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Conten t  Company Objective  Corporate Vision & Mission  Market & Opportunity  Organization Structure .

and new regional market entries. The firm's financial objective is to reach a point where stock can be offered publicly. The factors that make this possible are the size of the market. in the first five projected years. and its dedication to stay ahead through an aggressive marketing strategy • . Profitability will be demonstrated in the first year of operation: cash flow will be generated in amounts that will permit extension of existing operations. lead time of the company over competitors. Sales.  • Our Company Forest Creative Communication (Fcc) Is An Innovation That Brings Brand. Objective Technology And Human Touch Together To Provide Transparent And Effective Advertising Solutions To Our Clients With Unparalleled Customer Service. We Offer A Unique Customer Oriented Service Platform Covering Multiple Products And Services.

• Always be accountable • Always for new change and innovations . Core Values: • Daily fresh and high quality products and customer satisfaction.Our Vision & Core Values Vision: • To be the best healthy dining restaurant . • Valuable and honest employees and ethical treatment.where customers can have wide rage of fresh and healthy foods with a pleasant atmosphere.

• Why these MNCs popular because of easy to access( Quickness & Multiple locations). Fiber and among others. serving foods that is perceived to be unhealthy and very poor nutritional value. but not regular)Its lacking in Proteins. its been considered as very tasty food.( Once in a while we can have this kind of foods.Market Study Current Market Study: • Over presence of Junk Food Multinationals. Vitamins. frequent advertisement and other promotions.. • Its effect to create a) Unhealthy Society b) Lack of Energy c) Unbalanced eco systems d) Diseases .

Opportunity & Competition Opportunity: • Market having a large demand for Fresh and natural food. but very limited supply to meet the demand • People are more health & wellness conscious. • A large market share can be create in students community by educating the essentialities of good food. teachers can be hold a major role in the campaign. it can be a very large market provided with best quality products. • As a part of CSR . convenience . consistency and location. Competition: • Existing International Fast Food chains • Local and regular restaurants and fast food chains .our products can be replace with low quality foods supplying in local schools with the support and subsidies from Government and other corporate.

As brand integrity and consistency remain essential to the long-term success of the Salad Creations system. • Location is key success factor . Airport etc.How & Where • The Salad outlets size ranges from a 750-square-foot outlets to the 1. Premium Residential complexes. .250-square foot in-line location. The basic module represented by the stand alone outlets and represents the company’s core concepts: “Serve Healthy and Natural Food” and its been more popularized by Xpress counters in major malls. IT Parks. only approved product and service modules may be implemented.that is why Salad Creations restaurants will choose the areas with a large concentration of educated and business-savvy consumers.

devilled eggs. chicken. all items-including nutritious smoothes. flavorful soups. various type of Non Vegs and various types of salad dressing.are prepared with respect to exacting standards and methods that took years to develop. • LETTUCE were developed to meet the growing needs of the health-minded consumer who wants a great. and satisfying wraps and sandwiches. . • LETTUCE may also provide additional toppings such as bacon bits or shredded cheese. sliced vegetables. using only the freshest ingredients and the highest quality produce available. healthy meal that is both delicious and fresh. cold pasta salads. Salad Bars offers just that. We provide various types of assorted raw vegetables. or fresh juices and cut fruit slices.g. corn chips. soup.What we •give!! LETTUCE is a place which Salad components are provided for customers to choose their own salad plates. ham). and also have additional food items. Consumers are seeking healthful alternatives to traditional fast food. such as cooked cold meats (e. bread rolls. • Plus..

exciting design. • LETTUCE Express. Retail Malls. like Classic Caesar Salad or Chicken Salad. Online ordering and home delivery facility for our customers. as well as hot. Daily specials are also offered. The Express is a unique concept combining fresh. Schools & Colleges etc.. fresh-made Soups and Super-Sized Baked Potatoes. This concept is even more unique by offering a varied menu of cold and hot items in a small space. exciting and innovative quick-service concept. • .The Fresh Choice Express Counter • LETTUCE Express is a new. designed to operate in large multi-tenant office buildings. Oven Toasted Sandwiches. small space requirements and friendly crewmembers. with its unique offerings. high-quality "to-go" breakfast and lunch items. great value. • Breakfast & Lunch menu selections include LETTUCE favorites. would be a welcome addition to any facility.

50 25% Retired Class 65k – 100k 30% 50 above 15% 100k – above 28% 10% . There are lot of people who don’t have time to work out in gyms they need to reduce weight by subsidising food intake. • We also plan to market this in gyms and health Spas. fitness Centers etc.. this can be possible by controlling their diet. • And also we will be in association with major retail outlets to capitalize the floating crowd.Our Target Group • Anyone keen on health.35 35% Working Class 60% 35k – 65 k 20% 35 . This is where we will fit in. • Other mode of expanding the business Online ordering and home delivery.20 15% House wife 20% 20k – 35 k 12% 20 . wellness or weight conscious by regular diet with a substitute . so that people who work out could have them as a substitute to their regular meals. As per our estimate this number is really huge. will be our proposed clients. Gender Age Group Status Income Group Female 65% 10 – 15 10% Students 10% 10k – 20 k 10% Male 35% 15 .

15 Nos • Chennai .8 Nos • Hyderabad .5 Nos .5 Nos • Pune . • Bangalore .10 Nos • Cochin .Future Plans Business Expansion Plan..

Outdoor Hoardings etc. . also advertisement in News papers inserts. Schools & Colleges • Involve with various health awareness program me through social responsible campaigns. fitness and diet.Our Strategy Marketing Strategy: • Positioning the brand as serve good food and to support the health. • Product sampling in various residential complexes. Corporate Houses. Communication Strategy: • Use internet as one of the major promotion medium.

Gym and Bakeries .How Differently we reach to the customers • Strategic tie-ups : • Salad Bars XPress Counters @ Schools. Colleges • Salad Bars XPress Counters @ Corporate houses & IT Parks • Salad Bars XPress Counters @ Residential complexes • Ready made salad packets (Daily fresh) selling through selected Retail outlets. Spas.

Brand Identity and Logic • • • • a) b) c) Brand Lettuce – Lettuce in the essential part of any salad making. Non Vegetarian. The logo stands for cool .ORANGE Green is our basic colour and its stands for Environmental awareness. nature. wellness and wealth. Health food. nature etc. warmth and happiness. Orange stand for cheerfulness. passion. RED. love. so we will be essential part of each individuals better health.. . fire. Our Colours: GREEN.we supply only healthy food on each individuals requirement and need. stimulation. The leaf resembles our brand name Lettuce and the water drop stands for freshness . Red stands for life. The bi-line “we understand U R health” . Vegetables. casual and easiness but serious..


Our venture? start-up costs are mostly expensed by equipment. Anchored in major rolls in increasing the revenue in multiple fold with minimal investment. Consumer durable companies etc. start-up labor. We are currently negotiating with the financial institution for the start-up of the company. Successfully and effectively handled the rolls in all the three industries.What is the current stage of the We are on the verge of taking forward. Education: MBA – Marketing & Sales Total Career Experience: 10 Years Rajesh Joseph– An experienced Sales and Operations professional with sound experience in India with leading Financial companies. Team Profile Sandeep Viswanath – An experienced Marketing & Sales professional with sound work experience with leading Infrastructure development firm. license. and legal and consulting costs associated with opening our store the idea just polished and did a market research to know the acceptance in my home town(Bangalore) with my known circle and few unknown circle. Education: MSc Information Technology Total Career Experience: 5 Years . furniture. reconstruction. The response was really appreciable and that take me to take it forward. rent. Retail & Media firms in India. Her contribution towards most of the projects are remarkable and its helped to release the projects on time. advance for shop. Education: MBA – Operation Total Career Experience: 12 Years Seepthy Sandeep – A software professional with strong experience in major MNCs. painting.

Risk & Strategy A solid Risk Mitigation Plan. – Market intelligence by the expertise to understand the market fluctuation. Instead of dismissing the risks. –  Proper business alliance with farmers and row material suppliers on time. Risk Financial Risk – Will not have adequate cash flow to meet the daily operation Operational Risk – improper supply chain may hit on the day to day operations Market Risk – Row material price fluctuation. it cant be a major risk in this business Strategy Financial Risk Operational Risk  Market Risk – A contingency buffer is included in the start-up cost to ensure the business in not under financed. we have identified valid mitigation strategies for each. Differentiators Our USP –The first exclusive outlet for selling diet conscious and tasty foods. We have evaluated traditional and non-traditional risks associated with Restaurant  & Food retail failure and accounted for  them directly in the business plan. use own transportation for  logistics. . but this is not very frequent  change. and act accordingly. as well as giving the     business adequate funding to sustain it in the first six months of start-up.

Cost Control will be an integrated function of the restaurant from the onset. Issuing Inventory. Portioning. Our healthy food menu features regional specialties around the globe. Innovative & Contemporary: The creation of a unique and innovative fine dining atmosphere with the concept of nature & gree will differentiate us from the competition. Through these programs. Service Preparation. Order Taking. This lowers our immediate overhead and attracts quality staff. We will offer a fine dining experience in an eco friendly atmosphere and quick order and delivery by our Xpress counters Product quality: great food. The restaurant will stand out from the other restaurants in the area because of the unique design and decor. Cost control is about managing the numbers - interpreting and comparing the numbers that impact the bottom line. 80 percent of the success of a restaurant is determined before it opens. great service and atmosphere. Employee Retention Focus: Employee retention and development programs will be a primary focus and success platform for this business. we will be able to draw seasoned and elite professionals and build a committed work force. Receiving.Our Key to Success Unique. Rough Preparation. We have budgeted for a incentive option program for all positions to subsidize a lower salary base. Bank Deposits and Accounts Payable. Cash Receipts. Storage. We will use of this salad bar business plan to track actual costs against our forecasts in managing the business .   Cost Control Focus: We will control costs at all times. ‘Food for Life' Menu: The menu will appeal to a wide and varied clientele. Our focus is to reduce the cost of goods sold to meet our profit margin goals by managing the following crucial elements of cost: Purchasing. without exception.

com .SANDEEP VISWANATH LETTUCE RETAIL WEB: THANK YOU . sandeepviswa@gmail. 3rd CROSS. EJIPURA BANGALORE – 560047 TEL : +91 9845179243 EMAIL: sandeep@lettuceindia.lettuceindia. LIMITED #117.