Internship Report
March-4 to June-30 2014
M Usman Rashid


• DRDF is a charitable, non-profitable, non-political and nongovernment organization (NGO).
• Established in 1996
• Provides a platform to create links between farmers, self
employed breed technicians, and dairy development agencies
working for the dairy sector betterment in the country.

The Dairy Project • Joint venture of USAID and DRDF Target Areas • South Punjab Time Frame • 3 Years • Partners in Project Funding • USAID • NESTLE .

Selection Followup DRDF Evaluati on Training .

Components Community Awareness AITs Training DRDF Farm Manager Training Training of WLEWs Farmer Training .

Working During Internship Follow-up Kamalia Marketing Coordinator Hasilpur Working With Silage Team Nestle Sursabz Farm .

Activities .

Follow-up Kamalia Zone .

Kamalia Zone .

Kamalia Zone (Follow up Teams) .

Team • Total 6 teams Worked in Kamalia zone • Team Name: CK-03 • Area: Kamalia. Chichawatni. Arifwala and Burewala . Sahiwal. Harapa.

Kamalia Follow-up Team CK-03 WLEWs 192 Farmers 560 .

Kamalia Zone Working status of WLEWs Team CK-03 Total No of WLEWs 192 Working 158 Non working 33 Rehabilitated 86 Kit replaced 1 .

Kamalia Zone Graphical representation: Working status of WLEWs Team CK-03 .

Income Trend of WLEWs of Model clusters of team CK-03 .

Kamalia Zone Trained farmers status Team Pk-01 Team Pk02 Team CK03 Team CK04 Total No of Farmers 534 526 560 583 Free access of water 115 108 122 119 Vaccination 380 460 350 410 De-worming 350 510 410 310 silage making 17 28 39 21 .

Kamalia Zone Graphical representation: Kamalia zone farmers status .

Activities During Follow-up • • • • • • • • • • • Individual Visits Monthly Meeting Community Meeting Interbeneficiary Meeting Motivation and Rehabilitation Farm Up-gradation/Model Farms Success Story and Reward Ceremonies Awareness Campaign Vaccination and Deworming Camps VMC exam and Kit distribution Kamalia Zone Closing Ceremony .

e. Mastitis& HS etc.Topics Discussed in Meetings (I. Group meeting. induction meetings. cluster meeting. Interbeneficiary meeting. silage demonstration and awareness meetings) • • • • • • • • • • Deworming Vaccination Health status of animal Diseases of animals like FMD. schedule Care of newborn Medicines Teat dipping Artificial insemination Record keeping Breed improvement Shed improvement ( fencing. Parasites infection Silage making Hygienic measurement about surrounding and manger Dairy Farming Technical Practices/methods Free water access to animals • • • • • • • • • • Vanda feeding to animals Seed cake discouragement Deworming & Vaccination knowledge. farmer help camps. model construction) .

Activities During Follow-up Individual visits .




Quarterly Follow-up Survey Of farmers and WLEWs • M & E survey Kamalia Zone .

Marketing Coordinator Hasilpur .

assembling. to support beneficiaries to have better access to markets II. and coordinating requirements. . and establishing contacts. order insurance and new product information. Stakeholder list. .Team • • • • Total 8 teams Worked in Hasilpur zone Team Name: Marketing and helpline team Area: Provide assistance and support to all teams as per need Working: I. III. Supports beneficiaries by providing helpline no. price list for medicine and Vanda of various companies. Plans meetings and help camps by identifying.

Support beneficiaries to have better access to markets Stakeholder list Price list for medicine and Vanda Order insurance Plan meetings and help camps Dairy Points Establishment .Activities • • • • • • • Providing helpline no.

Moza Talhar Islamnagar Dairy Islam-nagar. 1 Name village WLEW Brand Itefaq Dairy Point 151/M Noor Zehra ICI 2 Falcon Dairy Point 80/F Fatima ICI 3 Star Dairy Point 140/M Shazia Alkaram 4 Tiger Dairy Point 7/FW Asma Alkaram 5 Innovative Dairy Point 23/G 6 BFB Striver Dairy Point 441/6 R 7 Dream Dairy Point Rashida Alkaram Asghar Shaheen Alkaram Akhtar Samina Kausar Alkaram 8 9 Basti Marle. Point basti soda Rose Group Dairy Point 8/FW Jattanwala Abida bibi Alkaram Humaira Majid Alkaram . no.Dairy points (Hasilpur zone) Sr.

Dairy Point .



Working with Silage Team .

III. V. Silage nominations. VI. IV. Silage dig-out stage checking. Crop checking. Provide links for silage machine to local community .List of Activities I. silage awareness complain Silage Demonstration. Silage feeding. VII. II.

Activities .

Silage digout stage checking .


Exposure Visit Of Nestle Sursabz Farm .

Activities at the farm • • • • • • • • • Feeding Milking of animals (Milking Parlor) Teat Dipping Silage making Cleaning of sheds Agronomy of farm Biogas plant Chiller Room Machineries at Nestle farm .