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15 minutes
Learn the basics about
Twitter in 1S minutes!
15 minutes
Twitter is a service for people to communicate and
stay connected through the exchange of quick,
frequent messages. These messages are posted to
your profile or your blog, sent to your followers, and
are searchable on Twitter search.
Twitter lets users engage in conversations with other
users in 140 characters or less.
Whot |s Iw|tter?
15 minutes
os|c Ierms
Tweet #osting a message to Twitter
@ + name The command which allows tweets to be
sent, proceeds username (i.e. @journchat)
Following You choose to receive someone's updates
Followers #eople who choose to receive your updates
Direct Nessage #rivate message sent between two people
Block #reventing someone from reading your
Favorites A public area to save your favorite tweets
Fail Whale When too many people are tweeting!
Hashtag The # next to a word allows for conversation
tracking (#tweetup)
Tweetup A face·to·face gathering of those who tweet
15 minutes
our User !D = 1S characters
·ake your !D easy to remember
·#referably your name, brand or something you want
associated with YOU
·You've only got 140 characters, use them wisely
·Check the availability of your username across multiple
platforms (
EXA#E:@skydiver, @savvyauntie, @nancyloo
4:r Iw|tter ID
15 minutes
1. Who are you?
655ect69 k56ws a l6; 6f pe6ple
Mave5 ;9us;ed expe9; wh6 seeks ;6 pass
k56wledge al65g
5alesma5 cha9isma;ic pe6ple wi;h p6we9ful
5eg6;ia;i65 skills
. Who do you want to communicate with?
lie5;s, like·mi5ded pe6ple, f9ie5ds, e;0.
3. What are you looking to gain?
!509eased b9a5d visibili;y, build a la9ge 5e;w69k, e;0.
$tort the c43;ersot|43
15 minutes
44w ||rst
· ind people to follow
· 5ay hello
· Read the bio of those who follow you
· Decide who you want to follow back
· 5hare your knowledge
· #romote others and interact
· Ask questions
15 minutes
I|ps |4r e3o|3
· Add your Twitter !D to your email signature, website
and resume
· Download a Twitter application for your Blackberry
or i#hone
· 5end an email to friends, family and co·workers with your Twitter
!D and see if they are on Twitter
· Embed a Twitter widget on your blog or website
· 5tart a hashtag
· ]oin a hashtag
· #ut together R55 feeds for your favorite topics on Twitter
· When you comment on blog posts, include your Twitter !D
· Add your Twitter !D to your acebook and inked!n accounts
15 minutes
· Conserve 5pace: 5horten your URs
· http://tiny.url
· Applications
· Resources
15 minutes
#emember: there ore 34 r:esI

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