Submitted By K.VINOTH JOHN RAJ (Electronics and Communication Department) Udaya School of Engineering

• The aim of the project is to control the devices through SMS and to display the current values of temperature, pressure, humidity in LCD using sensors. According to the sensor’s value the microcontroller controls the device automatically.

Our project is having 5 processes 1.Monitoring The three sensors are reading the present values of Temperature, Pressure, Humidity and displays in the LCD. Eg:
Temp Press Hum Temp:32 Press:45 Hum :45

2.Automatic process: Here the set point is stored in micro controller. When the sensor’s value exceeds our set point, the microcontroller controls the device automatically Eg:
Press: 71 Pres s Set point: 70 Pump

3.Sending SMS: When the Sensor’s value exceeds our set point the micro controller automatically sends sms to the operator’s mobile. Eg
Temp: 71 Temp. Exeeds To 71


Set point : 70

4. Controlling process: The operator can change the set point by sending SMS by his mobile. Eg:
Set point: 70 New setpoint:85

Setpoin t :85

5.Controlling the devices: The operator can control the devices which can be connected in micro controller by sending sms. Eg: ----Micro controller Heate r: Off


6. Maintaining the process: By sending two set points(upper and lower) through sms we can maintain the process between the two set points. It is not included in this project.

Block Diagram:




8051 8 bit controller: The P89C51RD2BN contains a non volatile flash
program memory that is both parallel programmable and In-system and In-application programmable. download code while the microcontroller sits application. controller fetches new program code and reprograms itself while in the system in

 In-system programming allows the user to

 In-application programming means that micro

This microcontroller receives the current values from three sensors(Temp,Press,Humid) and stored in memory. The microcontroller converts this digital value into ASCII code and gives to LCD display. The sensor’s values are compared with the setpoint which is stored in memory. When this value exceeds this set point the microcontroller sends alert SMS to Operator’s mobile. The Operator’s mobile number is stored in microcontroller. When the new setpoint is given by operator the microcontroller deletes the old set point and stores the new set point. The microcontroller can accept other controlling commands from operator. According to the command the microcontroller controls the device.

Sensors are used to sense the values such as temperature, pressure, humidity, touch-sensitive sensor,light intensity sensor etc. A sensor is a device that measures a physical quantity and converts it into a signal which can be read by an observer or by an instrument. For accuracy, all sensors need to be calibrated against known standards. Applications include Air conditioner, cars, aerospace, medical instruments, manufacturing and robotics, heater.


Pressure sensor

Pressure sensor(HRS4H-S-DCR):• The pressure sensor measures the
atmospheric pressure and generates a voltage proportional to the air pressure. The higher the air pressure higher the voltage.

• An equation is provided by the manufacturer:
V = 5.0(0.009P 0.095) V is the voltage and P is the air pressure in kilopascals. mechanical, chemical industries.

• The applications include automobile,

Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor(LM35)

The LM35 series are precision integrated circuit temperature sensors. The o/p voltage is linearly proportional to celsius temperature. It can be used by single power supply or plus and minus supplies.It has very low self heating less than 0.1C. Operating voltage 4 to 30 volts Sensing range -55C to +150C 0.5C accuracy guaranteeble

Humidity Sensor

Humidity Sensor(SY-HS-220)

A humidity sensor measures the humidity level by measuring the change in the resistance of an element or the change in the electrostatic capacity of that element as it absorbs or releases moisture. The o/p voltage is linearly inversely proportional to humidity.It is used in Air conditioner, Weather forecast, Humidity chamber. Operating voltage 5V Operating Temperature 0 to 60 C Output voltage 0 to 3.3V 5% accuracy guaranteeble


connection to P3.0 230V AC


A relay is a simple electromechanical switch made up of an electromagnet and a set of contacts. When the supply voltage is given to the coil is magnetized and closes the switch. It causes short circuit. When no supply voltage is given the coil is not magnetized and the switch is not closed. It causes for open circuit.


ADC 0809:



It is the abbreviation of liquid crystal display. LCD is an electronically-modulated optical device shaped into a thin, flat panel made up of any number of color or monochrome pixels filled with liquid crystals and arrayed in front of a light source (backlight) or reflector. It is often utilized in battery-powered electronic devices because it uses very small amounts of electric power.


12v AC

GSM Modem
• Global system for mobile communication is a globally
accepted standards for digital cellular communication.

• The Gsm network is divided into three major systems:

the switching system(ss), the base station system(Bss),and the operation and support system(Oss). achieved through Max232, and are connected by RS232

• The communication between Gsm and controller is


► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ►

void Compare_Range(void) { unsigned char dummy; if ((TEMP_SET_VALUE < Temperature)&& (Temp_Status==ON)) { Temp_Bulb = 0; Temp_Status = OFF; dummy = (Temperature/10); Temp[0]= (dummy+0x30); dummy = (Temperature%10); // Second digit Temp[1]= (dummy+0x30); // second digit ascii strcpy(alert_string,"\n\rTemp Max Alert: "); strncat(alert_string,Temp,2); GSM_Send_Msg(alert_string); }

          

if ((HUMID_SET_VALUE < Humidity) && (Humid_Status==ON)) { Humid_Bulb = 0; Humid_Status = OFF; dummy = (Humidity/10); Humid[0]= (dummy+0x30); dummy = (Humidity%10); // Second digit Humid[1]= (dummy+0x30); // second digit ascii strcpy(alert_string,"\n\rHumidity Max Alert: "); strncat(alert_string,Humid,2); GSM_Send_Msg(alert_string);


if ((PRESS_SET_VALUE < Pressure) && (Press_Status==ON))  {  Press_Bulb = 0;  Press_Status = OFF;

         }

dummy = (Pressure/10); Press[0]= (dummy+0x30); dummy = (Pressure%10); // Second digit Press[1]= (dummy+0x30); // second digit ascii strcpy(alert_string,"\n\rPressure Max Alert: "); strncat(alert_string,Press,2); GSM_Send_Msg(alert_string); }

Components Used: GSM modem : 1. Controller : P89C51RD2BN Tool : Keil IDE. ADC : 4 Channels. LEDs : Red . MAX232 Driver : 2. Power Supply Unit. Software Used: Operating system Programming Language IDE

: windows : Embedded C : Keil


The operator can do the controlling process from anywhere in the world. The operator can get acknowledgement for every sms. The operator can get sms from the controller. result of the process though So operator can know the his mobile.

The sms can be sent to number of persons as our need. The operator can use any sim card to send sms as well in Gsm modem we can use any sim card. For security purpose we can add code with the sms.


During network problem we have to go for manual operation. We have to spend money for each sms. This process takes little more time than other wireless control process.

       

It can be used in industries It can be used in factories, laboratories It can be used in medical fields It can be used in home appliances also Reducing vehicle theft Reducing smuggling in vehicles Current billing and current cut Automatic control for transformer


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