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• New paradigm of

• Modernism
• Postmodernism
• Transmodernism
New Holistic Science
• Studies wholes and systems
• Synthesis of spirit-matter, east-west, science-
• Beyond dualism
• Acknowlegment of the Divine and spiritual
aspects of life
• The scientific study of Consciousness
• Inadequacy of Materialism: Anomalies
• Multidimensional understanding of life
• New creative solutions and visions
Can open up new vistas….
• Has our materialistic culture
arrived at a ”dead end”?
• The chrises of western culture
• The problems related to
division of science and religion
• The misuses of science and
• The activation of the human
potential through synthesis of
intellect and feeling.
• No contradictions
• The new understanding is
Authors on holistic ideas:
• James Lovelock: Gaia theory
• Fritjof Capra: Tao of Physics, Web of Life
• Peter Russell: From Science to God, studies on
• Erwin Lazlo: Science and the Akashic Field
• Deepak Chopra: Mind–Body medicine
• Larry Dossey: Infinite reaches of the mind
• Stanislav Grof: Transpersonal psychology
• Rupert Sheldrake: Telepathy, morfic fields
Holistic Institutes and
• Schumacher College, England
• Institute of Noetic Science, USA
• Club of Budapest: Global Shift University
• Arizona Institute of Santa Fe, USA
How can we find out more
• Networks of like-minded people
• Internet discussionforums
• Information publications in the Internet
• The various groups formed around specific
books and themes
• Lynne McTaggart: The Field book has inspired
the ”Living the Field” activities
• Bleep seminars, Tri Quantum-cartoons,
radiostations on the internet
Practical Transmodernism
• Spiritual networks and communities
• Seminars: Institute of Noetic Sciences
• Prophets Conference seminars in Europe
• Be the Change seminars on ethical business
• Findhorn center for alternative thinking
• Oneness University and Deeksha
• Maharishi’s TM University
• Humanitarian projects of Amma
• Ananda Marga Neohumanist projects
Masaru Emoto:
Messages from Water
• Water carries and
transmits information
• The human body
consists of 70% water
• You become what
you think!
• Music, words,
What effect does music have?
Erwin Lazlo:
Science and the Akashic Field
Lynne McTaggart:
Thomas Kuhn:
Paradigm change
Basic paradigms of physics
• The classical physics of Newton
– Idea of absolute space and time
– Matter consists of solid atoms
– Causality and machanism
• Relativity theory of Einstein
– Space and time are relative
– Space-Time continuum
– Matter=Energy
• William Tiller: Consciousness has a measurable influence
on physical reality
– Non-local paradigm Quantum physics
– Matter is mostly empty space, matter is composed of information
– Matter=Energy=Consciousness
Prayer, meditation, healing
• Scientifically proven
• Meditation changes
the physiology
• Studies of distant
healing show effects
• How do you use your regardless of method
energy? and religious or
• What’s your motive, spiritual backround
• Meditation=prayer
• Do you live and create out of
love or fear? • Healing Intention
Love beyond borders
• Religions as partial
truths of the same
• Elephant being seen
from different angles
• New understanding
and definition of God
• Freedom from
religious manipulation
Artemis Miriam Kankare
• BA Comparative Religion,
Translation studies of Russian
and English languages
• Holistic paradigm of science
• Synthesis between Science and
• Synthesis of east and west
• Golden Age University project
• Empowerment
• Interfaith dialogue
• Gift of healing with Holy Spirit
• Lightwork and prayer
• Spiritual Music of all traditions