The Solution is Change

Craft Ultimate Vision,
Intermediate Vision, Core
Ideology & Implementation
Plan with Excellence

Change • Change is to give a different position. course or direction to an entity • Change isn’t for chickens… only those who are brave can undergo change • Change is more fun to do than to be done to • Change doesn’t look for a resting place…just the next launching pad .

Exercise .

Change • To forget the myths & become a VC • Be not S-Mart but Shan Foods • Get the right people on the right seats in the bus and make the wrong ones leave • Follow the ways to achieve your BHAGs .

VCs continually pursue but never fully achieve or complete their purposes 4. What Disney expects from & teaches to its new hires . Create an organization that would evolve on its own 2. Pick ‘who’ rather than ‘what’ you can more easily adapt to a changing world 1.3 Secrets understood by VCs 1. VCs believe incompleteness brings sustainability 3.

build a team 1. 4. Exercise 3. 3. 2. Do something small that everyone avoids every day 1. VCs believe more in organizational management 2. After a week you will be uncommon After a month you will be special After an year you will be incredible The first step is the hardest Every successive step will be a lot easier . 5. Forget a mentor.3 Secrets understood by VCs (Cont’d) 2.

Motivation is most required during trying times 3. When selling off your problems. Don’t dispose your stars performer during crisis 2. don’t sell off your best people 1. Always keep seats for those who are flexible to change direction .3 Secrets understood by VCs Cont’d 1.

Prediction & Vision • Difference between prediction & vision – Prediction: what we foreshadow on the basis of the current circumstances – Vision: what we desire or want to see in the future .

Functions of Vision • Provides Direction • Danger of Severe Risk if no correct & clear vision • Root for Motivation • Helps Fight Adversity • Assists in catching and making the best out of opportunities .

Characteristics of Vision • • • • Achievability Clarity Nobility Heroic generosity .

Ultimate Vision • • • • Vision which is independent of time Highly lucid Appropriate Concreteness Valid & Updated forever .

Intermediate Vision • Vision derived from the Ultimate Vision for a particular instance of time • Highly lucid • Concreteness increases with decreasing time duration .

UV & IV • Vision should be time & person independent • Intermediate Vision should be a milestone towards an Ultimate Vision .

Articulating Vision • Good vision builds on an interplay between what we stand for and why we exist • Pursuing vision means to create organizational & strategic alignment to – preserve the core ideology – Stimulate progress towards envisioned future .

Core Ideology • Enduring characteristic of an organization • Self identity that remains consistent • Provide the bonding glue as the organization grows .

hope. aspiration .Envisioned Future • Consists of BHAGs • Conveys the sense of concreteness • Also portrays a dream.

Implementation Plan • Implementation Means Change • Draw your vision of the future • Set intermediate visions to reach ultimate vision • Identify strategies to reach IV • Communicate the vision & strategies to the right people .

Implementation Plan Cont’d • Prioritize and set due dates to achieve tasks • Assign responsibilities • Sync departmental progress to goals • Monitor implementation .

Don’t forget to be excellent all the way • Excellence is to do the best within the available resources • Be more & more productive • Sustainability comes when achieving excellence is a daily process .