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1. Which of the following is NOT an

example of an organization?

a) the Catholic Church

b) a family
c) Microsoft
d) they are all examples of

D. They are all examples of organizations

2. In hierarchically-structured
organizations, communication between
peers is called:

a) downward communication
b) horizontal communication
c) upward communication
d) diagonal communication

b) horizontal communication

3. Of the following information-seeking tactics

new employees use when assimilating to an
organizational culture, which is a passive
a) questioning third parties
b) testing limits
c) observing
d) all of the above

c) observing

4. You are planning to give a speech

about drunk driving prevention. What are
some ways you can appeal to pathos?
a) Give statistics about drunk driving related deaths
b) Tell stories about people who have died because
of drunk drivers
c) Show pictures of accidents related to drunk
d) A & C
e) B & C

e) B & C


According to scientists at the Center for Disease

Control, you should avoid large crowds during the flu
epidemic. This statement stresses which artistic proof
to convince its audience?

A. Logos
B. Pathos
C. Ethos
C. Ethos

6. War protestors Brains not bombs

and PETAs Kentucky Fried Cruelty
slogans are examples of what function
of rhetoric:

Forensic rhetoric
Public sphere rhetoric
Deliberative rhetoric
Social change rhetoric
Ethical rhetoric

c) Social change rhetoric

7. Aristotle said that logos is the most

important of the three artistic proofs.
a) True
b) False
b) False

8. Pardon me, I seem to have lost my

phone number; could I borrow yours? is
an example of what type of opening line?

A) Direct
B) Cute-flippant
C) Innocuous
B) Cute-flippant

9. Most flirting occurs verbally.

A. True
B. False

B. False

10. Which of the couple types report they

are the most satisfied?

A) Traditionals
B) Independents
C) Separates
Traditional males/separate females

A) Traditionals

11. Seeking media that confirm ones

beliefs and attitudes is called uses and
a) true
b) false

12. The three times rule refers to the

fact that couples should have three times
more positive than negative behaviors in
their relationships.
a) true
b) false

b) false

13. Who is more likely to engage in mate


A. Women
B. Men
C. Neither; men and women are equally likely
to engage in mate poaching.
A. Women

14. ______ describes supervisors who are

willing to share their ideas as well as listen to
others in a way that avoids conveying
negative or disconfirming feedback.

a) openness
b) encouragement
c) motivation
d) empowerment

a) openness


You pledged a fraternity/sorority this year. After

the initiation processes, you came to find
yourself deeply committed to the organization.
You believe in its goals, philosophies and values,
and cant really picture yourself not belonging to
that organization. You may be experiencing:


Organizational Assimilation
Organizational Identification
Semantic-information distance

b) Organizational Identification

16. The term new social contract refers to the fact

that both employers and employees expect themselves
and the other party to feel a strong sense of loyalty.

A. True
B. False
B. False

17. When managers are told to treat their

employees fairly and humanely but also told

that they must meet production deadlines,
they suffer from _______
a) stress
b) emotion labor
c) burnout
d) role conflict
d) role conflict

18. According to media studies research,

we know that exposure to violent media
affects on
a) allnegative
age groups
b) adolescents
c) children under eight
d) toddlers
c) children under eight

19. Every morning, Mary checks her email to see if any of her
family and friends back home sent her a message. At night,
she watches shows like Iron Chef and Rachael Ray because
she thinks they are entertaining and because she, too, wants to
become a chef. Marys media use is an example of?

a) Media Violence
b) Cultivation Theory
c) Uses and Gratifications
d)Selective Exposure
c) Uses and Gratifications

20. About 50% of U.S. employees experience

workplace bullying at some point during
their careers.

a) True
b) False

b) False

21. Forensic rhetoric refers to rhetoric that

occurs within the courts.

A. True
B. False
B. False

22. Men are more likely than women to be defensive.

A. True
B. False

A. True

23. People who believe that the world is more violent

than it really is typically do so because of

Selective exposure
Media agenda setting
Media cultivation
Uses and gratification

C. Media cultivation

24. Production is an example of an

A. Organizational structure
B. Organizational communication flow
C. Organizational function
C. Organizational function