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Spartan Black Flag

4-4 Defense
Keith Ross, Head Coach Sumner High

Keys to Winning
• Team Building
• Weight Room (LUDUS)
• Coaches loving Kids
• Schemes

The “IT” Factor
• What is your defensive “IT”???
• Be physical & get to the ball, so we
can hit you right in the face
• All “11” defensive player on the pile

• Bounce ~ Fence ~ Hip .Defensive Philosophy • Get to the Ball. • Make the Offense Drive the Field • No Big Plays • String plays towards the sidelines to allow athletes to run to the ball.

3 A’s • Alignment • Assignment • Attitude .


Base Alignment .

Personnel Philosophy Move everyone up a position .

• Strongside DT is the first # called (in 31 he is shaded in the 3.Alignment (Defensive Line) • The defensive line aligns based on strength or (STRIKE) call.) • The weakside DT (Nose Guard) is the 2nd # called (in 31 he is shaded in the 1. in a 31.) • The strongside DE is in a 7/8 • The weakside DE is in a 5 (Head Up) .

Alignment (Line Backers) M = Mike W = Will J = Jack S = Strike 5yds 5yds S M W J .


• Add 4 -4 look .

Alignment (Secondary) 6 yds 6 yds C 9 yds FS C .

Gap System • Each position within the box (LB or DL) has a Gap Responsibility. D C B A A B C .

• The Defensive Lineman is Responsible for Controlling that gap.Gap Responsibility • The Gap that Defensive Lineman is shaded to is their Natural Gap. .

Run Defensive Tackles • DT’s will Gap-Step with there Gap-Foot and then Reload with the other foot.Assignment vs. .Wrong Shoulder the trapping O-lineman. **Against Trap. • Dominate your gap and then Pursue to the ball down the line. • DT’s will press out blocking lineman to create separation.

TRAP • Add film wrong shoulder .

Assignment vs. • If TE is Reaching = Lock Outside arm to his outside shoulder and move your feet to square up with the TE. The DE Takes 1 step to see if the TE is trying to Reach DE or Arc Releasing. Them look down the line and squeeze – Looking for Read Progression. • If TE is Arc Releasing = Take 1 step with TE and Punch the TE to knock him off. Run (Strongside Defensive End) • Read the Inside Half-Man of the TE. .

Weak and Strong Defensive End Read Progression • Squeeze if Tackle Down Blocks. .Chase the play as deep as the deepest back and look for numbers coming back. • If Reverse. Meet them with your wrongshoulder. • Look Down Line – looking for Pulling Lineman. • If no pulling lineman.Look to the FB blocking and meet him with wrongshoulder. • If plays goes away.Get up field turning the play inside to other tacklers.

Add bounce from DE • Mott & Summers .

Feather the QB to string the option outside and allow the defense to run to the play. Drop-Step and Wait. .Go Meet the FB with wrong shoulder. Option (Defensive Ends) • Begin with Read Progression.Assignment vs. • If Speed Option – Don’t Commit to QB too quickly. • If Load Option .

• find .

Run (Outside Linebackers) • Play Towards you . Attacking the Ball or lead blocker outside in. Stay behind ball for cut-back.Fold.Assignment vs. • Get into Pursuit angle.Force. . • Play Away .

Assignment vs. . • Backside OLB has fold. Option (Outside Linebackers) • Eliminate the Pitch Man! • Don’t wait for the pitch! Eliminate the pitch.

Outside Leverage. . Get In the fit. Feel the ball.Assignment vs. Shuffle. Run (Inside Linebackers) • • • • • Read your guard. Bracket.

Hide. and Wait.Assignment vs. Option (Inside Linebackers) • Playside LB Shuffle. . • Backside LB shuffle to midline and play dive. Play QB inside out.

Run (Free Safety) • Find the Fit.Assignment vs. .

• Juice coming down hill • CP .

Option (Free Safety) • Inside out Dive. Pitch. • Bracket with LB.Assignment vs. QB. .

Assignment vs. • Don’t let ball carrier outside • Pursuit to the front pylon. . Run (Corners) • Secondary Force.

• Film stielacoom .

Assignment vs. • Turn everything inside . Option (Corners) • Don’t let anyone outside! • Secondary force.

Alignment Variations • Stack .


Alignment Variations • Press .