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SAE India 

SOLS ’04
Chennai, India
Murli Iyer
Manager, Global Affairs
Office of the Executive Vice 
President, SAE International
October 30, 31,& Nov.1, 2004

SAE International
and SAE India
Background Information
Where are we ?
Where we want to go?
How ?


  industry. companies. and  student community involved  in mobility engineering in  India initially and then in the  ASEAN region     .SAE India’s prime objective  is to bring value to  individuals. academia.

SAE India was established as  an Affiliate society by SAE  International in 2002 after  SAE India sections proved  that they could function as a  stand alone body     .

2005 .100-year history FORD WRIGHT DURYEA CURTISS KETTERING     1905 .

Who we are •SAE is a non-profit educational and scientific organization dedicated to advancing mobility to better serve humanity. automobiles.000 SAE members from 90 countries develop technical information on all types of self-propelled vehicles. •Over 84. buses.     . and trucks. offhighway equipment. including aerospace. aircraft.

government. scientists.     . suppliers.from manufacturers. business executives. and consulting. educators. academia.Who we are Who are SAE members? They are: engineers. and students .


000+ committee members – Many R&D project partnerships     .500+ standards • Approx. 6.What we do We develop consensus standards – for Aerospace – for Automotive – for Heavy Duty – for Off-Highway Consensus standards: – 7.000 aerospace – 1.500 ground vehicle – 600 committees – 14.

What we do SAE provides lifelong engineering education opportunities. – Meetings and exhibits – Publications/knowledge products – Professional development – K-12 math & science programs – Collegiate design competitions     .

000 attendees – 30 events 5.000 pages of quality technical papers annually     Professional networking where the best minds connect .000 volunteers/60 committees Generate 20.What we do We provide lifelong engineering education in the form of Technical meetings 70.

What we do We provide lifelong engineering education in the form of Exhibits     .

What we do We provide lifelong engineering education in the form of Publications & knowledge products     .

000+ engineers annually 150 seminars. e­Learning Provides IACET CEU credits   Partnerships with higher education lead to college credit   . academies.What we do We provide lifelong engineering education in the form of Professional development Serves 2.

What we do We provide lifelong engineering education in the form of Collegiate design competitions     .

What we do SAE publications – magazines: – Aerospace Engineering – Automotive Engineering International – SAE Off-Highway Engineering Books & digital: – 20.000 new pages of technical information annually – 200 new books. CD. and web-delivered products/year     .     .What we do www.

Win-win for all Standards Networking Technical Literature Technical Conferences Problem Solving Sessions (Symposia) Leadership Skills   E N G I N E E R S New Products Cost Reduction Improved Quality Process Improvements Standards Management Skills   C O M P A N Y .

SAE Affiliate Family SAE International now has three affiliate  societies and over 90 sections within  and outside of North America SAE BRASIL   SAE India   SAE UK .

.What is it that SAE I can  provide ? ­ Opportunities to network  with global automotive  experts ­ State of the art knowledge  in mobility engineering ­ Support from world head­   quarters                    contd…. .

 FISITA etc. World Congress.     .What is it that SAE I can  provide ?  Help India put on global  automotive map as a key player  by providing forums like India  panel.

(this can only be done by  conducting periodic member  surveys) ­Organize national and  international level conferences.      seminars  .What SAE India can do ? ­ Develop a strong membership  base with corporate support ­ Conduct regular section programs  that provide value to members.

) •Allocation of resources •Define measurable     . scope •Define priorities •Define structure (responsibility.Opportunities for India •Define objectives. staff  support etc.  accountability. empowerment. mission.