Implementation the PDCA model to processes level






feedback process

assurance of resources and infrastructure for process

 operating stages. • Each process implementation comply five stages:  planning stages. resources assurance processes.  resources ensuring stages.  monitoring and measuring stages. c.  improving stages. analysis. Integrated management processes are organized into four levels: management processes. improvement processes. measurement. .Sequence of Processes • a. product realization processes / operational control. Two processes are in interaction when the outputs of a phase of the precursor process constitutes input data for the next step of the process. b. d.

Interaction of processes Integrated Management System .

Continual improvement of Integrated Management System Management responsibility CUSTOMERS Resource management CUSTOMERS Requirements Measurement. analysis and improvement Input Satisfaction Output Product realization PRODUCT Process 1 Value-adding activities Information flow .

Integrated Management System Build up IMS  Manual Integrated Management  Control Procedure  General Procedure  Work Procedure/Instruction  Implement in company  Surveillance  third part audit  customer audits  internal audits  Up-to-date Manual Integrated Management  Customers  Owner  Surveyor Bodies .

& Instructions Documents & Records 6 .Hierarchy of System Quality Documents Quality Manual Quality Control Procedures Quality General Procedures Process Spec.

Self (QA) QC &NDT Process Output Customer • Quality Manual CEO • ISO 9001:2000 • Draft procedure QMS consolidation • Certificates • Agreements CEO Originator Dept. CEO Quality Control • Quality report Product Control • Complaints Design & Implement QMS • Procedures Corrective/preventive Actions QC &NDT Audited depts • Reports • Audit reports Control of Docs&Records • Quality reports Product Control • Specifications • Contract Product Control • CARs All depts. Quality Manager Quality planning • QITP • QITP revisions Marketing Engineering &QC • Claim sheet • Customer CAR Complains review • Proposals for corrective actions Claims Committee Project Manager Purchasing • Potential Supplier List Suppliers assessment • Audit report CEO Purchasing Dept. Quality Control • Call for witness inspection Communication • E-mail.Supplier Input Company • Processes List • Activities All Depts. • CAR All depts. • Audit Programm Internal audit • Audit report • CAR CEO Audited Dept. Fax Surveyor Society .

Supplier Input Planning Shop • Traveler Shop • HT Chart NDT • NDT defect MAP Subcontractant • Request of Sub contracting Process Inspection Checking & issuing official reports Output • Measurements confirm on TRV • HTR • Excavation MAP Inspection part at / from subcontractant • Inspection report • HT Technology • TRV Issuing Request Bill Planning &PC Self (QC) • HT Technology • Request Bill • Certificate Communication with Lab. type 3.1 ISO Shop Self (QC) • Part • Measurements Control of Shop Planing & PC • Call for witness Presentation part at final inspection Engineering Planning& PC Non-Conform Product • Request Bill • NCR • Approved Quality Docket Customer Shop PC Team Self (QC) Project Manager Marketing Self (QC) Sub contracting Laboratory NDT Self (QC) Engineering (Project Manager) Engineering Shop Quality Manager Marketing .

CCH ) • NDT procedure Self (NDT) Planning and PC • Manufacturing programme NDT tests planning • NDT tests programme PC Team Quality Manager NDT tests • NDT report Project Manager Workshop QC NDT tests at subcontractant • NDT report Quality Control Project Manager Presentation of parts at final inspection (witness) • NDT report Project Manager Quality Control Maintenance of NDT equipment • Calibration Request Bill Quality Control • Request Bill Subcontract • Request of NDT tests Quality Control • Request Bill Maintenance • Deadline List of calibration NDT procedures preparing Laboratory .Supplier Input Process Output Customer Marketing • RFQ • Customer Spec. Contract review • Confirmation of capability Marketing Archieve • Standards (ASTM.

CUSTOMER Contract RFQ negotiate NO MARKETING cash flow review NO Risk Assessment first-negotiate Decision YES re-review RFQ Estimate Contract Sheet YES Estimate Summary Sheet Technical Approval ESTIMATION&PC ENGINEERING QA&NDT Kick of Meeting Confirming consumptions Estimating lead time …. Conclusions (signatures’ list) .

Manufacturing Inspection Plan (MIP) CUSTOMER Contract Review agreement MARKETING Contract Transfer Contract Planning & PC Shop Order Technical Doc’s Technical Approval& Estimation Sheet Kick of Meeting Contract issue MIP List of documents and deadlines Engineering &QA MIP spread .

MIP…. MIP spread Production Control planning manufacturing Engineering Surveyor (if case) technology notification Traveller PRODUCT delivery .

.MONITORING CUSTOMER’s SATISFACTION CUSTOMER Claim record preliminary review inform top management milestones MARKETING CLAIM’s REVIEW MEETING Review. (a) initial review CLAIM’s SHEET QA QC PC Shop final review NOT it is established: 1 root causes 2 technical-economical decision 3 corrective/preventive actions 4 customer communication/negotiate Approval TOP MANAGEMENT YES .

simplicity. and inspectability customer Product quality Use appropriate quality improvement tools to develop work procedures that reduce manufacturing variability and costs Follow procedures established during quality planning.Quality lever Product design Process design Production Design for fewer key characteristic. reliability. Control process by record onto TRV .


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