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European Organization for Nuclear Research

Learning and Working
Queen’s University Belfast
15 February 2010

Mike Barnes, Technology Department
Seamus Hegarty, Human Resources Department
Human Resources Department

An Aerial View of CERN
Lake Geneva



Human Resources Department

distribute and analyze enormous quantities of data generated by detectors Human Resources Department https://ert.  The Tools 1. Computers: To . Accelerators: Powerful machines capable of accelerating particles to very high energies before being collided with other particles 2. store. Detectors: Gigantic instruments that record particle collisions 3. .?? H 2004: The 20 member states Human Resources Department https://ert.

LHC Accelerator & Experiments One of the fastest circuits on the planet .ch Human Resources Department https://ert..

ATLAS: as tall as a 5-storey building Human Resources Department .

CMS: heavier than the Eiffel Tower Human Resources Department .cern.

ch .cern.ALICE: the ultra-sensitive eye Human Resources Department https://ert. .LHCb: the asymmetrical Human Resources Department https://ert. .Technology at CERN • Computing/IT • Vacuum & cryogenics • Electronics • Electricity • Magnets • Mechanics • Material Science • Radiofrequency • Control Systems Human Resources Department https://ert.

ch . etc.Administrators. secretaries.Representing 570 universities and over 60 nationalities •Students’ first experience of an international laboratory .150 summer students Human Resources Department https://ert. 2500 people .cern.210 technical and doctoral students .000 visiting scientists come to CERN for their research . technicians .Who works at CERN ? • CERN employs approx.Physicists. engineers. •Some 10. .UK nationals at CERN Human Resources Department https://ert.

A unique work environment • Forefront of technology and physics • Multicultural and multidisciplinary teams • Supervision by experts in their technical domain • A dynamic environment with training opportunities • An opportunity to make valuable and long-lasting contacts from all over Europe • A bilingual organization (English and French) Human Resources Department . Lawyer Physicist .Careers at CERN Computing Engineer Machine Operator Technical Engineer (Electricity) Electronics Engineer Translator Scientific Information Specialist Radiation Protection Engineer Firefighter Administrative Assistant Mechanical Engineer Human Resources Department Vacuum Technician https://ert.

Life at CERN Diversity Human Resources Department Equity Collaboration .

Working and Learning at CERN • Students • Graduates • Staff Human Resources Department .cern.

Eligibility Programme Technical Students 18 months of technical undergraduate studies Summer Students 3 years of full-time studies at university level Short-term Students Full-time student at undergraduate level Doctoral Students You are or will be enrolled in a doctoral programme in a member state university Fellows MSc or PhD no more than 10 years’ relevant experience (after MSc) Marie Curie Fellows MSc or PhD ≤5 years post degree experience Human Resources Department .

October • Doctoral Student programme - March.Application Deadlines • Summer Student programme - End of January / Beginning of February • Technical Student programme - March. October • Fellowship programme - Human Resources Department September For information on the enrolment dates. .cern. August. please see www.

Operations and Maintenance. Design. Production.Staff Are you ready to work in an exciting multidisciplinary and multicultural environment? Activities: Eligibility: Features: ranging through the phases of Research and from apprenticeship to post-doc -attractive employment conditions -usually 5 year contract -relocation expenses -technical training -language courses -mentorship for new recruits Human Resources Department . » . Computing Engineer Human Resources Department . Student at CERN in electronics « The best summer of my life! » .What do they think of working at CERN? « It's a unique experience for a better understanding of the world of Particle and Nuclear Physics. Summer student « When I visited CERN during the open days. I'm very glad to have had this opportunity. I knew it was the employer of my dreams and I wasn’t disappointed! » .

ch .ch/jobs Human Resources Department https://ert.Find out more! It’s easy on the web… . computing 6 to 12 months 18 months of technical undergraduate studies Technical project with a CERN supervisor Living allowance Technical Students Are you looking for a practical training period or a place to do your final project? Fields: Length: Eligibility: Features: Human Resources Department applied physics. . during the summer three years of full-time studies at university level High-quality lecture programme Visits and workshops Living allowance https://ert.Students Summer Students Would you like to join in the day-to-day work of a research team? Fields: Length: Eligibility: Features: Human Resources Department applied physics. engineering. computing 8 to 13 weeks.

Students Short-term Students Are you an undergraduate student looking for a short practical training period? Fields: administration Length: Eligibility: Features: Human Resources Department applied .cern. computing. less than 5 months full-time student at undergraduate level unpaid training period https://ert. engineering.

D. thesis Co-supervised by the university thesis advisor and a CERN staff member Living allowance leading to a Ph.Graduates Doctoral Students Would you like to spend 2 years of your doctoral thesis at CERN? Fields: Length: Eligibility: Features: Human Resources Department applied physics. . computing 2 years You are or will be enrolled in a doctoral programme in a member state university A technical project.

cern. scientific communication 2 years BSc. social .Graduates Fellows Are you a young university graduate looking for one or two years in an international environment at the forefront of research? Fields: Length: Eligibility: Features: Human Resources Department physics. MSc or PhD no more than 10 years relevant experience (after MSc) A project with a supervisor Employment contract with CERN Salary. computing. engineering. allowances https://ert.

cern.Graduates Marie Curie Fellows Young university graduate with up to 5 years’ post-MSc experience? Fields : . bio-medical Length : up to 3 years Eligibility : MSc or PhD ≤5 years post-degree experience Features : Funded by the European Commission A project with a supervisor International network Employment contract with CERN Attractive salary. engineering. allowances Few nationality limitations! Human Resources Department https://ert. social benefits. computing.