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The Pop Art Renaissance
The Pop Art Renaissance
A Renaissance is known as the “revival of
intellectual or artistic achievement .“ In this case
pop art has been revived from the mid 30’s.
During World War II, many artist captured war
times using art. Pin up girls, super heroes, horror
stories, war stories and science fiction grew in
popularity during these times. Now these stories
are being rewritten by new writers. The comic
books have different artists and writers now, but
the characters and their mission has remained
virtually unchanged. Currently, we are
experiencing the pop art renaissance and the
combination of the film industry with modern
technology. Modern films like District 9, Cloverfield,
The Matrix, Speed Racer and Avatar have raised
the bar for film making. The meaning of Art has
now changed.
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The Wonderful Minority Report
 How many of us remember the futuristic Sci-
Fi called Minority Report? Did you know that
Steven Spielberg ventured to MIT to find
futuristic technology for the film? Any one who
is fascinated by computer interface feels a bit
compelled to mention Minority Report. In the
film Tom Cruise captures the future of
computer interface. He turns computing into an
art filled with hand gestures and body
movement that allows him to be completely in
control of the data that he is searching thru.
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The Minority Report Effect
The Star Trek Voyage Begins!
 Many people will never forget the Star
Trek series. It has embedded itself into pop
culture. As kids they dreamed of using the
technology that was displayed in the Star
Trek series. As kids they never imagined that
the technology could really be made. The
Star Trek franchise was revived when the
2008 J.J. Abrams film, Star Trek film hit
theaters. There are alterations to the
characteristics of the characters that
audiences haven’t been exposed to.
Renaiss Art Pop Art ance
ance Renaiss
The struggle between Pre-
Renaissance and the Renaissance
Many fans claim that
we are not experiencing a
Pop Art Renaissance.
They cling to the past and
fear the feature of pop art.
Take Superman, for
example--many say that
the Renaissance artists
and writers of today have
altered Joe Schuster and
Jerry Siegel's creation so
much that it is “no longer
What are the most valued of comic
 Here’s a list of the TOP 10 most valuable
comic books, if they are in near mint condition
at a 9.4:
1) 9.4 Action Comics 1= $1,390,000
2) 9.4 Detective Comics 27= $1,380,000
3) 9.4 Superman 1= $671,000
4) 9.4 All-American Comics 16= $430,000
5) 9.4 Detective Comics 1= $405,000
6) 9.4 Marvel Comics 1= $367,000
7) 9.4 Batman 1 = $359,000
8) 9.4 More Fun Comics 52= $316,000
9) 9.4 Flash Comics 1= $289,000
10)9.4 Amazing Fantasy 15= $280,000
The Golden Age
 The Golden Age is a time period that is
often referred to by comic book enthusiasts.
The Golden Age lasted from about the early
1940’s to late 1950’s. During the Golden Age
popular characters like The Batman, Wonder
woman, Superman, Captain America, Green
Lantern, Flash and the Submariner
1st appeared in comic books. Many Golden
Age comic books are amongst the most
highly valued comic books of all. For
example, if you sold the 1st appearance of
Superman you could earn about $1.5 million.
Silver Age Comics
The Silver Age
 The Silver Age is a time period that is also
referred to by comic book enthusiasts, but it’s
closer to the Modern Age. The Silver Age
lasted from about the early 1960’s to mid
1980’s. During the Silver Age popular
characters like The Fantastic Four,
Spiderman, Thor, The Avengers, Daredevil,
Punisher and the X men 1st appeared in
comic books after the Comics Code Authority
became required. The early Silver Age comic
books are also amongst the most highly
valued comic books of all, but the are not as
valued as Bronze Age comics.
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Lets P
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Here’s how it will work:

- We will give you a trivia question about comic
book history or a topic relating to pop art. See if
you can answer the question

-If you can’t answer in 20 seconds another
classmates gets to answer.

Movies Silver Age Artists Origins

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Which item conferred superhuman
powers on engineer, Alan Scott?

A. necklace
B. ring
C. wig
D. bracelet
B. ring
Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben all
became superheroes following an
extraterrestrial experience. What did
they encounter in space?

A. Cosmic ray storm
B. ion shower
C. antimatter particle cloud
D. dark matter rays
A. cosmic ray storm
In Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer,
who was silver surfer serving?
Galactus: “The devourer of
Out of these actors, which one
claims to never have read a
comic book from their character?
Tobey Maguire
In the, The Watchmen, what was the name
of the hero who was murdered? What was
the hero’s relationship to Silk Spectre?
What was Ozymandias’ plan? Who was
President at that time? What represented
the end of the world in the film?
The Comedian was murdered.
He was Silk Spectre’s father.
Ozymandiaswanted to use Dr.
Manhattan’s powers in order to
wipe out humanity. President
Nixon had been elected for a
third term. The Doomsday clock
represented the end of the
What Superhero group did Nick
Fury organize? What film did
Samuel Jackson appear in as
Nick Fury? Who is the leader of
this group?
Nick Fury created the Avengers,
which is made of Captain
America, Iron man, Hulk, Thor,
Ant man, wasp. Captain
America leads this group. Nick
Fury appears in Iron Man.
Who created Batman? What
comic book line did Batman
appear in? When did he
Created by Bob Kane. Batman
appeared in Detective comics
#27 in 1939.
What comic book company was
Jack Kirby originally affiliated
with? Why did he leave this
company and where did he go?
At the new company how
successful was he? What
character did he struggle to
Jack Kirby and Stan Lee worked
together at Marvel comics and were
highly successful. Kirby left Marvel
because Marvel did not let him have
any rights to his own character
creations. So he went to DC, where he
was highly successful. He created
many comic book stories and was very
happy. He was a great artist but
struggled with sketching Superman’s
face, while at DC.
What was the name of the artist
who drew Spawn.
Todd McFarlane
What was the name of Captain
America’s original creator?
Joe Simon
What was the name of the comic
book line where Wonder woman
1 appeared? Why did
Wonderwoman appeal to so
many people?
Sensation Comics:
Wonderwoman was highly
influential. Comic books were
dominated by male heroes
during the silver age. When
young girls learned about
Wonderwoman, they finally had
a popular heroine to look up to.
Why is this issue of Daredevil so
significant to Daredevil’s origin?
Is the 1st issue that DD deserts
his yellow costume for his red
one. He doesn’t go back to his
original costume after this
Daredevil #7
Name the
character who
appears on this
early issue of
Fantastic Four
and is trying to
Sue? Who does
he hate most?
Namor: The Submariner.

He hates earth dwellers for their
disregard of aquatic life.
What is the name of the
Edinboro professor who makes
large murals out of gumballs that
appeared on Ripley’s Believe It
or Not?
Franz Spohn
Who is Andy Warhol?
Andy Warhol is famous Pop
Artist that is known for colorful
images, art prints and distorted
What was the name of Peter
Parker’s 1 love interest? What
happened to her?
Gwen Stacy was Peter’s 1st love
interest before Mary Jane.
Unfortunately, Gwen was
murdered by the Green Goblin
and Spiderman failed to save
her in Amazing Spiderman
What was the name of Captain
America’s sidekick? What
happened to him?
Bucky Barnes accompanied Cap
on many adventures during
WWII. Bucky died in WWII while
trying to disarm a nuclear
warhead that was headed
towards America. The nuke was
launched by the nefarious Baron
What was the name of the artist
who drew these famous cover?
Jim Steranko
What was the original color of
the incredible hulk?
Gray due to printing limitations
In Minority Report how did Steven
Spielberg create the computer
interface used by the pre crime
Went to MIT and worked with
John Underkoffler in order to
create the virtual computer room
What two movies is Frank Miller
best known for?
300 and Sin City
Arthur Curry is said to have
inherited his superhuman aquatic
abilities from his mother. Which city
did he come from?

A. Lyonese
B. Pasifika
C. Atlantis
D. Lemuria
C. Atlantis
Which Goddess was it who
originally bestowed superhuman
powers to Princess Diana of the

A. Juno
B. Goddess of Battle
C. Aphrodite
D. Isis
C. Aphrodite
He’s technically an alien. His super
powers are said to come partly from
Earth’s yellow Sun. Which planet
did he originally come from?

A. Krypton
B. Radon
C. Xenon
D. Planet Vulcan
A. Krypton
Steve Rogers was a weakling
until the U.S. Army made him a
superhero. What did they give
him, that gave him his powers?

A. Genetically altered serum
B. Injected nanobots
C. Super Soldier drink
D. Super Soldier Serum
D. Super Soldier Serum
Peter Parker became a
superhero when he was bitten
by an arthropod. Which specific
creature bit him?

A. Poisionous Spider
B. Radioactive arachnid
C. Mutant beetle
D. Radioactive centipede
B. Radioactive Arachnid
In The Dark Knight, what was
the name of the place where
Gotham’s criminally insane were
Arkham Asylum
Is known as the movie trilogy
that started slow motion action
The Matrix Trilogy by The
Wachowski Brothers