Schools.
To analyze the key success factors of high brand equity of selected B Schools.
To establish the prototype process of brand building of B Schools.

This study has also tried to study in detail the

role & relevance of : Students perception about placements, a good

infrastructure and amenities, industry interface &

an intellectual capital of faculties of a B School.
Academicians of Academic Institution/B Schools
perception about placements, a good
infrastructure and amenities, industry interface
& an intellectual capital of faculties of a B
Human Resources Managers perception about
these B schools & their criteria to select these
institution for Campus Recruitments.


Size of sample

200 ( Judgemental )


50 ( Zonal Clusters )

Industry HR Professionals

50 (Judgemental- Personal Interview )

Managing Body/Policy Maker

50 (Judgemental -Personal Interview)



Actual Tab in Response


200 ( Judgemental )


50 ( Zonal Clusters )

Industry HR Professionals

50 ( Judgemental-Personal Interview )

Managing Body/Policy Makers

25 (Judgemental -Personal Interview)



Assuming all the rating preferences are

normally distributed, We can conduct a

Kruskal Wallis (H Test), to test the
homogeneity/ variability between the
different perceptions.
This is a nonparametric test which is an
alternative to the single factor( one-way)
ANOVA. Another reason for applying this test
is because the two perceptions of students
and faculties are similar but the third
perception of HR is different.

With the economic growth of India, the pattern of education has

changed and now there is a tendency among the graduates to opt

for MBA degree instead of going for M.Com or other allied
Many B Schools are able to stand erect and create their own
brand for MBA education without any affiliation from concerned
government agencies e.g. IBS Hyderabad executive MBA degree.
The Infrastructure of B Schools has played a major role in
creating their Brand. This has given the direct impact in the
perception of the students and other stake holders.
infrastructure of new B Schools has matched with International
The Governance of the B School has played a major role in
Branding of B Schools. The financial strength, compliance of
governing body norms, accreditation with NBA and International
accreditation agencies has given the B Schools a trust and clear
visibility of the Brand.

The Intellectual Capital plays a major role in giving the

students and recruiters the satisfaction. It also helps the B

School to talk high about their teaching pedagogy.
MDPs conducted by the B School helps them to create
themselves as a brand. Also, the industry creates a trust in
the Brand of the B School and finally helps the institute for
placements and strengthen the Brand of the B School.
Many top B Schools keep on strengthening their Internal
Business Process through sound Intellectual Capital, World
class Infrastructure, Sound Alumni Network, MDPs and
Seminar etc., and become a Brand and attract good quality
of students every year.
The Seminars also play an important role in the Branding of
B Schools as they give visibility of the brand to the
Industry Institute Interaction is one of the important
ingredients for the Branding of B Schools. Through this
mode the B Schools are able to show case their talent to
the industry very effectively. It enriches their Brand value.

One of the Director in Central Zone, has very strong observation since

many years and expressed that whenever the Sensex remains high
the B Schools face the problem in admissions mainly because most of
the companies pick up the students after graduation itself and
students willing for Management course goes down as they have the
options available in the market to join for the job without Management
degree. Similarly, he expressed that as and when the market is low,
the B Schools are filled their seats easily with good donations.
Faculties of North Zone especially from MDI Gurgaon and Indian

Institute of Foreign Trade Delhi expressed that their core competency

is MDPs and their faculties remain occupied through out the year with
lot of MDPs. It also builds up the financial strength of the Institute.

Central Zone B Schools expressed their core competency in quality

education with more focus on competing the curriculum in time and in


One of the Director of West Zone B School, expressed the in todays

time the students need only exposure and placements. In this

competitive era only those Institute are going to remain vibrant those
can give lot of exposure to students and finally campus placement.

The faculties from southern region B Schools emphasised on ethical

and spiritual values along with management education as one of the

important factor in present time.

The faculties from Eastern region emphasised that for management

students, research and use of statistical tool is very important. In

addition, they emphasised on lot of Brand Building activities by the
Institute to remain vibrant.

Many of the Guardians, shown concern that they can pay high fee

subject to the popularity of the B School that means, whether it is

known at National Level.

Also some of the Parents/Guardians said they are with their children and they would admit them to the B Schools
as per their wish, i.e., whatever their child feels good as a B School.

Majority of students feels that the Campus Placement as one of their requirement along with good academic

Many of the students shown concern about the Play Ground and sports facilities available in the Campus.

Many of the students felt that the quality and background of the faculties as important factor.

A majority of students said that they take referral from their friends and senior students to decide their preferences
about the brand of B School.

Quite small No. of students feel placement is not important factor, they want to learn management to run their
family business.

Some of the management of B Schools feel that Research Activities by faculties and quality education is
important for the Branding of B Schools. They feel a good infrastructure can attract the student and can make
their B Schools as good Brand.

The HR professionals feel concerned about quality faculty and relevant curriculum at the B Schools. They find it
difficult selecting the B Schools for Campus Placement as the quality is deteriorating.

Key Result Areas (KRAs) for Branding of B

Intellectual Capital
Admissions & Placements
Industry Interface
Infrastructure & Academic Environment
Research & Development
Stake Holders Satisfaction
Brand Value & Market positioning

Financial Strength
NBA Accreditation
International Accreditations
Governing Body Meetings
AICTE Compliance
University Compliance

No. of faculties
No. of faculties with PhDs.
No. of Books published by faculties.
No. of papers published in International and

National Journals.
National & International seminars and
conferences attended.

% increase in admission status and cutoff

% of students selected through Campus
Highest Salary offered
Average salary offered
International Placements

No. of MDPs conducted by the faculties

No. of Training programmes organized in

No. of industry professionals (Top Managers)
visited the Institute
Path Breaking Initiatives.

No. of Class Rooms

Hostel Facility availability
Transportation facility availability
Play ground availability (Indoor and Outdoor)
Laboratories (Computer Lab) availability
No. of Books & Journals (National &

International) availability.
Canteen facility.

No. of Consultancy projects handled by the

No. of research projects handled by the
No. of patents developed.

No. of Audit of faculty satisfaction.

No. of Audit of student satisfaction.
No. of audit of recruiters perception and


Any Brand Mantra of the Institute

No. of advertisements, write-ups published in

B Magazines
Participation in B Schools rating done by
Independent National & International
Benchmarking of B School at regional,
National and International level.

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