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Habit 5 - seek first to
understand and then to be

One of the great maxims of the
modern age

Extremely powerful

Simple and effective

Essential for developing and
maintaining positive relationships
in all aspects of life


Specific skills in entrylevel employees:
teamwork, flexibility,
and communication

Communication skills:
oral, written, and
Oral presentation skills lead to

ORAL PRESENTATIONS IMPORTANCE  An oral presentation in the workplace is your chance to:  Show off the work you`ve been doing  Prove your value to the company  Get a promotion .

ORAL PRESENTATIONS DEFINITION  Brief discussions of a focused topic delivered to a group of listeners in order to impart knowledge or to stimulate discussion .

ORAL PRESENTATIONS TYPES   According to purpose  Informative  Persuasive According to degree of preparation  Impromptu  Extemporaneous  Others (memorized-read) .

ORAL PRESENTATIONS TYPES  Informative  Goal: to provide interesting and useful information to increase the knowledge of your audience  Key elements: establish credibility. a concept. . an idea. repeat key points. a process. make it interesting  Examples: providing information about a person.

ORAL PRESENTATIONS TYPES  Persuasive  Goal: to persuade or convince the listeners of the validity of the speaker's argument  Key elements: convey your credibility as a speaker and your passion for the subject   Examples: persuading someone to change their opinion or at least take into account some elements that have not been considered before .



PLANNING  When?  Where?  How?  Why?  To whom?  How long? .

STRUCTURING  Adjust the content and structure to the medium of speech  Make it easy for the audience to follow your presentation  Expect to cover much less content than you would in a written report  Make difficult points easier to understand by preparing the listener using plenty of examples and going back over them later .

STRUCTURING  Leave time for questions within the presentation  Give your presentation a simple and logical structure  Include an introduction in which you outline the points you intend to cover and a conclusion in which you go over the main points of your talk  .

PREPARING  Practice beforehand in front of one or two friends and/or video-tape your rehearsal .

speed and fluency. clarity and pronunciation)  your rapport with the audience (make eye contact. and be sensitive to how the audience is responding to your talk and what you look like from the point of view of the audience  the use of notes  use of visual aids .PRESENTING  Pay attention to  the quality of your voice (volume.


STRUCTURE Summary ? Key points? Conclusion Logical? Chronological? From general to specific? From accepted to Controversial? Cause/effect? Problem/solution ? Body Introduction Topic? Objective ? Thesis? .

STRUCTURE •Tell your audience what you're going to tell them •Tell them •Then tell them what you told them .

STRUCTURE THE INTRODUCTION A good introduction :   Attracts and focuses the attention of the audience Puts the speaker and audience at ease Explains the purpose of the talk and what the speaker would like to achieve Gives an overview of the key points .

an anecdote. a picture with words.).. a quote. Thank you for inviting me…). a question.STRUCTURE THE INTRODUCTION The opener (say something that will capture your audience's attention and give you rapport with the people):   A greeting (Good morning. a shocker (Today a teenager`s dying from drug overdose. . . a little humor.

STRUCTURE THE BODY presented in a logical order easy for the audience to follow natural to your topic  .


g. for instance. To summarize: To sum up… Let me summarize by saying… So that concludes my overview. An example of this can be found.  To illustrate this… Let's see this through an example.STRUCTURE THE BODY SIGNPOSTING To give an example:   Now let's take an example.  In conclusion … Briefly said … In short…  What I've tried to show in .. e.  For example..

...  What is important to remember..... to highlight.  To refer to what you will say: We will see this a little later on.STRUCTURE THE BODY SIGNPOSTING To emphasize: What is very important is..  to stress. I'd like to emphasize the fact that. We will go into more detail on that later..  What I tried to bring out...  This will be the subject of part 3... to underline. For now it is suffice to say… ...

STRUCTURE THE CONCLUSION A good conclusion: Reminds the audience of your key points Reinforces your message Ends the presentation on a positive note and make the audience feel that they have used their time well .


elaborate. concentrate on diction and tone . then start working your way to your ending sentence  As you deliver your speech.TIPS  Grab a pen and a piece of paper  Feel free to acknowledge that you have not prepared for a speech  Jot down interesting or significant points   Hijack the topic  Begin with your introductory sentence.

Have a few prepared ahead. "I'm ." or "Can everyone hear me okay?"  If you still can't remember what to say.  There is always a joker or popular person who will stand out in the crowd. you may want to ask the audience a question. like "Do you have any questions.  If you need more time to think.IF YOU GO BLANK  Pretend like you're pausing on purpose. Walk back and forth slowly. You can say. as if you're letting your last point sink in. make up a reason to pause the speech. Stare at someone like this and try to draw a response from him or her while you think.

Cato The Elder (234 BC-149 BC.“Grasp the subject. Roman statesman) . the words will follow”.

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