Physiology of


Oxygen Carrying System

V. Sutarmo Setiadji

4 February 2009


1. Circulatory System
- Heart
- Vasculatory system
- Arterial
- Capillary
- Venous

2. Respiratory System
- Air pathway
- Lungs
3. Blood
4 February 2009


and hormones and other chemicals.Bring the waste from cell and intercellular fluid to the excretory organs  maintain the stable conditions of the internal environment (homeostasis) Consist of: . nutrients from the digestive system. to all parts of the body .Circulating oxygen that come from respiratory system.Circulatory System Functions: .The heart and the blood vessels 4 February 2009 VSS .

kanan  a. pulmonalis  atrium kiri  ventrikel kiri  aorta  seluruh tubuh  vena kava  atrium kanan 20 Oktober 2008 VSS .Jantung berfungsi memompa darah merupakan 2 pompa yang tersusun seri  Atrium kanan  ventrikel. pulmonalis paru  v.

200920 Oktober 20 Oktober 2008 2008 VSSVSS VSS 5 . 12.Oktober .Jantung tersusun terutama dari otot jantung.

Konduktivitas 2.Sifat-sifat otot jantung 1.Oktober . Automasi 4. Kontraktilitas 3.200920 Oktober 20 Oktober 2008 2008 VSSVSS VSS 6 . Mempunyai masa refrakter yang panjang 12. Ritmisitas 5. Membentuk sinsisium 6.



Respiratory System Function: Uptake oxygen (O2) from the atmosfer and deliver CO2 to the atmosfer These function must be supported by circulatory system 4 February 2009 VSS .



Dalton's Law. .the temperature of the gas. Charles' Law. are of special importance to the diver. Boyle's Law. Five of these. and the General Gas Law. and .Gas Law The behavior of all gases is affected by three factors: .the pressure of the gas. The relationships among these three factors have been defined in what are called the Gas Laws. . Henry's Law.the volume of the gas.


From alveolus. O2 diffuse to the blood. In combination with ferrous iron atom in the (the reaction is not oxydation but oxygenatio Hb4 + O2 Hb4O2 + O2 Hb4O2 Hb4O4 Hb4O4 + O2 Hb4O6 Hb4O6 + O2 Hb4O8 14 . O2 exist in two forms: a.Transport of Oxygen 1. In the blood. 2. As a physical solution b.

Ferrous iron can bind reversibly one O Molecule by reaction of oxygenation. Heme is a complex of porphyrin and one atom of ferous iron. 15 .Haemoglobin (Hb) is a protein made up of four subunits. each of which contains a heme moiety attached to a polypeptide chain.

O2 delivery to a particular tissue depend .cardiac output .the amount of Hb in the blood 16 .1.the cardiovascular system 2.the adequacy of pulmonary gas excha .the amount of O2 in the blood  . Systems involve in the delivery of oxyge the tissues are .vascular resistance in the tiss .the affinity of the Hb for O2 .the lungs .the amount of O2 entering the lungs .the blood flow to the tissue  .the amount of dissolved O2 .

06/02/15 VSS .

Mass balance = Existing body load + Intake or metabolic production Excretion or metabolic removal .


Sel mempunyai mekanisme pertahanan dalam mempertahankan volumenya. Mekanisme pertahanan itu sering disebut: Regulatory volume decrease (RVD) Atau Regulatory volume increase (RVI) .