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Skills of a Leader

Discussion Paper
S K Jaiswal
20th Nov 2011

Research into Leadership

Based Skills and validation of
leadership approaches:

◦ Pharma, Principals, Engineers, Nurses, Medics, Ethnic
◦ Are there generic leadership skills?

Approach based skills

◦ Each approach defines its own set of skills
◦ Need to define a competency model first and
then identify the skills required?

Based Leadership skills

◦ Leadership Pipeline as defined by Ram Charan
◦ Prepare a hierarchy of skills required at each

Other issues in Leadership

Environmental factors
Individual Traits
Maturity and development of
Neuro-science based skills
Psychology based issues:

◦ Personalities, e.g. MBTI personality types
◦ Positive Psychology- Seligman
◦ Emotional Intelligence based.

Difference between a Skill and a

terms "skills" and "competencies"
are often used interchangeably, but
they are not necessarily synonymous.
Competencies may refer to sets of
skills, but "competency" is more of an
umbrella term that also includes
behaviors and knowledge,
whereas skills are specific learned
activities that may be part of a
broader context.

Managerial Vs Leadership

Definition of Leadership
Leadership is a process whereby
an individual influences a group
of individuals to achieve a
common goal
- Northouse, 2010, p3

The Leadership Pipeline
How to Build the Leadership-Powered Company
AUTHOR: Ram Charan, Stephen Drotter, and James Noel
PUBLISHER: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
NUMBER OF PAGES: 242 pages

Basic Principle
The Leadership Pipeline model provides a framework upon
which organizations can be built while reconfiguring old ones.
At each passage a person has very specific values, compulsory
skills, and necessary time applications.

Scope and Complexity Increases

Getting results through comprehensive Enterprise
Leadership & Statesmanship.

Getting results through Business Managers.

Getting results through comprehensive business
Getting results through a function.
Getting results through managers.
Getting results through others.
Getting results through personal effort.

Leadership Development

Based on the Leadership Pipeline: there are skill, time, and value
development needs at each “leadership turn.”
Source: The Leadership Pipeline, by Ram Charan, Stephen Drotter, and James Noel

Model Based Skills

Leadership Competencies

Leadership CompetenciesII

Leadership CompetenciesIII

Leadership competencies
- IV

Leadership competency

The Diagram below shows the Pyramid of Leadership, while the table below it explains each level in more detail: