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Personality Development

BS(CS) 3rd Semester
3rd Week
Scope Of This Week

o Personality Development
o Reciprocal Influences
o Its Importance
o Understanding Self & Others
o The Effects of Society on a Person
o Issues Related to Gender
o Personality Disorders
Personality Development
“Personality is to a man what perfume is to a flower”
Charles M. Schwab

Moving From:

o Dependence to Self-Direction
o Impulsiveness to Self-control
o Ignorance to Knowledge
o Incompetence to Competence
o Self-Centered to Other-Centered
o Similarity to Dissimilarity
o Amoral to Moral
Reciprocal Influences
Our Personality Helps Us:

o Choose Different Environments

o Shape How We Interpret and React to

o Create Situations to Which We React
Reciprocal Determinism

Behavior Cognitive Factors

Understanding Self & Others

What is self?
o The total, essential, or particular being of a
person; the individual.
o The essential qualities distinguishing one
person from another; individuality.
o An individual's consciousness of his or her
own identity.
Understanding Self & Others

o Personal Control: Are We In Charge or Others?

o Locus of Control: Perception of Control

o Internal: A Person is Responsible for own Destiny
o External: Perception that Chance or Outside Forces
Determine Their Fate

o Learned Helplessness: Deepened Feelings of

1 Uncontrollable Event 2 Perceived Lack of Control
3 Generalized Helpless Behavior
o Positive Subjective Wellbeing: Feeling
Good Inside
o Positive Character: Explore & Enhance
o Creativity
o Courage
o Compassion
o Integrity
o Self-Control
o Wisdom
o Spirituality
o Positive Groups, Communities & Culture:
Physically, Socially, Psychologically Healthy
The Effects of Society
on a Person
o No ‘US’ without a ‘YOU’ or an ‘I’
o Each person gets effected by surroundings
o Also makes a difference in his/her own way
o Adapt Emotions of Those Around Us
o Nothing is ‘Perfectly Predictable’
o Systems Emerge Bottom-Up
o Each Interaction part of the Big Picture
o Nations emerge from a network of Provinces,
Districts, Communities, Neighborhoods,
Workplaces, Families, People & A Person
Issues Related to Gender
 Gender diversity
 Gender roles
 Gender agenda at work
--- Women’s access to career opportunities
--- Work and family conflicts
--- ‘Masculine’ corporate cultures
Personality Disorders
 A personality disorder is basically a set of
traits that combine to negatively affect the
 Patterns of perceiving, reacting, and relating
to other people and events that are relatively
 Impair a person's ability to function socially.
 Respond inappropriately to problems.
 Personality disorders vary in severity.